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These Absolute Digital Read-Outs from International Precision features a stainless steel body and absolute technology with a memory origin of 0. Accuracy is 0.001" and reads in inches, fractions, and metric. X Y Z 3-way installation, measures up to 12".

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Anonymous Reviewer
08/19/2020 12:54:14 PM

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05/13/2020 7:57:12 PM

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Nick E
Works great on Powermatic 209 20" planer 03/15/2020 4:00:54 PM

I installed the readout at the base or the planer below the adjusting wheel, as high as possible to avoid drilling into the chain that is in the planer base. I installed the sensor portion of the unit by replacing four screws at the left rear column with longer bolts and making brackets from 2" x 1/8" flat steel bar cut to 18" and 2". A long notch was cut in the 18" piece to clear the moving part of the dro sensor while still allowing the bracket to be centered. I thought it was too risky to tap in new holes into the machine in this area which is why I extended the existing bolts that were in the planer. The plate mounts between the head of the new longer machine screws and a new nut. I used washers to align the brackets to receive bracket that comes with the dro. Altogether this took the better part of a day to install including figuring out how to mount it, buy the parts and make and paint the brackets.

It works great to coordinate the wide belt sander with the planer when processing lumber.

Yadira L
09/12/2017 2:29:57 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Awesome! 06/02/2017 1:40:57 AM

I have the 12" on the "X" axis, 6" on the "Y". The panels stack nicely and mount on my G0619 mill. Backlash is no longer a problem! Nice little set up!

Anonymous Reviewer
Absolut read out 01/31/2017 12:43:12 PM

I put this read out on a Grizzly planer I recently bought. I find it easy to install and it has great value for the money. It makes repeat cuts very easy.