Grizzly   |  Model: G0690
10" 3HP 220V Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife
Reg: $1,525.00
Price: $1,450.00
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Grizzly G0690 - 10" 3HP 220V Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife

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    Destined to be the gold standard for 10" left tilting Cabinet Table Saws, this saw will be the focal point in any shop. Every part of this saw says quality and performance. From its heavy cast iron trunnions, 3 HP motor and triple belt drive to its massive cast iron table and wings, this Table Saw should last a lifetime. You’ll also appreciate its camlock T-fence, riving knife, heavy cast handwheels, magnetic switch, T-slot miter gauge and 4" dust collection port. This saw is what dreams are made of! CSA certified meeting CSA C22.2 #71.2-08 and UL 987 standards.


    • Motor: 3 HP, 220V, single-phase
    • Blade tilt: Left
    • Table height from floor: 34"
    • Table size with extension: 27" x 40"
    • Arbor speed: 4300 RPM
    • Arbor size: 5/8"
    • Maximum dado width: 13/16"
    • Maximum depth of cut @ 90°: 3-1/8"
    • Maximum depth of cut @ 45°: 2-3/16"
    • Maximum rip capacity: 29-1/2"
    • Distance from front of table to blade at maximum cut: 12-1/4"
    • Distance from front of table to center of blade: 17-1/4"
    • Overall dimensions: 62"L x 41"W x 40"H
    • Approximate shipping weight: 530 lbs.


    • Includes 10" x 40T blade and H3308 Push Stick!
    • Precision ground cast iron table
    • Cast iron trunnions
    • 4" dust port
    • T-slot miter gauge
    • Includes riving knife and blade guard
    • Camlock T-fence with HDPE face
    • Quick release devise for changing guard/riving knife
    • Powder-coated paint
    • Includes standard and dado table inserts
    • Quick release riving knife
    • Quick release motor guard
    • Quick release splitter assembly
    • Easy-glide fence system
    • Knurled knobs for adjusting fence
    • Nylon runners inside fence head assembly
    • T-square type fence system
    • Setscrew holding table insert down, with adjustable screws inside
    • A precision hardened and ground polished cast iron top that is, AT THE VERY LEAST, equal to the saw you are comparing to



    4 Customer Reviews (5 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

    D. Kelley
    McAlester Oklahoma
    Customer Review 1/1/2015

    Well, I have finally used my saw enough to do a proper review for you. As many of you know...I did some up-grades in the shop.....with a new 8" Jointer, , A new 15" Planer , a new 17" Band saw (No review yet) and a new Cabinet saw.

    You can ask A1Jim, Todd C., Lenny and a few others....I about drove myself and them insane trying to decide what saw to first I was looking at a Steel City with a titanium top.....but I decided against that.

    I then narrowed it down between this saw, and a Powermatic PM2000...and with as many new tools as I bought...every penny counted.

    I was MORE than happy with the 8" Grizzly Jointer I I decided to go ahead and buy the Grizzly G0690. Here are some pictures of it in my shop...(Do not laugh, my shop is a wreck at the moment)

    Let me start off by saying.... "I LOVE THIS SAW" ...assembly was a breeze....Nickle test ??? Try a "Pocket" full of nickles....I lined up 12 of them and fired it up, not a one fell, then I turned it off, got some wood, fired it up again and made a few cuts...and again nothing fell.

    Power ??? after years of using a contractor saw and one wore out unisaw...I really did not know what to expect....but it passed any expectations I may have had. For the last week and a half I have been shoving 2" thick mahogany, red oak and maple through it....and I may as well been pushing paper through it. This thing sounded like a jet engine starting up in my shop...not in a bad loud way...just sounds powerful.

    It has a great quick connect riving knife and splitter, just pull a pin, pull it out, switch them or put one in...all in about two seconds. The trunnion in this thing is a MONSTER...and I mean BIG....those cast wheels for adjusting...smooth as butter. Once you get it going, you can give it one good spin and it will almost free wheel all the way the other direction.

    The cast iron top is so smooth and shiny it almost looks like a mirror, (In the second picture...that is not rust...but the reflection of the yellow box on my radial arm that's like a mirror). It comes with a factory blade insert and a dado insert, I ordered a zero clearance insert for it when I bought it ($26). While I will upgrade the miter gauge in time when I find one I like on sale, the factory miter gauge is actually pretty good and can be adjusted to take out all play in the T-slot miter tracks.

    The fence, after a little adjustment, is straight as an arrow when wood is ran through the blade and down the fence.

    There are MANY and I mean MANY good saws out there for almost every price range. But if you're looking for a power house of a saw...loaded with extra bells and whistles (But not so many that it is a pain) that cuts very true and accurate...I recommend trying out the new Grizzly G0690. I am pretty sure I just bought my last saw !!!

    Edit: I forgot to add, the only tools you will need for this saw is a Phillips screw driver, a good straight edge, a 1/2 or 13mm wrench and socket and what ever you wish to use to align your blade, fence etc....Grizzly sends you almost every tool you need to assemble your tools....and while they may not be "Snap-on" quality..they are not punched metal either. You get a full set of long allen wrenches with a holder and a couple of wrenches with the saw it self, including two big heavy wrenches for blade changes. And then in each and every box, (Guard, fence, inserts etc) there is also the tools you will need to install just "That Piece"

    Also, the directions say "Assembly time 1 hour" may be true for a mechanical engineer....or if you want your square cut to be a triangle.....but plan on at least 5 to 6 hours of assembly time. I get a little "Obsessive" when it comes to trying to get my tools to a perfect tolerance...I know this is impossible with any tool...but I try anyways. With help, you can get this saw together and all the alignments done in about 3-1/2 to 4 hours....By yourself....between 5 to 6.

    Franktown, Colorado
    Great machine! 9/24/2015

    Purchased 4 yrs. ago. I use it nearly everyday and it has held up very well. I do a lot of continuous cutting and I have never had any problems with it.

    Rod E
    Very nice tool!! 1/2/2016

    Last spring I decided to replace my table saw. You all know the one. A Craftsman contractor saw that I bought at a garage sale over 20 years ago for $100. It was probably 10 years old then and it served me VERY WELL, but just wore out. The ol' girl had her limitations, I know what they were, and we got along quite well

    As with most of us, I shopped the internet and various stores for a couple of months trying to decide which saw would be best for my small hobby shop. I'm an after-work and weekend project kind of guy, but the table saw is involved in each project I am involved with. Knowing that this saw would probably be an "over kill", I decided on G0690 and placed the order.

    First, Let me tell you that this thing is well packed and is a BEAST to move around prior to the set-up. Invite a couple of your best friends over to unpack the thing and help you with the set-up. If you have the option to do the off-truck delivery, spend the money and do it. It weighs over 500 pounds. Also, Buy the optional wheel dolly to move it around the shop. It is well worth it.

    The set-up was very straight forward, and only took us about 3 hours. (including beer time) As we assembled, we checked squareness of the blade and smoothness of the table several times after each task. The Blade squareness, and the angle adjustments were SPOT ON without any changes. The only set-up adjustment needed was in the fence--only because I am picky.

    I also added a 48 inch out feed table to the back side of the saw. Sorry Grizzly, but I made new 3/8 in holes to the rear angle bracket of your brand new saw to accommodate this. Since I've never had an out feed table, I didn't know what I was missing. DO IT if you have the space!! I can take a sheet of plywood to the table saw, and rip it alone. I also have much better control of the smaller pieces going through the saw.

    Well, only about 2 weeks after the set-up project, one of the "Friends" who helped with the set-up called in the favor. He pulled down several rough-cut 5/4 Maple boards that had been in his shed for well over 20 years. They were in various degrees of "straightness" and he asked if we could get them ready to build some side tables for his sofa. Time to test the saw.

    OMG, what a saw! Please understand that I'm not used to this level of performance, but--- I pulled out all of my home-made straightening jigs, ran the boards through the saw, and it it didn't even know it was working. It is quiet, has No Vibration and will take anything you give it--even ripping 3 inch rough cut oak boards with no change in RPM. It is like a hot knife through butter.

    So far, I'm a HUGE FAN of this saw. Now if it will give me the same longevity as the old Craftsman did, ----------

    Temecula, CA
    Better than expected!! Well worth the money!!! 1/23/2016

    1.) Decision

    I was using a contractor table saw for my 2-car garage workshop and thought it wise to purchase an upgraded cabinet saw. One friend has a hybrid SawStop, and another has a Laguna. I was jealous of their great running machine. However, I decided to shop around and research all table saws-my wife was going to kill me on any amount I spent to upgrade.

    I am not a professional and have not been woodworking very long, so this was the first time I have every heard of Grizzly. I was attracted by the low price and reviews of customer service. I decided to purchase the G0690 with mobile base.

    2.) Shipment

    Grizzly ships by freight, so your shipment will arrive in a few boxes on a tractor trailer. This is not an issue if you live in a normal residential area, however, I live in a gated complex. This did not seem to bother the driver; he stopped outside of my gate and pallet jacked it around the corner to my garage (Set up over the phone 30 minutes before arrival). I do have to give praise to Fedex freight; they were amazing, and they saw shipped faster than the approximate delivery date.

    3.) Use

    Putting it together was not as bad as I was expecting and my wife and I put it together in a couple hours. (You need 2 people!) The table shipped with great accuracy from the factory; I made very minor adjustments to the fence and fence rail.

    I have been using it for almost 2 months and cannot be happier. I LOVE THIS TABLE SAW!! It cuts through hard wood like butter and I noticed that all of the inaccuracies I was having on my previous contractors saw was due to quality. This machine, as with all grizzly products, are built with quality.

    I used the factory blade for a couple weeks and switched it out for a Diablo. This is the best investment and upgrade I have made to my garage workshop and I am out there everyday working on something. I recommend this saw to any amateur and professional woodworker. You cannot beat the quality for this price.

    4.) Downer

    I heard some talk about the accuracy of the fence measurement reader and how it was lifted too high from the tape measurer on the fence. I noticed the same issue, and decided to mount the reader on the underside of the fence to make it more flush with the ruler. It works perfectly and now very precise (no special tools required, just screw it in from the bottom).

    I cannot say enough good things about this table saw. My only complaint is my own dust collection set up. I am using a shopvac with Dust Right separator, and I am noticing it is not collecting the dust like I would want it to. However, with the cabinet saw, the dust will still collect inside the cabinet. Does anyone have any tips, or should I just upgrade to a better dust collection system? I do not want the motor to be affected down the line if I do not correct the problem.

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