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Item #: BE1125
Model # BE1125
Made specially for gunsmithing operations, particularly when chambering barrels, these spider plates are used so that shorter barrels can be chambered through the headstock of the lathe. The brass tipped screws prevent damage to the barrels and allow for fine adjustments very similar to a 4-jaw chuck. These Spider Plates have been designed so that they can be fitted to your lathe's back plate and, therefore, will fit just about any lathe spindle. Back plates are not included and in order to use this spider plate, drilling and tapping holes and fitting to your back plate are required before use.

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Forrest W
Time saver 04/13/2019 5:00:47 PM

I bought three and stacked them on a back plate to move the rifle barrel chamber away from the lathe headstock to make it easier to do chamber end threading work away from the chuck. Works great and all the machining is already done for you including tight mounting holes. Just drill and tap four holes in the back plate and bolt them up with long metric cap screws head bolts!

Rodney M
02/09/2019 2:52:37 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Spider plate 09/19/2018 10:35:42 AM

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