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Item #: BE1167
Model # BE1167
We are delighted to present these Bald Eagle Ultrasonic Cleaners, giving a delicate touch to deep ultrasonic cleaning at a modest price. This massive 9L capacity stainless steel tank has 4 ceramic heaters to get just the right heat for cleaning. It utilizes 35 kHz frequency with 4 industrial-grade transducers and has a full range 1 to 60 minute timer. The electronic circuitry and 3 color LED display makes it easy to use; you won't know what you did without it! Includes plastic basket, stainless steel basket, glass panel top, and drain valve, tank size is 25.5" x 7" x 4.1" (Tank is not a perfect rectangle; see pictures). Overall dimensions are 29.6" L x 11.2" W x 9.8" H.

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Anonymous Reviewer
Works Great! 05/22/2019 6:48:29 PM

I bought 2 of these to help in the cleaning of my firearms. One I use a cleaner in and the other a lubricant. Couldn't ask for them to work any better, very happy with the results that I get with them.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/21/2017 1:17:14 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Nice cleaning tank 06/09/2017 1:28:08 AM

Seams I have something cleaning daily works super!

Anonymous Reviewer
Well worth the cost! 02/16/2017 7:31:17 PM

I bought this Bald Eagle about 1 month ago to clean parts for restoring old tools. I needed the length this machine offers to be able to get a majority of the parts cleaned ultrasonically. You can't beat the sale price of $370 on this bugger. Heats well, cleans well. I've put it through the paces by running it nearly constantly for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for the first couple of weeks and them about an average of 3 hours a day since then (the instructions say that it isn't supposed to be run constantly the way I have but so far, so good). There has been one compromise, though. About 3 days after using it I noticed one of the cooling fans started to squeal (sleeve bearings). I considered calling up Grizzly to see if I could get a replacement but I'm the type of person that rather make improvements so I don't ever have to worry about shoddy parts again.

SO, I replaced the three (I believe there is a 4th hidden behind another panel but I didn't go that far) cooling fans with a dual ball bearing version that should outlast the machine. They were $5 each on ebay. Replacement fans are 40x40x20, 12V, .12amps. Should you decide to do this, pay attention to where the fans meet the panel that holds them in as this is fairly important. I had to drill the mounting holes to a larger diameter on the back side of the fans to mount properly over the posts they fit onto to the correct depth to be the correct distance to the back panel. Nothing a drill press with a depth stop can't handle. Also, clip the connectors off the existing fans and solder onto the new ones so they can plug-n-play easily. Best 'o luck!

Guy S
Great product and well made! 01/26/2017 1:37:45 PM

I bought the cleaner a couple of weeks ago for my gun shop and it works great. It has cut my cleaning time in half allowing me to service more customers.