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Item #: G9242
Model # G9242
This 10" Aluminum/Rubber Wheel is an optional larger diameter replacement wheel for the G1015 Knife Belt Sander. This larger wheel allows you to grind larger items without interference from the grinder body.

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Anonymous Reviewer
04/29/2019 10:06:05 AM

Great addition to my g1015. Still able to use my 2x72 belts with a few adjustments, nothing extra to buy
. Well-balanced and well built.

Anthony S
05/11/2018 7:11:32 PM

This wheel allows me to hollow grind flawlessly.. well worth the price!

Anonymous Reviewer
love it. Changes my whole perspective of my grinder should have bought it along time ago 05/11/2018 12:51:08 PM

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Clayton D
05/02/2018 8:18:04 PM

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Mark E
great wheel for knife grinder 03/28/2018 1:58:15 PM

I looked for a while for a 10 to 12 inch contact wheel for my knife grinder and could not find one that ships to me for any reasonable price (like under $200.00). I bought the Grizzly ad it works great. runs true and no vibration. I had to machine the bore to accept bearings but a different grinder set up may not need that. It just comes with a drilled 5/8" hole through the center. P.S. don't take the 5/8" as a for sure dimension. I am going by memory which is lacking, but I'm pretty sure the Grizzly site has the info on it.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product 07/29/2017 12:29:28 PM

This 10inch wheel is a must. If you are making knives it gives you needed clearance from the motor. Its to bad it doesn't come that way from the manufacturer. ?

Anonymous Reviewer
01/27/2017 12:44:13 AM

Works perfectly,. I made a 2x72 beltgrinder and it is the contact wheel

Anonymous Reviewer
Just what I was looking for! 01/26/2017 12:49:07 AM

This wheel is just exactly what I was looking for, it is well made and I expect it will last and last. The shipping was fast and it was packaged well. I have done business with Grizzly prior to this order, and they continue to offer excellent service. There is no doubt I will do business with them in the future.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/25/2017 7:02:41 PM

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10" Aluminum / Rubber contact wheel for belt grinder G1015 07/08/2016 9:26:00 PM

Just received this wheel today and installed it on my homemade grinder. Ground two blades, one ATS-34 Stainless and one Alabama Damascus. This is the smoothest running wheel, I have had in over 20 years. Awesome product. Great price!!!! www.pattayknives.com