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This self-centering style 4-Jaw Chuck has reversible stepped jaws for holding a variety of round or square workpiece sizes. Setup is quick and easy by twisting the knurled adjustment plate on the back of the chuck. Two 4" wrenches are included for final tightening. Fits all wood lathes with 1" x 8 TPI spindles.

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Anonymous Reviewer
11/20/2019 4:20:03 PM

Cut bowl with the jaw chuck and very happy with the product.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product! 04/06/2019 3:07:34 PM

This was my first lathe chuch and I really like it. It was also my first purchase from Grizzly and I was extremely happy with their service and shipping. I will be back again.

Anonymous Reviewer
04/01/2019 11:45:25 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent tool 10/25/2018 1:56:33 PM

I've used my lathe for many years for numerous turning projects, including lamps, bowls and pen and pencils. I avoided projects which required buying a chuck, until my daughter asked me if I could make her some wind chimes. Well, that settled the question right there. I shopped on line for what I felt I needed, and settled on the chuck from Grizzly. The price was reasonable, and my order was processed and delivered in satisfactory time. I have been exceptionally pleased with the ease in which the jaws secure and release the work piece, and the over all performance of the chuck. I highly recommend it.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/30/2018 5:12:11 PM

Very impressed with the overall quality and workmanship of this chuck. It appears to be as good as many that cost considerable more.

Anonymous Reviewer
very pleased with this item 07/25/2018 5:03:52 PM

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Bobby T
awesome 06/09/2018 1:34:46 PM

I bought this to make knobs for handplanes.I always had trouble getting the hole centered all the way through. First on came out on the money.

Sarah B
No instructions 04/27/2018 3:11:39 PM

There were no instructions for this product. Now i have something i cannot use.

Anonymous Reviewer
04/08/2018 8:09:50 AM

Does what I want it to do. I think its a well made quality product and I would recommend it.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/22/2018 7:08:24 PM

I bought the wrong size. I had no trouble returning it. I could not find the correct size i needed. 3" 4 Jaw chuck 3/4 x8 TPI is what I needed.
Thank you

Anonymous Reviewer
Good customer service 11/10/2017 12:20:41 PM

The agent that took the order was professional and helpful. The order arrived quickly.

Anonymous Reviewer
11/01/2017 12:29:07 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
10/26/2017 10:41:25 AM

I purchased this item to use on my mini-lathe to turn handles for custom fishing rods. I love it. I have this one and one other from Grizzly.

David J
07/08/2017 1:36:53 PM

Bought this item and does just that I need it to do. Great product.

Mark M
Great product 06/22/2017 11:37:26 AM

In the package I received there was no documentation on how the chuck works, like reversing the jaws.

Bonner Y
06/04/2017 2:20:28 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
4 haws, universal size 06/02/2017 3:45:23 AM

This 4 jaw copy of one for a metal lathe does not hold a workpiece without use also of the center in the tail stock
Lacks the holding power of the more conventional nova 4 jaws. Very useful if you are willing to always use the tail center

Anonymous Reviewer
01/29/2017 1:37:56 PM

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Kevin M
01/26/2017 12:13:05 PM

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John Y
01/26/2017 2:11:09 AM

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