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These cutterheads replace the standard straight-knife cutterheads on our Grizzly jointers and planers. Each cutterhead has four spirals with indexable, four-sided carbide inserts that can be rotated three times for a new factory-sharp edge. The 6" and 8" Jointer cutterheads include cast iron pulleys, bearing blocks and mounting studs. All cutterheads include 5 extra inserts, T-handle wrench, Torx® bits and spare insert screws. These Grizzly cutterheads leave an incredible finish and are comparable to the Byrd® cutterheads in quality of cut as well as the quality of the cutterhead itself. The inserts are imported from Germany.

  • 6" cutterhead with 34 inserts


    • Grizzly G1182 series (mfg. since 2003)
    • Grizzly G0452 series
    • Grizzly G0654
    • Grizzly G0813
    • Grizzly G0814
    • Bridgewood BW-6R
    • General 80-100L
    • General 80-150L
    • Jet JJ-60S
    • Jet JJ-6CSX
    • Jet JJ6CSDX
    • Powermatic 1791279DX-54A
    • Powermatic 1791279DXK-54A
    • Ridgid JP0610
    • Shop Fox W1679
    • Sunhill CT-60L
    • Sunhill SM-150
  • Reviews

    18 Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

    Steve K
    04/17/2020 7:52:40 PM

    I bought this over 3 years ago to replace the steel, straight cutters in my Jet. 5 stars is not enough! I just had to rotate my cutters for the 1st time (in 3 years and I use it nearly everyday!) and wasn't even sure if I needed to. 1 hour later, the job is done, and since I didn't have to move the outfeed table to get to the cutters, everything is aligned. No messing with cutter height adjustment, nothing. Do they sell these for planers??? Best investment ever!

    Kirk H
    Works great! 03/02/2020 3:02:34 PM

    I wish I done this sooner!!!
    I replaced the straight knives in my old (early 90's model) Jet jointer almost a year ago and I could never get them adjusted correctly. I spent hours at a time trying only to walk away frustrated. I got to the point where I was considering a brand new jointer. While looking at new jointers, I stumbled across these replacement heads and started looking at them. I found this one at Grizzy and I bought this hoping it would for my older Jet jointer/planer. I chose this one because it came with the cutterhead, bearings, bearing caps, pulley, extra cutters, and the tool used to replace/rotate them. All the other cutterheads I looked at were about the same price but were ONLY the cutterhead. I was so excited, I added overnight shipping so I could work on it over the weekend. It was easy to install and it fit perfectly. The instructions to fine tune were not specific to any jointer but were sufficient to outline the process and were easy to follow. The total time to replace and tune my jointer was about 30 - 45 minutes. (That also included the time to clean it all out, lube the moving pieces.) A far cry from the hours/days spent trying to adjust the knives! The results are fantastic!! I ran some test passes on some rough ambrosia maple scrap I had laying around. Maybe 5" wide by 20" long and the passes were smooth and easy. The finished surface was VERY Smooth! So smooth I would say ready for finish.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Awesome upgrade 02/13/2020 4:36:12 PM

    I recently purchased a 6x48 jointer with economy stand. I wasnt ready to rewire my garage for 220 and have a small work space, so I had to go with a smaller less powerful jointer that only had a 3 knife cutterhead. I typically work with highly figured wood and wanted to reduce potential tear out, so I upgraded the cutterhead with this spiral cutterhead. This was a simple installation and has made a massive difference.

    Edward D
    Excellent Purchase 01/26/2020 1:46:16 PM

    I was tired of setting, sharpening, and replacing the original straight knives on my 6 Grizzly jointer. Although the spiral cutter cost about half as much as my original purchase of the whole jointer, the improvement is worth it. The cut is as smooth as a planer and much quieter. I am extremely happy with this purchase. It is worth the price.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    02/21/2019 7:39:53 PM

    I bought this four weeks ago, Wish I had bought it 10 yrs. ago. Great product, installed on my Jet 6in. jointer , very easy to do. fit like a glove
    finish is great ! smooth edges, and face. next will be my dewalt 13in. planer.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    01/10/2019 12:36:58 PM

    I brought this cutter head not knowing if it would fit my new jointer, a Baileigh 6" Model: IJ-655. It fit perfectly and works great.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Very Easy To Install 01/02/2019 4:59:01 PM

    I have an older jointer so it didnt fit right away. I put the original bearing blocks on the new cutter and it went in perfectly, no shims needed. I have only run a couple test cuts to set the depth, it cuts like butter and much quieter.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Glad I Finally Did It 12/24/2018 12:13:42 AM

    Easy installation. Great cut and so much quieter!

    Jim V
    BIG Difference 09/20/2018 11:52:58 AM

    Bought this for my 1182 that I purchased used on Craigs List. Manufacture date was 2005 so I knew this would fit based on Grizzly's information. Had a slight problem with the belt pulley hitting the fence support. I removed the pulley from the cutter head and it dropped right in and it was smooth sailing from there. UPS delivered the package at 3PM and I was jointing wood by 5:30PM. Glad I made the jump and now the jointer is cutting smoother and quieter. Highly recommend the upgrade if you are tired of playing around with the straight knives.

    New J ersey

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/29/2018 12:02:50 PM

    Highly recommended I am very happy with the product I purchased from grizzly I will do it again

    Thomas E
    Absolutely fantastic!! 12/20/2017 12:10:59 PM

    I have a grizzly G1182 that had regular straight blades in it that needed the be replaced and honestly didnt feel wasting any more of my time messing around with dial indicators and such. So I went for the spiral cutter head and Im really glad I did. Very easy to install, I was lucky and didnt need to shim the bearing blocks or the beds. All you need is a good set of feeler gauges, straight edge and shims if needed. Once it was all set I made passes on 1/2 stock and then a full 6 piece of walnut and the finish was absolutely incredible! Almost as if it was hand planed.

    Also much quieter and less stressful on the equipment itself. Plus changing blades is a breeze compared to conventional straight blades. Bottom line its well worth the price tag.

    Barry S
    Worked well 12/07/2017 2:14:13 AM

    The head fit my Jet jointer exactly, except for the bolts that were shipped for mounting the head. They would not work with the Jet machine due to an interference with the base. Luckily the original Jet fasteners were the same thread and could be reused. The cut with this spiral insert head is not quite as smooth as with a sharp set of HSS knives, but the spiral head is quieter and requires less effort to push the wood. Overall quite happy.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    12/03/2017 9:19:25 PM

    Fits perfectly my old 6" AMT planer. Did some test pieces and very happy with the cutter. Makes finer chip than the old 3 blade cutter so best to wear a mask when using.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/02/2017 4:13:04 PM

    should have got this a long time ago. Perfect cuts and quiet

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/02/2017 10:46:50 AM

    No feedback given

    Mark G
    Complete package 04/21/2017 5:40:21 PM

    I installed this on a Jet JJ-6CS from 1994. I really appreciate that this came as a complete package. Being able to remove the old cutterhead assembly and drop this in place was a real time saver. The smooth quiet cut has me wishing that I'd done this 10 years ago.

    H7653 6" INDEXABLE SPIRAL CUTTERHEAD 06/30/2016 1:29:32 AM

    I put the cutter head on my jet joiner. Fits perfectly. Could not ask for a better cutter head. If you do not have one, you need one. It is worth the money.

    Doge Machine
    Much wow 03/14/2016 11:31:45 PM

    Such blade, much wow, has cut, does the cut, much great, such wow