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This 8" Jointer has everything you need for precision surface and edge jointing with ease of use. We started with a 6-foot, cast-iron bed and added positive handwheel adjustment for both the infeed and outfeed tables. A rabbeting table, center-mounted cast-iron fence with rack & pinion lateral control, built-in mobile base, and a pedestal-mounted switch all combine to make this 8" jointer of the best you’ll find anywhere.

Certified to CSA & UL standards


  • Motor: 3 HP, 240V, single-phase 15A
  • Maximum width of cut: 8"
  • Maximum depth of cut: 1/8"
  • Maximum rabbeting depth: 1/2"
  • Cutterhead diameter: 3"
  • Cutterhead type: 4-knife
  • Knife size & type: 8" x 3/4" x 1/8", HSS
  • Cutterhead speed: 4800 RPM
  • Table size: 9" x 72-1/2"
  • Fence size: 35" L x 5" H
  • Minimum stock length: 10"
  • Minimum stock thickness: 1/2"
  • Dust port size: 4"
  • Footprint: 16-1/2" x 26-3/4"
  • Overall dimensions: 72-1/2" W x 26" D x 47-1/4" H
  • Approx. shipping weight: 523 lbs.


  • Extra-long 72-1/2" bed
  • Handwheel-adjustable, precision-ground, cast-iron, dovetailed-way infeed and outfeed tables
  • Easy-to-reach, pedestal-mounted switch with large shut-off paddle
  • Center-mounted cast-iron fence with rack & pinion lateral adjustment
  • Fence stops at 45°, 90° & 135°
  • Heavy-duty cabinet stand with built-in mobile base
  • Rabbeting table
  • Pair of push blocks included
  • Knife-setting jig included
  • Shielded & lubricated bearings

38 Customer Reviews(4.8 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
Very pleased with purchase 02/06/2020 9:52:45 AM

I bought the jointer about a month ago. It works beautifully. No problems with set up - used a small hydraulic jack to lift motor in order to align the drive pulley and install the belt. The cut/finish delivered by the four blade cutter head is flawless. The longer bed makes jointer long stock a breeze.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/19/2020 6:25:57 PM

No feedback given

Don M
Great jointer 01/19/2020 2:27:44 PM

I bought that his two months ago switched up no table adjustments needed

Matt R
10/28/2019 7:55:50 PM

I couldn't be happier with the Grizzly G0856. It arrived with flat tables and a flat fence. Instructions were easy to follow, but plan on dedicating a couple of hours for assembly. I've planed red and white oak, pine, and black walnut without any problems. Machine has plenty of power, and blades came suitably sharp. Only problem I have so far is dust collection. I'm currently using a shop vac with a 2.5" hose (I have a 4" to 2.5" reducer) and it will not extract any of the chips. But, that's not an error in design. I'm a weekend warrior woodworker, and the G0856 does everything I'll ever need in a jointer. 5 stars.

Anonymous Reviewer
8" jointer 07/22/2019 12:24:44 AM

Had it a couple of weeks now. Had your 6" before. What a great difference. This is a great jointer. Took maybe an hour to assemble and adjust. I love this machine, cuts are perfect.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/27/2019 8:57:35 PM

Ordered the jointer at the end of November as a backordered items and received it at then end of December. I figured it would show a bit later than that so delivery time was decent for a backorder.

Assembly and setup was fairly easy, you do need two people to lift the cast-iron jointer on to the base but my 60+ wife was able to help! Table alignment was good out of the box but I may need to shim it later down the road which is a bit of a pain on dovetail jointers. If you want easy alignment and that's super critical for you get a parallelogram jointer. The fence is very basic and you likely want to use a square to set it and check it from time to time. The stops are not perfect.

Over all I'm happy with it for the home shop work I do and the price was very good for this size of jointer.

Thomas G
Great Machine 01/20/2019 1:51:16 PM

Although I waited several months for the G0656 to arrive; it was worth the wait. After the usual assembly process I started it up and it ran perfectly. The only frustrating part of assembly is the belt and pulley alignment. Initially I wasn't very precise aligning belt, but after some use it stretched out as it should. I them attempted to make it precise and I got it within a 32nd of an inch after several attempts! Cuts are smooth & I didn't get any snipe at all yet processing Maple. Blades appear to be holding up pretty good. I'll see how that goes I may upgrade to the spiral wheel with carbide inserts in the future. All in all it's worth the money and the wait.

Anonymous Reviewer
Well worth the wait 11/08/2018 1:51:33 PM

I purchased my Grizzly G0656 Jointer in February of 2018 and received it in September of 2018. It was a long time to wait but it was worth it. I had never used a jointer before so I did a great deal of research, and chose this machine for its price, features, and the 8 inch width. I have not been disappointed. I assembled the tool without any issues, although the instructions left a little to be desired. You definitely need assistance lifting the jointer to the base unless you can squat lift 400 pounds. Once assembled, I cleaned off the protective coating and applied a couple coats of wax to protect the surface from rusting. I performed the necessary setup and checked the alignment. The factory did a very good job aligning the machine. I checked the blade alignment relative to the out feed table using an OneWay Multi Gauge. The blades were aligned plus or minus .001 inches across all four blades. The tables were co-planar and the in feed table depth indicator was as accurate as you could expect considering its precision.
The only issues I had with assembly and alignment were that the head on one of the motor bracket bolts snapped off in shipping and the out feed table locking screw was bent. A trip to Home Depot resolved the bolt issue, for pennies, and Grizzly replaced the locking screw immediately. Once the setup was completed I started the machine for the first time and it was amazingly smooth and quiet.

I purchased 20 board feet of very rough sawn, air dried Cherry for a project. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily the machine milled this Cherry wood. Realizing that American Cherry (Janka 950) is not much harder than pine, I decided to try Brazilian Cherry (Janka 2350). With the Brazilian Cherry, there is an obvious difference in the feel and sound but the cutter head didnt bog down and the result was just as satisfactory. If I were planning to join a quantity of very hard wood, I would definitely consider the Byrd Shelix carbide cutter head.

I am very satisfied with my purchase and expect this machine to provide years of effective service.

George F
You need a good jointer 10/21/2018 3:24:26 PM

I purchased this months ago, Unfortunately there was an oversea tarrff and I got hit with an additional cost, but once it arrived I couldnt be happier. The shipping company was on time and was happy to help move it into the garage. Once Out of the boxs and assembled I found it needed no adjustments and makes smooth beautiful cuts. This is my first good jointer (upgraded from a 40 in long 6 barn find) so i Truly did not know how good a nice jointer would be. Thanks grizzly Im now a lifetime customer.

Dan S
10/21/2018 12:00:04 PM

No feedback given

James M
Love it! 10/15/2018 4:49:28 AM

I bought this to replace a worn out Rigid 6" jointer and so far it has done everything I have asked of it. Assembly was easy, it didn't require any adjustment and, even after the tariff was applied, the price was still better than any other brand. I consider that a win-win-win situation!

Anonymous Reviewer
10/14/2018 5:53:39 PM

Thank you Grizzly for helping me with my first purchase of tools. My next order will be coming soon.
Vernon Wilkinson

Anonymous Reviewer
10/14/2018 2:10:45 PM

This was back ordered and I had to wait a couple of months to get it ... It was worth the wait. I have had other jointers in my 40 years of wood working but this one from Grizzly is amazing.
great instructions, very easy to follow and to set this tool up.

Anonymous Reviewer
Probably the best buy on the market today 09/22/2018 6:46:52 PM

Although it took quite a while to receive the G656 Jointer it was worth the wait. This is a quality piece of machinery and is fairly easy to assemble. It is HEAVY, plan ahead to get it unloaded and lifted onto the base. The rest is straightforward. It's tables were coplaner as received, and the knives were set perfectly. I don't think I'll ever need an upgrade to another Jointer.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/21/2018 1:30:39 PM

other than the wait because it was back ordered. all of my grizzly machines perform well

Anonymous Reviewer
06/18/2018 12:51:38 PM

No feedback given

Donald P
06/16/2018 1:02:56 PM

I ordered this jointer in November of 2017. It arrived at the end of May, 2018. This is the second G0656 jointer I have purchased from you people. The quality is very good for the price.

Bruce B
Works as advertised 06/16/2018 12:24:38 AM

I had a long wait to get it, but is worth the wait. Only problems I encountered were that some if the wrenches sent with the jointer were the wrong size. Otherwise setup was easy.

Nicholas W
So far just Meh 06/15/2018 2:16:57 PM

I haven't had a chance to run it yet, as we moved and I don't have 220 yet. It didn't ship for almost 7 months. I would call for an update and would be told it was on the next boat over. Then that shipping day would come and go then to be told it was on the next boat. Then randomly I get a call from the local freight shipper to set up for delivery. Packaging was just meh... I had random handles and their screws just loose in the main box. There wasn't a good place to lift the main jointer bed out of the box. I think the main jointer bed was placed upside down or the shipping box was assembled upside down. There is a thick layer of grease over absolutely everything, including the wrenches, power switch, etc. I'm cool with protecting things from rust but this was a little much. The instruction manual to assemble it was lacking, to say the least. It had absolutely nothing on installing the fence. It was somewhat self-explanatory but it just completely jumped over this. The front caster that you step on to lift and move the jointer, I would say doesn't work the way it is intended. You step on it start moving it and it will randomly flip and the jointer would thud to the floor. I thought I installed incorrectly but again the instruction manual... I'm sure I'll be impressed the second I flip it on but at the moment I'm just meh...

Bruce F
Great product 06/15/2018 12:03:34 PM

The joiner is very quite when operating. This is great because i will do a lot of wood working well into the night . I am disappointed in the front caster. when you put it down to move the machine, it will collapse. Other than that it is a supper machine.

Trent T
Good machine and well built 03/09/2018 3:49:30 PM

The one problem I did have was in putting together. I took longer than needed because the operating manual is lacking in detail. Entire sections on how to put the machine together are missing and this was the first and likely only Jointer that I will erect. Other than this issue I am satisfied.

Anonymous Reviewer
Very satisfied a great tool 03/02/2018 2:12:15 PM

Have used it several times. Works great, does a good job.

Mike S
02/28/2018 11:57:59 PM

No feedback given

Colby H
Extrememly happy with product. 02/12/2018 6:56:05 PM

No flaws at all, knives extremely sharp. Leaves beautiful surface straight off the machine. Would definitely recommend it to others.

Jeff S
Great product for the price 01/06/2018 7:29:11 PM

I would have gave this 5 stars except that the infeed table measurement gauge had a broken screw that had to be drilled out and tapped for a new screw. It also had a stripped motor mount screw, which Grizzly sent a replacement right away. Still believe they have the best customer service of any company I've ever dealt with.

Anonymous Reviewer
Very nice heavy duty jointer 01/04/2018 4:57:37 PM

I only wish that the tables and the knives had been adjusted a bit better from the factory. It took me a long time to get everything within two thousandths of an inch. One of the nut inserts spun loose on the base. I peened it and then it worked fine.

Anonymous Reviewer
12/18/2017 11:17:18 AM

Hobbyists woodworker purchased this for personal use. Limited experience with other jointers, but overall very satisfied with quality and performance. Table adjustments are easy to use. Fence is solid. Knives easy to change. Cabinet access could be made more convenient to access with a door vs 6 screws. Free shipping offer makes this a good value. Unfortunately there was a back order and it took 8 months to arrive.

David K
12/04/2017 12:01:54 AM

No feedback given

Keith E
Excellent Value 10/02/2017 6:36:29 PM

I purchased this jointer in May and took delivery on the June 1st and in the 4 months since, I have been extremely happy with the purchase I made. The jointer came well packaged, undamaged and the tables were perfectly set up right out of the box. I had an issue with the motor mounts as one of the motor mount bolts were sheared and, if I'm honest, all of them were shorter than they really should be. I replaced all 4 with 5/16" carriage bolts and that solved that problem. My only real complaint is regarding setting the belt tension; it's a difficult process, not easily done as one person and even with a second set of hands is annoying to say the least. That being said, once set, it's fairly smooth sailing and re-tensioning the belt will be a rare occurrence.

This machine has been invaluable to me as it has enabled me to buy rough lumber and, in conjunction with my 13" Delta thickness planer, surface the rough lumber myself. Not only has this saved me money, it has also allowed me to work with more exotic woods that I would not be able to get surfaced from the lumber yard.

Any way you look at it, this jointer is a serious value. The machine is of very high quality and costs less than the 6" jointers from other major companies and if there's one thing that I read countless times while researching the right jointer to buy, it was that most people who buy 6" jointers eventually wish they'd gotten an 8" jointer. Thankfully, I'll never have to worry about that.

Great value over time 09/17/2017 10:12:01 PM

The true test of a machine is how well it performs over time. I have owned this jointer about five years. I have used it several times a week since purchasing it, easily several hundred times in all. I use it jointing and planing red and white oak, ash and cherry. It worked perfectly out of the box and works just as well today. I really do not see how it could be better.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/19/2017 6:31:38 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
So far so good 06/18/2017 1:13:14 PM

I have only owned this product for a couple of weeks so far, so I can't really say if I would recommend it quite yet. But since grizzly has sent me three emails already asking to review it I will give you my observations thus far. It has performed as it should so far. The dust collection could definitely be improved, but other than that I have had no issues. Tables adjust accurately and the bed is flat and true. Blades were neve and sharp out of the box and set appropriately. All parts were there and no damage during shipping.

Anonymous Reviewer
Impressed with the quality 06/18/2017 12:18:21 PM

This was a big tool purchase for me and I had some reservations about investing in a machine manufactured overseas. However after assembly and testing the results speak for themselves. I surfaced a twisted board of rough cut 12/4 cherry that was about 6" wide and 6' long. The face was flat when I checked it with a machined straightedge with no twist as checked with a pair of winding sticks. The additional length of the infeed and outfeed tables over my 6" jointer makes jointing longer stock so much easier (I was surprised at the difference a 72" table made over my previous 46" table). Overall I am very pleased with the initial quality of this machine.

Anonymous Reviewer
Good value 06/12/2017 9:08:54 PM

Just began using the machine. Shipping was fine as is the equipment. The instructions were very poor. The fence and the belt cover came separate from the table. There were NO directions for assembling. Could not find very much internet
Information. Took the joy out of getting a major tool purchase

Benjamin B
06/11/2017 3:10:12 PM

No feedback given

Ronald H
06/11/2017 1:06:04 PM

I received this jointer several weeks ago after waiting over two months. Since receiving my jointer I have not had a lot of time to use it but it seems great. I would purchase again, thanks.

Anonymous Reviewer
great machine 06/02/2017 4:31:01 PM

I've used this now for a few months and love it. Yields a very smooth cut. Was easy to setup and clean, packaging was good, easy to move from the semi to my shop. Works great is pretty quiet.

jeff H
05/13/2017 11:50:48 PM

Quality jointer. No issues. Came packaged well and assembly was straight foward. Working by myself I had to lift one side at a time and kept adding blocks under each side until I was able to slide the base under it. Piece of cake. I nicked the blades with a light staple within the first day of use which was a bummer but I have a sharpener for planer blades. I'm buying a grizzly spiral head planer and will be replacing the knife head with a spiral cutter head on this jointer and say goodbye to sharpening and setting knives for good. Life's too short. For the money you sure can't do wrong buying this jointer. It works well and is a beautiful machine.