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This tool room grade "B" Granite Plate has a bilateral accuracy of plus or minus .0001" total instrument runout for precision measurements from a common surface base. Granite Plates are harder than steel, non magnetic, least responsive to temperature changes, practically maintenance free and won't corrode like steel. Weighs 25 lbs.

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John M
01/30/2020 12:39:00 PM

Nice plate just the right size...........................................

Anonymous Reviewer
12/29/2019 10:25:36 PM

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Steve H
11/10/2019 11:51:12 PM

For the price seems like a good deal.
I ordered several other items and total shipping was also reasonable considering the weight of this item - I think $11 for this and similar for all the rest. Sometimes shipping on something like this is more than the item.
It is probably more accurate than any of my other straight instruments, so I'm sure it will come in handy when checking parts.
My first order and good experience so far...

Anonymous Reviewer
Granite surface plate 10/04/2019 1:34:56 PM

Product a must for plane iron and chisel sharpening.

Anonymous Reviewer
10/03/2019 11:20:25 AM

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Michael K
Great product 08/22/2019 12:12:51 PM

I had been needing a granite surface plate to do layout work for a while but did not need a laboratory quality or expense of one. Then I found these from Grizzly. Like everything I have bought from them over the last 20 years it meets my needs, is quality, and at a price I can afford. From my 9X49 mill to this granite plate I could not be happier.

Anonymous Reviewer
Serviceable for precision work 08/09/2019 9:21:13 PM

Purchased for layout of precise hole locations on an 8 x 5 x 5 ground steel block using height gauge with scribe point. Plate was square at all corners and scribed lines were parallel when checked. For layout work holding 0.001 to 0.0005 location tolerance this plate is adequate. I would have preferred a 12 x 12 or 14 x 12 at a 2 inch thickness for a bit more room when laying out the block, the 3 inch thick larger plates are not really necessary for the previously mention working tolerances.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/19/2019 4:32:37 PM

I am just starting to build knives and this surface plate was one of my first purchases . has really helped getting material flat.. Tx

Marcel L
Very good, 06/30/2019 11:41:00 AM

I needed a surface plate in my shop for fine measuring and checking flatness of parts. This works out very well, and at a price that any hobby machinist can afford.

John W
perfect benchtop surface plate 06/27/2019 11:46:31 AM

perfect size for my small engine parts and reverse engineering application
exceeded expectations on quality and finish
price, quality and delivery is awesome
packaged incredibly well for shipping
received it in perfect condition
incredibly happy with purchase

Anonymous Reviewer
06/08/2019 8:37:02 PM

Now that's a pretty flat rock... Swept it everywhere with a 0.0005" indicator with no noticeable variation. More than good enough for my +/-0.001 small milling an lathe operations. Hey, I'm not precision grinding or anything like that. Great value especially considering shipping was only $10.

Anonymous Reviewer
04/24/2019 1:25:28 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent product 04/21/2019 11:17:56 PM

I bought this a month ago.
Better quality then expected

Anonymous Reviewer
04/19/2019 12:21:39 PM

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Kevin G
Exactly as advertised 04/05/2019 2:10:09 PM

Product arrived in good condition, and is exactly as advertised. Makes layout very easy and accurate.

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent surface plate 07/26/2018 11:02:39 AM

Thank you for the great price and excellent product

Anonymous Reviewer
07/25/2018 10:21:17 PM

Very satisfied, will be ordering a larger one in the future. Excellent value

Anonymous Reviewer
06/10/2018 1:08:01 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Most excellent product! 06/06/2018 5:03:45 PM

very good packaging! However they could be a bit more accurate with the staples used on the box! Drew blood from them sticking out the sides of the box! Grrrr

Anonymous Reviewer
02/28/2018 8:56:48 PM

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William W
Definitely heavy! 01/06/2018 4:13:04 PM

Im sure UPS likes delivering that kind of stuff lol. Cant beat the price, even with shipping.

Anonymous Reviewer
12/14/2017 4:31:24 PM

This exactly what needed to level the bottoms of the saddle and nut parts during the final assemble of a guitar. I can also use it to sharpen small chisels.

David M
10/15/2017 7:16:08 PM

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Orest C
09/30/2017 11:03:06 AM

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john C
09/18/2017 8:33:36 PM

Great surface plate with no ledge, would be nice to have the surface tolerances....but a great product and buy...Thanks

Anonymous Reviewer
08/27/2017 11:40:51 AM

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