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Features 5" of cross travel and 8" of longitudinal travel with adjustable gibs for versatile milling and drilling. Weighs 36 lbs.

  • Table dimensions: 5-1/2" x 12"
  • Table height: 4-5/8"
  • Cross travel: 5"
  • Longitudinal travel: 8"
  • T-slots: 5/8"
  • Dial graduations: 0.001"

5 Customer Reviews (4.8 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Randy P
Great price good after a bit of cleanup 04/25/2020 8:46:27 PM

Works great for several jobs I have going. First project. Modern style Moxon Vice

Anonymous Reviewer
11/16/2019 11:12:58 AM

No feedback given

07/14/2019 1:00:56 AM

Bought this smaller compound slide table to use in a rig to machine wood banjo pots to a couple of thousands accuracy diameter, etc. It is a typical Chinese import compound slide table, hence the very low price. A professional working at the thousandths level would probably prefer a much more expensive American made brand. but if you are willing to spend an hour or two cleaning it up and adjusting, you can get a very servable and hefty slide table for very little money. Went with Grizzly as their price is competitive and with Chinese imports you want an American dealer who will help you out when things go wrong. To clean check the internet for cleaning Chinese import slide tables, I found this one to be very helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeJu9vPydSw Even the Grizzly brand import tables will come crawling with cheap oil and metal filings all over the ways and lead screws. Just taking it apart and flushing everything with solvent and using a little 400 grit emery paper on the ways can help immensely. Probably better oils to use but I used motor oil to re-oil all the cleaned ways and cleaned lead screws; it seems to work well. Base on an internet reviewer, who claimed replacing the metal gibbs that come with the table with brass ones helped produce a much smoother motion, I bought some 0.016 thick by 1/2" by 12" brass stock from a local hobby shop, cut the strip down to 3/8" width to match the steel gibbs and then placed each brass strip on top of the metal gibbs. I bent the ends at right angles over the ends of the metal gibbs so that the brass "cover" would not slide on the metal gibbs when under pressure or motion and its seems to work well. The motion is notably smoother. There is enough space to brass cover the metal gibbs if you stay below 0.016 thickness, otherwise just replace the gibbs with brass of the same dimensions. After carefully adjusting the gibb screws and the crank handles, I can spin the crank with one hand from one end to the other with less than a thousands or two play perpendicular to the lead screw motion, which is your critical dimension. Backlash in reversing table motion is going to be around 13 thousandths, but to correct that is probably going to require replacing the lead screw and nut it runs in, or upgrading to an American made cross table. But for the money and a little sweat equity I have a compound table that will easily handle my requirements and be fun to use without breaking the bank. If you are going to go Chinese import, go Grizzly!, or got Grizzly for better ones. Mine was missing a small set screw that I got at my local Ace hardware store. Buy the 9/16 size T-nuts and you will have no problem with getting them to go in. The real test is yet to come, but I think I am going to be very pleased when I get there.

Lee S
Good for hobbyist 03/23/2019 3:05:41 PM

I got this to put on my drill press, for very small, hobby projects. Small 1/4" end mill cuts and slow but once in awhile, it's something I can use.

Anonymous Reviewer
Works great for my application 05/07/2018 6:26:22 PM

I have had no issues with this table since I purchased it.