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The T21562 Angle Cube 2" Digital Level/Bevel features a super large reversible LCD display, CNC machined aluminum body with chrome finish and strong magnets on both sides and bottom.

  • Measure relative bevel
  • US made sensor, absolute sea level traceable
  • Tangent tilt rate % shows tilt angle in % reading
  • Standard 9V battery for 250+hours of use
  • Accuracy: 0.2º
  • Resolution: 0.05º
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    20 Customer Reviews (4.8 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Best 10/22/2020 11:08:05 PM

    Very nice little angle finder.
    I have one, I've bought 2 for my work place, and will be buying a second one for myself.
    Very useful, very nice.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    10/06/2020 2:45:07 AM

    No feedback given

    Mathew A
    Very Useful and A Must Have 07/17/2020 3:04:40 AM

    I'm impressed. Used this to realign and verify the cutting angles on an older miter saw that I passed on to my son. This product helped make the old saw accurate and also verified accuracy of other saws.

    Ken E
    06/12/2020 4:08:20 PM

    Finally got this item and its been a great purchase

    Ben W
    09/28/2019 1:58:29 PM

    Great product. Have used it frequently and on projects that I normally would have just winged it.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    09/09/2019 3:30:19 AM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    03/15/2019 2:33:21 PM

    Just got around to using it yesterday and everything seems fine.

    Bill L
    02/12/2019 3:25:52 PM

    Works as advertised.
    Well Packed.
    Easy to use.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    01/10/2019 3:27:49 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    12/30/2018 3:13:17 AM

    No feedback given

    John K
    Good product 09/16/2018 3:30:41 PM

    The unit seems to be as accurate as any other Ive used. Checked it on the saw with a square qualified to .001 of square and it read correctly. I set my stops on my TS with squares I know to be true and use the angle cube for everything in between.

    Gary D
    06/30/2018 11:14:48 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    05/11/2018 12:20:32 PM

    Students in my woodshop classes find it much easier to insure proper cut angles and joint fits with this digital bevel.

    Works great! 03/18/2018 1:41:35 AM

    Now all my saws give accurate cuts cuz the blades are where directed. I like accurate cuts.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    02/27/2018 3:57:36 PM

    I bought this as an attachment to my milling machine head so I can keep it square, or at any other angle I want to the bed...works like a charm.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Nice level--good price 02/17/2018 12:49:17 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    12/14/2017 1:46:35 PM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    12/02/2017 5:37:57 PM

    I have gotten these before and they work great. They do not use the coin type batteries and use AAA batteries. The only thing I wish they would add is a V grove on one side with magnets for round stock.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Easy to Use 10/06/2017 12:51:32 AM

    I have used this to verify the angle of the blade to improve my ability to make larger boxes.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/19/2017 2:06:33 PM

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