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This high intensity LED flashlight is ultra-bright and zoomable, allowing you to focus or disperse the light. Has three modes: high beam, low beam, and an emergency flash. Fish eye lens is 1x2000 zoom. Also features a powerful magnetic base, so you can attach this wherever you need light. Base has a 9" flexible clamp arm for additional mobility. Includes the LED light, base, plate, and 3 AAA batteries.

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Miles M
Perfect Work Light! 06/19/2020 11:12:55 AM

I bought 2 of these T26544 LED Light with 40lb Mag Base and Flexible Arm to use on my Drill Press and Band Saw. They get the light where it is needed while staying firmly attached during operation. Will be ordering a couple more for my Lathe and Scroll Saw.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/13/2020 12:44:02 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
It has it's uses 03/18/2020 5:05:17 PM

A bright patch of light at the point of contact between end mill and work. Three AAA batteries are in series, so don't forget and leave it on. The light runs the batteries down pretty fast. Maybe in an hour or so. Keeps some spares around the shop. I need to follow my own advice right there.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great light! 01/16/2020 2:39:53 AM

Light on my work is critical. I can move and position this light to help me be more productive.

Anonymous Reviewer
Works well 08/07/2019 11:43:24 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
great product, can be used anywhere 06/08/2019 3:15:47 PM

The price was very good and use it on my new band saw.. The light for my saw was priced at $98.00 and grizzly light dose a better job.

Anonymous Reviewer
T26544 LED Light with 40lb Mag Base and Flexible Arm 05/09/2019 7:34:01 PM

great concept. but I don't like the flashing part of the light and having to turn it on then off then on again for solid light. the magnetic mount works great.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great 05/06/2019 12:18:24 PM

Really bright and magnetic base holds fast could be more stiff so it doesnt vibrate as much when running saw

Anonymous Reviewer
02/02/2019 8:34:39 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
08/15/2018 1:50:15 PM

Ordered one day and there the next - great service as usual

Anonymous Reviewer
07/02/2018 3:14:21 AM

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Darrell H
Must have! 02/02/2018 2:27:30 PM

I bought this item because of low lighting in my shop. Im able to transport it around to different pieces of machinery and it is my source of lighting while cutting, drilling, or whatever I need it for. The magnetic base is very strong, and the movable neck is perfect in tight positions. You can remove the flashlight and use it separately whenever needed and it only takes a couple AAA batteries. The lense adjusts the light from pinpoint to wide coverage. This is a MUST HAVE for any shop!

Mark O
Excellent 10/30/2017 4:40:30 PM

Excellent quality, strong magnet stays where you put it. Love the flashlight too -- adjustable aperture so that the focus is either on a spot, or across a wide area. Strong enough to light up your work area from a couple of feet away.

Anonymous Reviewer
10/29/2017 1:20:52 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
10/22/2017 11:58:56 AM

II is perfect- convenient and has helped tremendously!
Very handy - just what I was looking for

Anonymous Reviewer
Neat LED light 10/20/2017 3:51:26 PM

Quick shipping, on the total order, everything works like it should,
this light is very easy to use to cover the right spot you are trying to see,
like the adjustable choices.

Ron B
10/20/2017 2:09:10 AM

No quality here one to them would not work & I did not even get credit for that.

Bruce T
Cordless! 07/09/2017 7:11:28 PM

I like being able to put it wherever it's needed without worrying Abbott a cord. The light is very bright ant very blue, like most "white" LESs.

Anonymous Reviewer
02/02/2017 6:03:41 PM

This is just a flashlight with a mag base, I already have two or three of this flashlights.

James B
Great product 01/27/2017 5:34:37 PM

Purchased this when we bought the 14" Deluxe Bandsaw hoping that it would attach to the side of it and aid as a work light when cutting. Works great for this!

Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 2:27:21 PM

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