Parts for SB1013F - 14" x 40" Electronic Variable-Speed 440V Toolroom Lathe with Fagor DRO

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Ref # Part # Description Price Qty
PSB1013F2318 PSB1013F2318 DRO ASSEMBLY FAGOR 2-AXIS $3,424.00
PSB1013F2318-1 PSB1013F2318-1 DRO DISPLAY FAGOR 20-IT $1,484.75
PSB1013F2318-2 PSB1013F2318-2 DRO X-AXIS SCALE FAGOR MKT-154 $845.25
PSB1013F2318-3 PSB1013F2318-3 DRO Y-AXIS SCALE FAGOR MKT-27 $1,359.25
PSB1013F2407 PSB1013F2407 MACHINE ID LABEL $9.50
PSB1013F2416 PSB1013F2416 MODEL NUMBER LABEL $87.25