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Since the introduction of our extremely popular G0490, we have been flooded with requests to make a larger version. Well, the wait is over. This 12" Parallelogram Jointer will set the standard for jointers for years to come. Having front-mounted handwheels, a 83-1/2" bed, a top-mounted magnetic switch, extra large fence and a stand built to withstand combat, you know this machine will take every task in stride! This beast weighs almost half a ton so you know how well it's built. If you want one of the best 12" Jointers on the market today, just place your order and we'll deliver it fast.

CSA certified meeting CSA C22.2 #71.2-08 and UL 987-7 standards!

Note on replacement inserts:

  • For models manufactured April, 2015 and later, use H7319 replacement inserts.
  • For models manufactured March, 2015 and earlier, use T21348 replacement inserts.

    • Motor: 3 HP, 230V, single-phase, 15A
    • Precision-ground cast iron table
    • Table size: 12-3/4" x 83-1/2"
    • Floor to table height: 31-11/16"
    • Maximum depth of cut: 1/8"
    • Rabbeting capacity: 3/4"
    • Cutterhead diameter: 3-7/8"
    • Cutterhead: Spiral with indexable carbide inserts
    • Cutterhead speed: 4300 RPM
    • Switch: Magnetic with thermal overload protection
    • Fence stops at 45°, 90°, and 135°
    • Approximate shipping weight: 1056 lbs.


    • Parallelogram table movement
    • Pedestal-mounted switch controls
    • Center-mounted fence
    • Fine handwheel control
    • Infeed and outfeed tables have front-mounted handwheels for convenient table height adjustment
    • 5" dust port
    • Serpentine belt and pulleys

    20 Customer Reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

    Eric C
    Beast of a jointer 03/05/2019 12:06:00 AM

    I am glad I purchased this over the new 8 1700$ model. This was 3100$ and change at the time of this writing from the Grizzly in Springfield Mo. Overall minimal setup, I had to adjust the outfeed table, safety cover spring tension, and fence stop at 90deg. First I want to address many peoples concerns about all of the grease everywhere, this is a good thing and Im glad grizzly does this. It was so easy to take off I dont understand complaints... I used remoil, and paper towels.... For the completely covered cutter head just do this, carefully wipe with the cutter direction and get most of the oil off then apply a generous spray of Boeshield T-9, wd40, Remoil or similar After saturated and allowed to soak for a few seconds simply turn the machine on and sling the oil and grease off, unplug the machine and wipe down and spatter. I did this twice and my cutterhead it spotless. Now face joint a soft scrap board like fir and dry and clean the cutter head it the process.. My jointer tables were level and needed no adjustment other than slightly raising my outfeed table. Setting the jointer in place was simple with a 4701 Kubota tractor. After shimming the base on a concrete floor I can start this machine with a nickel on its edge and it will not move. 3rd Grizzly machine and counting!!!

    Tim M
    02/25/2019 3:39:17 PM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    Very happy 12/13/2018 2:48:47 AM

    Before I bought this Jointer I read every piece of information I could find on Grizzly. I made sure I knew what I was getting before I purchased this machine and now that I have it I couldnt be happier. Grizzly kept me informed throughout the purchase and delivery of the status of my order. The friendly and professional delivery driver brought the shipping crate right up to my garage door. We followed the manual instructions on how to lift the Jointer with a forklift so we could attach the mobile base (Shop Fox Super heavy duty with extension bars). Once we got it into our garage we cleaned it off with a bunch of citrus based cleaner. Assembly was as expected and it did not take long. Both tables were within spec so I started it up and ran some pine and maple through it and it worked perfectly. Im so glad I went with a 12 Jointer, it doesnt take up much more space than a 8 model. I would highly recommend considering this Jointer if your in the market for a new machine. I will be purchasing more equipment from Grizzly in the future. Thank you Grizzly!

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Love it! 09/30/2018 1:00:56 AM

    I bought this about a month ago, wanted to give it a good test run before writing a review. It's substantially less money than anything else in its class, so I never expected it to be the best out there. But honestly for the price you can't go wrong, it even has the spiral cutterhead!
    My biggest complaint is the amount of shipping grease mine was covered in. I have a few other grizzly tools and they were easy to clean, I had about 5 hrs into degreasing this, most spent on the cutterhead. Had to remove every cutter and clean every blade, every screw, and all the tiny indents that hold the cutters in place with q tips. If you dont get all the grease and it gets on your project it can leave fish eyes in your finish. I wish it shipped with the cutterhead not attached and not covered in grease.
    I think the way the switch is mounted is a weak point and I'm going to figure out a way to reinforce it. I use two hands when turning it off and on, one to brace the box and one to press the switch. It's a head scratcher as to why they allowed it to have so much play and didn't design some reinforcement into the design.
    My tables needed almost no adjustments and it does a phenomenal job of jointing lumber. It's really nice being able to joint stuff wider than 8" and it's really increased my production as i dont have to rip wider boards to 8" anymore. And i can do some really nice projects that call for wider planks such as farmer's tables.
    I'm very happy with my purchase and haven't been let down by a Grizzly machine yet.
    Beware, it's extremely heavy. I don't know how I woukd have unpacked it with out my tractor. It comes bolted down to the shipping crate and has to be lifted off. Id borrow or rent one otherwise .

    Anonymous Reviewer
    04/15/2018 12:10:31 PM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    One problem 04/14/2018 3:41:46 PM

    Overall very nice machine, leaves a straight edge with high-quality finish. Agree with another reviewer the fence must be adjusted back to square every time you slide it in or out. If you come back to the same position it was in it will be square. If you move it to accommodate wider board or get away from a nick in the cutter head it is not square. Fairly minor problem as it is easy to adjust. I always check my other joiners when I move the fence. Infield and outfield tables came aligned to the cutterhead no adjustment was necessary. High quality machine

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Just as Described in the Grizzly Catalog 02/20/2018 5:29:55 PM

    I ordered the G0609X 12" Jointer with Spiral Cutterhead in May of 2017, anticipating delivery in July because it was out of stock. As expected it was delivered at the end of July. The crated jointer weighed nearly 1000 pounds but the delivery driver brought it up my driveway and put it right in my shop. It was well packaged and everything looks like I expected. I have a small shop and had used a Craftsman 6.25" jointer for 25 years. I had decided to replace it with an 8" jointer but when I saw the 609X I realized that for a few hundred dollars more I could get a 12" jointer. I thought maybe it would be overkill but eventually decided to go with this one. I'm glad I did. The 12" width comes in handy as soon as you have anything wider than 8" and the nearly 7' length pays off as soon as you want to edge joint anything longer than 4 or 5 feet. The spiral cutterhead is quite, sharp and maybe a little scary at the end of a wide board face cut. The jointer itself is massive and seems to be built very well. The outfeed table was perfectly adjusted to cutterhead height on delivery. The infeed table is perfectly co-planar with the outfeed table. The fence was dead-on square with the tables. The depth adjustment handle is a little bit of a reach but that is not an issue. I was concerned that the switch support would be wobbly but it is constructed of substantial tubular steel and is bolted into the back of the cast steel making it quite steady. I have not tested the parallelogram adjustments but the entire device feels strong so I'm guessing that part is OK, too. I bought an automatic feeder to help me keep my hands and arms away from the cutterhead but have not installed it yet. I've had this machine for around 6 months now and I am very happy with it so far. I would buy it again. This is my fifth or sixth stationary grizzly tool and I'm overall happy with them. I recommend this product to anyone who has room and a potential use for it. I found that 8.25 inch material shows up more often than I expected. Grizzly doesn't seem to have a mobile base for it but that will not be difficult to build. The push blocks are essentially the same as the ones I had for the 6.25" Craftsman jointer and they seem a little small for this one. You'll probably be making some bigger ones for this jointer.

    matt S
    11/01/2017 12:22:38 PM

    Only been able to run a few boards through it but so far so good. Had to deal with inept people at the freight company, and when I finally got the jointer it had a bad motor that kept tripping the breaker. Spent 2 hours on the phone with Grizzly troubleshooting and they were very helpful. New motor came and now it works just fine.

    Mike H
    10/14/2017 10:08:52 AM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    10/06/2017 3:07:18 PM

    I bought the machine a month ago and so glad I did. It is a great and persice machine.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Top of the line 08/20/2017 11:05:09 AM

    Buying this machine has been a game changer for me. Its truly a prosuction machine

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Really what I have been wanting for years. Big strong and very easy to operate. 08/18/2017 7:26:18 PM

    Have had it in my shop for about a month and have already put more than 11 hours on it .

    Anonymous Reviewer
    08/14/2017 11:48:12 AM

    I don't know yet. I broke my ankle just before the tool arrived. Its still sitting on the pallet.

    Lou I
    Love it. 08/12/2017 11:11:30 PM

    Both it on sale despite back order and it was worth the wait. Delivery was an issue as I live on a dead end street so I had to pick it up at trucking company site. Good neighbors with tractors helped get it into shop. All factory settings seemed on spec. No adjustments needed.

    Robert C
    Jointer 06/05/2017 3:22:29 PM

    Product works great, it's a little to heavy for the mobile base though

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/02/2017 8:03:15 AM

    All around good joiner cuts beautiful however the fence is hard to square and goes out of square after moving it in and out

    chaza J
    06/02/2017 2:50:05 AM

    This jointer is very good... we first start strange sound came up .... but when I read the catalog carefully I found out that I should take care of the belt
    And now the machine is working perfectly...

    Bill M
    06/01/2017 6:19:13 PM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    highly recommend. 06/01/2017 12:58:15 PM

    heavy, powerful, and vibration free. upgraded from an 8" jointer. this machine should be able to handle anything.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    05/28/2017 12:56:12 PM

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