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All the features and dependability of an expensive industrial grade drill press—with a price tag that's astoundingly low. Includes built-in light (bulb not included).

Made in an ISO 9001 Factory

CSA certified meeting CSA C22.2 #71.2-10 and UL 987-8th Edition standards!


  • Motor: 3/4 HP, 120V, single-phase, 7.5A
  • Swing: 14"
  • Drill chuck: 3/64"–5/8"
  • Drilling capacity: 3/4" steel
  • Spindle taper: MT #2
  • Spindle travel: 3-1/4"
  • Number of speeds: 12 (140, 260, 320, 380, 480, 540, 980, 1160, 1510, 1650, 2180, 3050 RPM)
  • Quill flange/collar dia: 2.595"
  • Precision-ground cast iron table
  • Table swing: 360°
  • Table tilts: 90° left & right
  • Footprint: 18" x 11"
  • Overall height: 38"
  • Approximate shipping weight: 148 lbs.
  • Reviews

    121 Customer Reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Feature packed! 10/15/2020 1:26:17 AM

    Great machine due to low speed for metal work and good power

    Nate S
    08/31/2020 7:41:03 PM

    Really amazing product, I got this about a month ago, shipped relatively fast and was very easy to put together. Would very much recommend. Cant wait to get more grizzly products for my shop

    Daniel W
    Great Drill Press 08/01/2020 1:12:11 PM

    For the price point, this is a GREAT drill press. Only complaint, is the T-nut slots needed a little attention, as the slag needed knocked off or filed to get the T-nuts t slide in. Other than that, it runs surprisingly quiet, no wobble in the drill bit and has enough power to drill through metal and other tough jobs. This press is a great buy!

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Love it! 06/15/2020 12:21:26 PM

    My great uncle John, a WWII navy vet, once told me, "Marc, if you're going to buy a saw, don't get the saw with the 10" blade, purchase the one with the 12" blade. If there was a choice between 1/2HP and 3/4HP, get the 3/4HP. Never send a boy in to do a man's job." Uncle John, I love you for teaching me those words of wisdom!
    When the Grizzly G7943 drill press showed up at my doorstep back in September 2019, Ralphie Parker didn't feel as much joy getting his Red Ryder BB Gun. This drill press has been an integral tool in my home shop collection, being used almost daily. It certainly does a man's job.

    Wally M
    Very good product. Well built. Heavy duty for a bench top. 05/22/2020 11:55:31 AM

    Very happy with this drill press. Bought it instead of a Jet because of better specs. Setup was easy but you may need a helper to assemble. I was missing a part but called and customer service sent it out right away. Drills smooth. Adjusts easily. Easy speed adjustment. No spindle wobble.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    True excellents! 05/17/2020 10:50:22 PM

    I have just purchased my G7943 14" Heavy-Duty Benchtop Drill Press and its amazing!,,, what a great piece of machinery,,, perfect for my gunsmithing work pieces.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    03/26/2020 12:46:56 PM

    Easy set-up, no missing or damaged parts. Speed changing is easy with belt placement sticker inside lid. Drills true with no bit wandering and enough power for high carbon steel. A little larger than expected and had to lower work bench 11 inches but not a major issue. Third machine from Grizzly and I am very happy with them all. Customer service is exemplary! Will continue to purchase from this top rated company in the future.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    03/19/2020 5:03:52 AM

    Very good product so far. Have not tried it with a small drill yet, so I don't know anything about the runout. The tin pully cover makes a lot of noise when it's running. Vibration.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Very great purchase 03/06/2020 1:28:05 AM

    Super pleased with it. It works great and fast shipping it to me I would buy from grizzly again.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Everything I was hoping for! 01/29/2020 5:02:10 PM

    I shopped around for a long time before I decided to buy this press. I had one from Craftsman years ago but run-out was so terrible I wound up selling it for cheap just to get it out of my shop. This press is miles above. Setup was easy and instructions were clear. Everything was needed to get up and running and I've completed several new projects successfully with this drill. I'm confidant it will outlast me.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    01/27/2020 1:09:15 PM

    No feedback given

    Ivan M
    10/14/2019 4:00:32 PM

    Been using it off and on for a month now, and it is robust. The sheet metal cover over the pulleys came a little squashed from shipping but I was able to straighten it out with a 3lb sledge. The drill press is robust and a good value for the price. There is a little runout on the spindle, but it is much better than the Wen drill press it is replacing.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Just what I needed 10/04/2019 1:08:44 PM

    I've been looking for a low rpm press and this one is perfect. My last press had a laser center point to line up the point of contact, that would be a great addition to future models. Definitely a home run on this product.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Nice drill press. 09/25/2019 11:48:39 AM

    Bought this to replace a 20+ year old version of the same drill press. My old one still runs but need a new start capacitor. My dad is good with things like that so he is using it now and I upgraded. Seems well made and hopefully lasts as long as the first one.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Fantastic drill 09/14/2019 12:25:21 PM

    I've been using this drill for about a month now and have been incredibly impressed. Quality craftsmanship, solid machined steel parts and more than enough power for the jobs I've been doing. My only complaints are the instruction manual could have been a little more descriptive on how to install the drive belts (the drill arrives with the belts not installed) but honestly a quick YouTube video and within a minute most anyone can have this figured out. The reason for four stars instead of five is due to packaging. With the belts not installed, one of the belt wheels rolls around inside the belt housing during shipping. It appears it rolled around and marred up the other two belt wheels during shipping. It appears the damage was mostly cosmetic, but I do wonder if it will unnecessarily wear the belts down over time. Perhaps securing the loose wheel with tape during shipping or take it out of the belt housing and packing it separately would be a better option.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Decent for the price 09/05/2019 6:33:05 PM

    Run out is not to bad for wood work. Asembled easy table hieght adjustment slips sometimes, going to tack on a full length shim to fix issue.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    08/23/2019 3:32:31 PM

    I bought the G7943 14" Heavy Duty Benchtop Drill Press and was amazed at the heft, accuracy, size and power. I have owned several drill presses in my woodworking career all of the floor models. I was a little hesitant to buy a table top model as I have certain expectation while using a drill press. Not to worry, it can do any thing a floor model can maybe except for the need to drill something taller than this drill press can accommodate. I am in a different place in my woodworking career and this fits perfectly in my niche.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    08/15/2019 12:34:45 AM


    I used and older version of this model for many years on the job and I really enjoyed using it. It was one of four different drill presses in the shop where I worked and this is the one that I used 98 percent of the time, it was simply my favorite. I read a lot of the reviews and many of them reported that the "Tin Hat" was usually smashed up. I expected the same of mine but was surprised the damage was minimal. I straightened out the tin with a pair of pliers, drilled and screwed the lid and hinges where the spot welds broke, and now it looks like nothing ever happened. While the tin was off, I removed the motor to lighten the Head for ease of assembly. After the final assembly and mounting to a nice mobile bench, I am very pleased with the performance of this machine. I expect that this machine will serve me well for many years in retirement as its predecessor did on my job.

    Scott R
    Excellent Bench Top Drill Press 08/11/2019 1:22:34 PM

    We purchased this drill press for our gun clubs maintenance shop. The press was easy to assemble and mount and is being used heavily. So far, we love the press. It does what a drill press is supposed to do, is powerful and quiet. If youre looking for a bench top drill press, look no further. The light is a great plus.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    08/09/2019 8:53:59 PM

    Extremely well built machine. The unit survived shipment which was my biggest concern. Splitting the unit into two packaged probably helped in that regard. Regardless they were still quite heavy. Have not used it very much yet but one thing that would be an improvement would be an increase in the depth of cut.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Exactly what I was looking for. 07/31/2019 3:38:06 PM

    Product arrived on time and did not appear to be damaged, although the exterior cardboard was fairly beaten and scarred.
    I was glad that I read the posts by other folks as I too was unable to locate the chuck arbor but after turning the head unit upside down and and sticking a flashlight inside I saw were it had wedged itself.
    After retrieving the arbor, I noticed it was marred/scratched/dinged in a few spots. NOT what I wanted but removed any slight burring prior to installation.
    After installing the chuck and arbor into the press, I noticed a very slight wobble. A couple of whacks from a rubber mallet, as it was spinning seemed to do the trick.
    I really like the lowest speed for drilling metal and have the range to drill other materials.
    I like the tool now that it is set up. The packaging seems poor. The price in right. Overall this is an excellent value.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Now this is a drill press! 07/18/2019 5:59:25 AM

    Let's address the elephant in this room. The pulley cover came in bent out of whack. Not surprised, considering the weight of this headstock. Grizzly delivered on their excellent customer service and sent a new one after I provided pics of the damaged part. What they did not send however, were the instructions on removing the pulley. Thankful shout out to reviewer:
    Justin R
    "Regarding the removal of the spindle pulley to remove the belt cover, don't get a puller. Make some light taps with a rubber mallet against the side of the pulley toward the base of the shaft, perpendicular to the shaft axis, while turning the pulley so you have taps all around the axis. *Light* taps will knock it loose, and it will pull straight out without effort."

    I didn't have a plumb bob to align the headstock with the base, but I think I got close enough. I had to adjust the depth gauge slightly so that when the spindle retracted it would actually read zero, no biggie.

    Quality build, quiet operation, lighted work area and easy speed change makes it a great drill press at a decent price. Looking forward to getting great use out of this machine.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    04/26/2019 2:41:12 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    03/31/2019 10:13:54 PM

    This product arrived with a lot of damage to it. Luckily Grizzly customer service was helpful and sent me replacement parts and talked me through on how to install them. Unfortunately, judging by other customer reviews, it's pretty common for Grizzly products to arrive damaged. The only use this drill press has seen has been on test pieces during installation and repair. It seems like it will be an okay tool.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Very happy 03/27/2019 11:33:42 AM

    This bench top drill press is more than what I probably needed for my home work shop, it will handle anything that I come across.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    First time Purchaser - but not my last. 03/07/2019 6:29:50 PM

    I have been a woodworker for 30 years. I was skeptical about an online purchase that I couldn't see and touch. I ordered on a Monday afternoon and it arrived early Thursday morning. It was well packed and the manual made it easy to assemble. The quality of the machine was above my expectations. Grizzly's catalog is about an 1 1/4" thick and full of goodies for woodworkers. I won't hesitate to purchase from Grizzly in the future.

    Mike D
    Good value 03/07/2019 2:54:26 PM

    I built a rolling stand for this drill and it makes it more versatile. This drillpress is a very good value. It has its limits but is a solid machine.

    Chris M
    02/13/2019 6:40:50 PM

    The product was damaged when received but Grizzly "stepped up" and took care of the problem immediately. I understand $&^% happens, but it is what the company does after is what counts and Grizzly certainly performed excellence.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    02/03/2019 3:58:49 PM

    The drill press packed well and arrived I damaged. Set up was straightforward. It has been operating perfectly. I would definitely recommend this.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    01/16/2019 3:27:02 PM

    Packaged super well. Very easy assembly. Plenty of strength.

    Hans S
    01/15/2019 10:38:05 PM

    I have not used the drill to do any work yet, but I am impressed with the quality of the machine.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    01/15/2019 4:19:24 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    12/12/2018 1:28:39 PM

    The drill press is very heavy duty. I haven't used it much yet. The only reason I gave it a four was it looked like the motor box had been drop on the belt side. The belt cover is dented consistent with it being dropped. The drill and motor are very heavy.

    Robert M
    11/15/2018 3:01:29 PM

    Had to downsize my shop and no room for my floor drill press. I had some reservations when I ordered my bench model from you...when it arrived I unpacked it and completed my assembly and did a test drive". This thing is a monster! I would compare my Grizzly drill press to anything on the market at two to three times the price and I am very, very pleased.

    Thank you,
    Robert Martin

    Great Piece of Gear 10/31/2018 7:30:26 PM

    The drill is good and solid. Assembly was straightforward although cleaning all the protective grease off the parts was a bit tedious.
    Only issue I have is that the floating pully came loose in shipment and banged the hell out of the pully case. However customer support shipped a new one. I still have yet to replace the damaged piece but it does not look to be too daunting.

    Greg E
    10/04/2018 12:34:14 PM

    No feedback given

    Justin R
    Surprisingly great piece of machinery. 09/13/2018 7:07:54 PM

    I bought this a couple weeks ago, and it ran great out of the box. Get help to put the head on, as it is very, very heavy. I also had the experience others are having with the belt cover having shipping damage. Grizzly is great about returns, and they definitely don't give any hassle. With the belt cover damage, the idler pulley shaft was bent, and they replaced that too, and threw in a couple belts and shipped overnight!

    Regarding the removal of the spindle pulley to remove the belt cover, don't get a puller. Make some light taps with a rubber mallet against the side of the pulley toward the base of the shaft, perpendicular to the shaft axis, while turning the pulley so you have taps all around the axis. *Light* taps will knock it loose, and it will pull straight out without effort.

    I hope they figure out something different for shipping the drill press head to better protect the belt drive cover. This seems to be a consistent issue with shipment for other folks.

    Oh, and if you're oscillating between the bench or the floor model, the only difference is the column, so if you think you need to switch later, you can just buy the column. The head is the same.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    09/07/2018 11:21:26 PM

    The G7943 Benchtop Drill Press is a great fit for my shop. I have it set up on a stand and rollers so I can move it from place to place. The price was fair and Grizzly shipping rates made cost the most competitive. Charles Welch - Greenville SC

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Very Happy! 08/01/2018 1:23:38 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    07/25/2018 12:10:34 PM

    Drill press works fine but the top lid was bent out of shape upon delivery. No damage to the box. Was not happy about the shape the drill arrived. I bent the steel back into place and since the drill worked fine, I did not file for a return because its too much hassle

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Nice Drill Press 07/24/2018 10:56:39 AM

    Like others, I have been drooling over this drill press for a long time. The sale price finally did it. The unit arrived fairly quickly MO - FLA. However, as others have reported, the belt housing was damaged in shipping. I think the weight of the motor assembly is just too much for the packaging. Perhaps the housing should be shipped separately and assembled on-site. Nonetheless, One call to Grizzly's excellence customer service department resulted in a new housing being delivered within a few days. Replacement was fairly easy, although it requires a pulley puller. I have used the unit to drill some 4" holes in 3/4 plywood so far. It comes set at the highest speed, so be sure to set the proper speed before using.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    07/13/2018 11:05:28 AM

    No feedback given

    Brian H
    Great Machine 07/06/2018 7:07:22 PM

    This is one heavy duty and large bench top machine. Packing was great no damage assembly was very easy. This will last me a lifetime in my knife shop

    Shannon G
    07/06/2018 4:39:13 PM

    No feedback given

    Troy W
    06/14/2018 10:20:02 AM

    SLIGHT wobble with bits. Can't figure out how to get rid of it.

    Scott W
    Heavy duty 06/07/2018 2:23:16 PM

    This is very nice bench drill press I purchased to replace a smaller unit I purchased at home depot several years ago.

    Terry R
    05/31/2018 3:32:22 PM

    I replaced my Wen bench top drill press with the Grizzly and it is light years ahead of the Wen. Fabulous product!

    Anonymous Reviewer
    05/22/2018 7:55:51 PM

    No feedback given

    tim G
    decent drill press 05/04/2018 7:02:34 PM

    had this for about a month first day i got it temp was about 40 degrees power for the press started kicking on and off dosent like cold weather now that its warmed up works great
    called grizzly they sent replacement capacitor excellent customer service

    Anonymous Reviewer
    04/20/2018 8:03:45 PM

    I purchased 3 of these for a production project. Quality seems good compared to some other similar drill presses I looked at. The belt guards on all three were bent from shipping and had to be straightened. They are rather thin sheetmetal and bend easily.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    03/07/2018 4:33:35 PM

    I purchased this drill press for my son as a gift. He has set it up in his work space and says it's great. It is very rugged and performs perfectly!

    Anonymous Reviewer
    02/04/2018 6:08:33 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    This is a good machine. 01/29/2018 1:44:45 PM

    I am pleased with the machine so far. But am disappointed with some shipping damage.
    1.Drive belt lid has a dent in it.
    2.On and off switch housing has a large broken place in the front.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    So far, so good 01/19/2018 1:34:12 PM

    Purchased this drill press after friend recommended. A bit disappointed when inadequate packaging lead to pulley cover being damaged during shipping. Company send another pulley cover. On replacing pulley cover, I realized it was not simply removing four screws as described. After a short discussion, representative agreed to send the needed pulley puller.
    Have used drill press for drilling through 3/16 inch steel with no problems. Light feature is helpful. Pulley placement/speed chart inside pulley cover could be larger.
    Perhaps pulley cover should always be send in separate package to stop much heavier motor piece from shifting during shipping and damaging light-weight pulley cover. (Currently pulley cover is shipped already attached to motor section.)

    Lisa L
    01/19/2018 12:07:03 AM

    No feedback given

    Michael P
    01/18/2018 2:34:33 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    01/16/2018 11:38:30 PM

    Anonymous Reviewer
    01/03/2018 1:23:50 AM

    Works well. Some cosmetic damage from shipping. There is an issue with the motor chug-chugging and not spinning up to speed for certain speeds. Loosening and then re-tensioning the belts seems to do the trick.

    Drill press 12/17/2017 6:05:05 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Bench Top Drill Press - sturdy 12/14/2017 4:56:07 PM

    Bought this visiting family and brought it back to Canada. It's a heavy duty unit for sure, had to repack it into one box to fit it into our car! Looking forward to using it for lots of projects and also want to get a sliding table for it to make it more flexible and precise. I had a smaller bench drill press before, this one is much more capable with more features, which we will appreciate as we get into more complex projects.

    Larry G
    Great product 11/30/2017 4:02:25 PM

    No feedback given

    Richard P
    Good value 11/30/2017 3:20:21 PM

    some small adjustments and cleaning up castings were required, this drill press is a good value and functions quite well.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    11/29/2017 6:28:03 PM

    No feedback given

    James V
    G7943 Bench drill Press 11/26/2017 12:53:35 PM

    This machine was purchased because our floor press couldn't run slow enough for a rosette cutter on a particular job. Over all a good value. I would like to see a quick adjustable depth stop on the machine however.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Great Drill Press 10/25/2017 11:43:11 AM

    Bought this to upgrade from my older Craftsman 12" drill press. The Grizzly is a serious upgrade which I am very happy with. Would recommend to anybody looking for a bench top unit.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    09/11/2017 4:28:46 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    I was a bit overwhelmed... 08/04/2017 10:05:01 PM

    When I opened the box and got this BEAST put together, it was much more than I expected !!! When they say it's a "HD" drill press, they mean it ! The only difference between the bench and floor model is the vertical column. I did have a minor issue in that the arbor was missing....ONE call, told the rep what was wrong, he said "No problem", it shipped the same day, and I had it a few days later---Customer Service at it's finest !!!! Highly recommend the DP and Grizzly !!!!

    Anonymous Reviewer
    07/28/2017 11:49:32 PM

    I bought you inexpensive router table. Drilling the holes for my Bosch router was easy as the plate has multiple marked circles so it was easy to line up withing a few thousandths.
    Table was easy to assemble and it is already getting a lot of use. I bought a Bosch table mounting bracket and so the router easily pops in and out.

    Wesley G
    Solid Machine 07/28/2017 11:10:30 AM

    This machine is rugged enough for anything I'll be repairing on the farm. I would say that the chuck has a tendency to fall out. This is likely due to my own impatience; not cleaning it enough prior to inserting. Not quite certain what to do to remedy this, other than better cleaning and perhaps polishing the inside and out somehow. Other than that, an excellent machine. I pretty much do not give five stars for anything.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    I got what i paid for, a great product. 07/26/2017 11:13:09 PM

    I have had the drill press about a month. Better than expected. Accurate and easy to use. I was able to put it together by myself but i agree a second person is the way to go.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    07/23/2017 11:59:17 AM

    I'm very pleased with this drill in that it can bet set at low RPM for metals and high enough RPM for wood.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Great drill press 07/03/2017 6:32:44 PM

    Bought for my garage shop. I am very happy with it. Top cover was damaged in shipment but not the fault of Grizzly.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/29/2017 5:13:28 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Very well made 06/29/2017 1:21:47 PM

    This is an awfully nice drill press. Very nice in fact. It's also very large and I made a mistake of not buying a floor standing model. It's too tall to use on any average sized table so you need to have an extra short one or a stand for it. Minus one star just because it's a little too much for a table top press but it's very well made and works great so that's nice. Would not recommend because it's awkwardly sized and would recommend a floor standing model over this one.

    joe V
    Very pleased 06/25/2017 9:12:04 PM

    Runout seems to be very minimal (pretty much undetectable). Solid unit all around. Easy to finish assembling.

    My only difficulty was attaching a woodworking table. I wish the metal table had thru-holes or slots.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/24/2017 4:52:24 PM

    I'm HUGELY disappointed with my purchase.
    In building the drill press over the course of a week or more, I could not for the life of me find the arbor. So in desperation, and in quick need of the tool, I called and had a new arbor shipped overnight.
    This Thursday I receive the new arbor. So I install the arbor and attempt to lower the drill - won't go. With more force than expected I can lower the drill - but it WON'T retrieve back up. It stays extended. Frustrated, I do all I can, then call Tech Support. They were great on the phone, we trouble shot what we could and faced with mailing the tool back, or doing the repair myself - I proceed with repair.
    Guess what - I remove the spindle hub, and find an arbor lodged behind it and pressed against the gearing. Imagine my surprise.
    I want a NEW one, which won't happen. I want a full refund on the NEW ARBOR I bought and shipped overnight. I'm assured my issue has been forwarded to a Supervisor somewhere to review and I will get a call in 24 hours. That was Thursday noon. It's Saturday noon and guess what - no response.
    Grizzly is letting this customer stew and hang apparently.
    How does mfg let an arbor fall inside the headstock? Where is QA/QC? Where was the inspector before this was packaged? Where is Customer Service when something happens? The Tech Support and Online sales folks were super.

    Photos below - first a shot of the scared arbor found inside the headstock (motor housing) behind the spindle hub.

    Well built 06/14/2017 3:00:41 PM

    I bought this drill press. I got to inspect it and was impressed with it. Got it in my building and the next day a storm collapsed the building. I will up date my review I can dig it out and set it up again.

    Mark W
    06/14/2017 2:31:50 AM

    I bought this drill press about a month ago but only got round to assembling it tonight. Assembly was a breeze; the instruction manual was very clear and easy to follow. I managed to assemble the unit alone but that's only because I lift weights and am strong enough to wrestle the headstock onto the column by myself; I strongly advise against this if you are not used to lifting at least 100 pounds (a higher weight than the headstock because the unit is a bit awkward to handle). The unit runs well; not having a plumb bob, I am aligning it by using test bores. This seems to work well enough.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/13/2017 1:52:08 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/12/2017 5:38:06 AM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    chuck wobbles 06/09/2017 5:27:13 PM

    The chuck has a lot of wobble so much that it is visually obvious, I think they call this run out? Do you know if there is a way to correct this? I tried removing and reinstalling the chuck but that did not help. Other wise the press is very nice and appears to build very solidly.

    Richard B
    06/06/2017 9:01:38 PM

    No feedback given

    W J
    06/06/2017 2:35:37 PM

    This is over all a great unit. The only thing I would prefer would have been a laser pointer of the exact center of the bit on the surface, but that isn't a major thing.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/06/2017 12:47:56 AM

    Have only had for a month, haven't had much experience with it yet. First impressions are very good...seems well-made, very good assembly manual information.

    Marc B
    06/05/2017 3:22:32 PM

    All my machines are Grizzly and have been happy with ten for clues to 17 years

    Derek J
    Very happy 06/04/2017 10:26:35 PM

    For the buck this is an amazing deal. Your not going to get an industrial machine for this price. But yippy can get a high quality machine. This is it.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/03/2017 11:34:36 AM

    Excellent drill press especially at this price. Very smooth and powerful.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Love it! 06/02/2017 2:42:17 PM

    No feedback given

    Lee S
    Just what I need 06/02/2017 1:16:33 PM

    I needed a good drill press for small hobby shop use. I had a cheap one from another source but the chuck wobbled. This drill press drills a straight hole, it's heavy and it has power. It's made in china like everything but its a good tool for the smaller shop.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/02/2017 1:09:33 PM

    Very Happy! Well made, very quick delivery, easy to assemble and affordable. Thanks Grizzly, (***** 5 star product)

    Mike H
    06/02/2017 11:13:59 AM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/02/2017 10:55:31 AM

    No feedback given

    william G
    06/02/2017 6:35:19 AM

    No feedback given

    Sean J
    Very happy with this drill press 06/02/2017 4:32:40 AM

    I had a small no name drill press before I got this great drill press. The difference is night and day. Excellent product

    Michael P
    06/02/2017 4:09:44 AM

    This drill press has turned into a real workhorse in my shop. I use with Forstner bits at slow speeds to make items I sell. The speed ranges are perfect for everything I do. It was a superb choice!

    Richard L
    06/02/2017 3:50:58 AM

    good drill press, changed out chuck and arbor, had about 8 thou
    runout, noticed arbor was not hardened...

    New arbor with bigger chuck...less than 4 thou runout.

    Very pleased with my purchase.


    Anonymous Reviewer
    Excellen machine!!! 06/02/2017 2:34:56 AM

    Lik all grizzly machine, an excelent product!!!!!!

    Blake D
    Great company! Great product! 06/01/2017 11:30:00 PM

    First, let me tell you about Grizzly and their customer service. The drill press had been damaged in shipment and had a severe vibration. After speaking to almost every person in their customer service and technician departments, trying to remedy the situation, Grizzly shipped me a brand new head unit. Without exception, all of the people I spoke with were genuinely concerned and anxious to fix my problem. There were a lot of phone calls back and forth but never was there a doubt in my mind that the people at this company had my interest at heart. Yes, Grizzly represents a great value in woodworking tools but their customer service is second to none. Thank you, Grizzly.

    Now, on to the drill press. The G7943 is a replacement for a 9" Craftsman that I had for years. The smaller press served me well for years but really did not like forstner bits and hard maple. For those of you who, like me, are used to a small drill press, wait until you open the box for this baby. It ain't your granny's drill press! This is the real McCoy. The instructions say to have help during assembly and help is definitely required to lift the head unit onto the base unit. This is a man's drill press. After the vibration problem with the damaged unit I was a bit anxious when I turned it on for the first time. No problem. It ran smooth as silk with no untoward noise or vibration. I then installed a 2" forstner bit and a scrap piece of white oak (Didn't want to waste any of my maple.) and proceeded to cut a very nice 2" hole.

    One earlier reviewer commented that the G7943 was too tall for his bench. Mine is mounted on a mobile cart that is about 30" high. For me it is a very satisfactory height. I also really like the light feature. I did not know I needed it until I had a drill press that had a light.

    In summary, the G7943 is a good solid tool that I expect to use for years. I would recommend it to anyone. The price is right and the quality is top notch. Have I mentioned the customer service? Had I not had the problem of a damaged unit I would not have had the experience with the people at Grizzly. They turned what could have been unpleasant into in good experience. I now have four pieces of Grizzly green equipment and am looking forward to my next purchase.

    Chuck S
    Great drill press! 06/01/2017 8:35:24 PM

    I use it all the time and it's a great machine.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/01/2017 3:11:52 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    05/28/2017 12:44:53 PM

    No feedback given

    Stephen J
    05/27/2017 1:29:17 PM

    I love this drill press but I have one major issue with it. The handle to move the quill protrudes too far in front of the drill press head and at the height the drill press sits on my high work bench I tend to hit my head on the it during set-up. I guess if I could rotate the handle 10 degrees or so it wouldn't be a problem but I haven't looked into doing this as of this writing. What I have done was to move the handle out of my head's way and to lock it in place until I go to use it. This is a minor issue I just live with. This drill press replaces a Ryobi automatic speed and although it takes a little longer to change the speed we're only talking seconds so it's no big deal. The drill press is made very solid and is well worth the price. I did a lot of research and found that this unit has the lowest adjustable speed, which I prefer for Forstner bits and is worth the price. In addition, adjusting the quill depth is very simple and more accurate then the Ryobi that I replaced.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    05/26/2017 7:58:23 AM

    You guys have been great to deal with. I love the drill press and will buy Grizzly for my future needs.

    Robert O
    05/25/2017 2:08:07 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Great drill press! 05/24/2017 3:50:57 PM

    I am very pleased with the performance of my new Grizzly 12" bench-top drill press! No run out what so ever great torque!

    Anonymous Reviewer