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The Grizzly 17" 2 HP Bandsaw offers superior cutting capacity at a price that can't be beat.

The bandsaws 2 HP motor powers through wood up to a maximum 12-1/8" resaw capacity, and the 16-1/4" throat is wide enough for those larger workpieces. The bandsaw offers plenty of power to slice through hardwoods and the precision to do detailed scroll work.

In performance and quality, the Grizzly 17" 2HP Bandsaw rivals professional bandsaws costing hundreds more, with features like a deluxe fence, heavy-duty miter gauge, dual 4" dust ports, micro-adjusting geared table, and European-style blade guides.

The Grizzly 17" 2 HP Bandsaw is built on a solid base and features a precision ground cast iron table. The machine is well designed, performs smoothly and quietly, and stands among other machinery with its majestic size and stunning appearance. The visual scale and quick-change blade release/tensioner make it a joy to use.

Like all of the Grizzly bandsaws, the Grizzly GO513ANV comes with a 1-year warranty covering parts and assuring the unit is free from factory defects. (Blades and other consumables not covered by the warranty.)

The G0513ANV manual is packed with useful information and the technical support team is U.S. based. Parts and accessories for the bandsaw are available on-line and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.

The Grizzly 17" 2HP Bandsaw meets CSA standards and is built in an ISO 9001 factory to assure quality workmanship.

  • Motor: 2 HP, 110V/220V, single-phase, TEFC capacitor start induction, 1725 RPM, 60 Hz, prewired 220V
  • Meets CSA C22.2 #71.2-10 and UL 987-8 standards
  • Amps: 20A at 110V, 10A at 220V
  • Power transfer: Belt drive
  • Precision-ground cast-iron table
  • Table size: 17" x 17" x 1-1/2"
  • Table tilt: 10 deg. left, 45 deg. right
  • Floor to table height: 37-1/2"
  • Cutting capacity/throat: 16-1/4" left of blade
  • Maximum cutting height: 12-1/8"
  • Blade size: 131-1/2" long
  • Blade width range: 1/8" - 1" wide
  • Wheels: Computer-balanced cast-aluminum with polyurethane tires
  • Wheel covers: Pre-formed steel
  • Blade guides: Euro-style roller disc with full enclosure protection
  • Bearings: Sealed and permanently lubricated
  • Overall size: 73" H x 32" W x 32" D
  • Footprint: 27" L x 17-3/4" D
  • Approximate shipping weight: 342 lbs.

  • Deluxe extruded-aluminum fence
  • Includes miter gauge
  • Two 4" dust ports
  • Quick-change blade release/tensioner
  • Blade tension indicator
  • Micro-adjusting geared table
  • Blade height scale measurement
  • Blade tracking window
  • Includes 1/2" 6-TPI hook blade

175 Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

joel G
10/10/2019 2:27:30 PM

No feedback given

Perry B
Perfect addition to my woodshop! 10/04/2019 8:06:01 PM

OUTstanding band saw! Spent some time researching this last addition to my shop. So, if you are looking for quality, look no more! I have several Grizzly tools already and had my eye on the Anniversary model. Just as advertised! I put the bearing kit on this one, got some good blades, and the mobile bear cart. Manual was a bit confusing, but understood it was written in an ESL environment and found what I needed throughout. Easy to replace blade that came with, but it cuts fine. Also bought the resaw fence for my saw. Only hard thing is to find a place to put it now in my shop! I bet I'll find room! ;-) Way to go, Grizzly!

Charles D
Money maker 10/04/2019 11:23:46 AM

I have bought many tools through Grizzly for 20+ years and always have gotten what I expected. This bandsaw is #7 in my collection of tools including both metal and wood saws. My plan is to take a huge pile of butternut and saw it into carving blanks. The larger ones i can saw on my bandsaw mill but the smaller and shorter pieces will be squared up on this new saw. I was happy with the ease of setting it upto be square with itself and extra pleased with the little window showing a blade tightening guage. The gear driven adjustment on the table top is so much better than push/pulling a heavy table around to get it set where you want. I want to get a resaw fence but i am a cheapskate, which is why I know a bargain when i see one, but the prices i see everywhere on the resaw fence is just too high for this cheapskate.

Dave H
Bandsaw-Anniversary 10/03/2019 12:16:40 PM

This is a fine machine. Wish I had bought it sooner. Runs smooth, quiet for a bandsaw, and strong! Highly recommend.

Anonymous Reviewer
Super Great Deal 10/01/2019 3:19:57 PM

It will be a lifetime treasure for me. Owning a special anniversary edition is great. The only thing that would help to sweeten this purchase would be a shirt (size 4 XLT) and cap with the same anniversary logo on them.

Anonymous Reviewer
09/28/2019 5:26:31 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
LOVE my new bandsaw 09/14/2019 2:35:19 PM

One of my best purchases for my shop. Barely fit through my garage door......man its big! I was able to depalletize it by using a come along mounted to the ceiling. Set up went nicely. The installed blade works okay, haven't installed my Timber Wolf yet. Cuts true, runs nice. EXCELLENT deal for the price! My only negative thought...... why sell a saw with that much resaw capacity but such a short fence? I will come up with something, but it really baffles me.....

Anonymous Reviewer
I love this saw. 09/11/2019 7:28:43 AM

I was so excited to finally buy a full sized band saw and this one has not disappointed. Very easy to set up. I went with the 30 amp/ 110 wiring option. Just follow the directions. Very clear and easy. I'm learning about blade drift and some other issues related to all band saws, but, truly, right out of the box this saw was ready to go and made good clean cuts. I will replace the blade when I'm ready to raw the walnut I have but this blade that came on it it grate for soft wood. Plenty of power. I did resaw a piece of red oak without any problem. Just let the saw do its thing and don't force it. Can't wait to make some curved, walnut table legs! Thanks Grizzly for a great saw.

Anonymous Reviewer
Exactly what I needed 09/08/2019 1:58:11 PM

I purchased this bandsaw specifically to cut 7 wide corbels for a project. It worked fantastic, there was a short learning curve because its a great tool.

Anonymous Reviewer
09/05/2019 12:41:53 PM

I bought this saw on a Monday and it was here on Thursday in Tennessee packaged and a great way no damage works better than I dreamed sorry I didn't order it sooner

Mike B
08/28/2019 3:09:54 PM

I bought this while on a trip to Branson MO. We scheduled deliver when I got back. The truck driver was extremely helpful in getting the saw into my shop. Once there I finally got to use it. It worked great and I am very pleased. The blade that came with it is already dull.

Mike Braml

Anonymous Reviewer
08/04/2019 11:05:23 AM

No feedback given

Gregory H
07/29/2019 12:32:04 PM

Bingo, I love perfect product Grizzly G0513ANV bandsaw, it is easy to change & adjust the blades and bigger than my old 10" bandsaw.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/24/2019 4:34:07 PM

No feedback given

Mike G
So very happy with this purchase 07/22/2019 6:02:27 PM

Just got the wiring ran this weekend. Fired it up and it hums so nicely. No vibration. Can't wait to start using it more. HUGE upgrade from my old 14".

Anonymous Reviewer
07/22/2019 1:13:19 AM

No feedback given

James H
Final result after a lot of searching. Just what I was looking for. 07/15/2019 8:53:33 PM

I finally found a great bandsaw at a great price that gets the job done in style. I added my version of a light and the 1550 cu ft dust collector I had and, there she is . My idea of the perfect bandsaw for my small shop to do some resawing.
This was an incredible step up from the old 14" bandsaw that I had before ( which was as old as I am)
With 17" depth, plus a 12+" high cut, and 2 horsepower, his will handle anything I can throw at it with ease.
Thanks Grizzley
Jim Harvey

Eddie I
07/10/2019 11:54:19 AM

great deal and i never worry about the quality, I have several of there tools and all are top notch!!

Tom A
06/09/2019 2:59:30 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Great saw 05/27/2019 1:28:36 AM

Haven't used it much but seems to work well. I like it and would recommend it.

Anonymous Reviewer
G0513ANV 17" 2 HP Bandsaw - 35th Anniversary Edition 05/06/2019 2:33:34 PM

This is by fare the best band saw I have owned in the last 35 years hands down. I love how Grizzly offers a wide range of tools in each category.

Anonymous Reviewer
04/27/2019 4:11:59 PM

This saw is very nice- the missing star is for supplying a junk first blade. The half inch blade supplied is not good quality.

Mark W
This was just the machine I needed for specialty work it's an outstanding Bandsaw 04/11/2019 5:37:11 PM

I put this machine to work as soon as I got it unpacked, I purchased this Bandsaw to cut HDPE plastics and it cuts through this material like a hot knife through butter. I had tried everything to cut these blocks of plastics (Sawzall, chainsaw, hand saw, cutoff saw and table saw) and nothing worked and then as a last result I thought I would try the G0513ANV and it worked. With the stock blade it cuts right through the these irregular shaped blocks and make outstanding straight cuts. I did add the Ball Bearing blade guides and the tall fence (not supplied with the Anniversary Addition Saw) but past that this saw is fantastic. This Bandsaw is another fine machine from Grizzly I also have a Grizzly G0722 bench-top Milling Machine and a Grizzly G4003 Lathe and these are used all of the time and are all out standing home machine tools.

James N
04/10/2019 5:15:51 PM

I bought this saw 1 month ago and have not used it except for some test cuts. The saw has an excellent design and build quality is very good. I plan to use a 2/3 tpi blade to cut medium diameter logs into slabs.

James L
Love this Bandsaw 04/08/2019 2:19:13 PM

I love this band saw, from the day it arrived, Freight truck, and getting it set up in my wood shop. and the way it run and cuts wood. I highly recommend it! The set up and adjusting is a breeze, and only too a short time, it actually took longer to free it from the crate that it was shipped it and that was packaged very well too. I also purchase the Mobile Base T28000 for it, that was a little wide so I cut a couple of inches off 2 off the bars and it fits wonderfully and can move it all over my shop, another purchase was the resaw fence H7585, it quite a bit taller and it great if you do alot of resawing and if not you can remove the taller part and the lower fence is cast Iron and it works great too. You cant go wrong with this saw, and your buddies will be drooling too Looks awesome with is special edition paint and decals its a beast!

Anonymous Reviewer
04/03/2019 7:14:32 PM

The table of the band saw had one hole that had to be taped there were no threads other wise very happy with the product

Ted W
Kickass Bandsaw 03/29/2019 10:42:13 PM

Setup was so simple, from loading off the truck to resawing wood within an hour. I'm have it configured for 110 volt and it cuts great, very powerful and accurate. I can just imagine how well it will do when I run a 220 volt outlet for it. Great saw, very glad I made the purchase.

Anonymous Reviewer
03/24/2019 7:59:27 PM

I'm still getting it hook up. But I have bought Grizzly products for 25 years and would trust no other company. You reliable, dependable, trustworthy. Great customer service everytime. Thanks you

Anonymous Reviewer
Very happy with this saw! 03/08/2019 5:09:58 PM

I recently purchase the Anniversary Edition bandsaw and, so far, I'm very happy with it. It arrived very well crated and I didn't have any damage. Set up was straight forward and I had it up and running in a couple of hours. I used the blade that came with it for all of the set up activities, but quickly switched to the Timberwolf blades that I purchased for real work. The first big job I did was cutting several logs into slabs. I put the 1" resaw blade on and it went through the logs like butter. Plenty of power and it cut straight and even. I built a 10" high resaw fence that straddles the included fence and gives much better support. I also bought a magnetic base flexible LED light (Sewing light on Amazon for ~$10) which works great for added illumination of the cutting area.
Overall, I don't have much to criticize; I like the saw and feel that it has a lot of features for a great price.

Anonymous Reviewer
Wins the style award! 02/28/2019 2:22:19 PM

We were pleased to add Grizzly as a line we carry at Ornamental Products Tool & Supply, Inc. We are just as pleased with having this machine in our inventory. We are sure it will find a new home soon!

Great work Grizzly team.

P.s. Great delivery well packaged!

Thanks you,


Anonymous Reviewer
Amazing bandsaw 02/28/2019 2:06:52 PM

I set this beast up with a 220v plug and it has run perfectly since then.

Im amazed at the dust collection ability of the two ports.

The crank to lower and raise the blade guard and the solid strength of it makes me so happy to have it.

Bruce P
Initial review 02/26/2019 1:08:07 AM

The saw is too new to properly review yet but I will say it arrived on time, well packaged, and in expected condition. My initial opinion is Wow, what a saw! The fence that comes with it is an excellent fence, the features on the saw will make it easy to use, the instructions were well written and assembly was easy. I did buy the optional re-saw fence but got it from another place along with a 3/8" Timberwolf blade and a 1" carbide tipped blade because of the cheaper shipping price. It did re-saw a 8 1/4" cypress block very easily with the blade that came on it but cypress ain't such a big deal, and it was a very straight and clean cut.

Mike M
Nice Saw 02/13/2019 8:53:11 PM

There is a little bit of a learning curve in getting the blade aligned and setup properly, however after that the saw works very well. I purchased the saw primarily for re-sawing and once setup it tracks straight and cuts nicely.

Anonymous Reviewer
02/02/2019 2:55:32 AM

The band saw arrived very well packed. Assembly was easy, less than an hour. The band saw works very well and I am very pleased.

william R
01/31/2019 12:33:03 AM

No feedback given

01/30/2019 10:37:06 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Huge 01/27/2019 7:31:32 PM

This is one of those purchases that I didn't really need but wanted, and it's going to come in handy mainly for resawing. I replaced an old RIDGID bandsaw that I bought from a neighbor for cheap. This Grizzly unit is a great value. It's huge has large cutting capacity for the price and seems powerful. I bought a 3/4" blade for resawing and this saw plows through pretty easily. I love the tension handle, dust collection ports and the fence. I made a simple resaw fence that fits easily over the included fence. I have not done any curve-cutting with it yet.

Anonymous Reviewer
A must have for the shop 01/27/2019 2:42:07 PM

I didn't realize how bad I needed a big bandsaw til now , I love everything about this machine, it's well built , affordable, and the paint scheme is downright sexy .

Anonymous Reviewer
JR 01/24/2019 3:00:01 AM

No feedback given

James K
01/16/2019 2:23:01 PM

Saw was easy to set up. I had to order a nema6-15 plug. I wired it myself and it is up and running. I have it and my GO766 Lathe hooked up to my Grizzly 2 hp dust collector. I love my Grizzly machines and for the price they cant be beat.

Todd G
01/12/2019 2:36:11 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
01/11/2019 2:27:47 PM

No feedback given

Ronald P
Love my bandsaw 01/07/2019 12:56:40 PM

Overall this a great machine for the money! I am a wood turner and this saw will cut threw a log with the slightest of ease.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/04/2019 4:10:05 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
01/03/2019 7:08:45 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
what I wanted, thanks 01/02/2019 12:11:10 PM

I am happy that i went with the GO513ANV with the larger 17 inch size . I can cut larger pieces of wood and not worry about the over all size.

Jason O
This is a dream saw. 12/29/2018 12:25:43 AM

After reading many woodworking forums and watching many YouTube videos I decided on this saw. What was important to me was the fantastic customer service ratings that Grizzly has with its customers as compared with the other big names like Jet and Laguna. The quality of this saw is just great and it's very sturdy, quiet, and smooth. This saw is an absolute pleasure to use and I recently purchased the re-saw fence and the quality of that is the best in the industry. The wood shipping container that Grizzly ships the saw in will blow your mind as they bolt the saw to a pallet and build a wood frame around the saw for protection, A hint...and that is to go to Harbour Freight and pick up a 1- tone chain hoist for about $60 bucks and definitely order the Grizzly mobile base, you will need these two items for this saw. The design of this saw is so great that i just ordered a wood lathe from Grizzly. I'm a big fan of Grizzly!

Jarred K
Great product 12/27/2018 3:22:28 PM

Assembly time was about 2 hours by myself. The shipping company damaged the motor fan company but otherwise everything was in good condition. The power is amazing and extra throat length opens up many avenues for other projects. The construction of the machine is solid and the only complaint I have is that the quick adjust guide and rule are slightly off and the guide is a bit loose. Use of a quick clamp is my temporary fix until I can figure out how to properly adjust.

Anthony G
Looks Great 12/14/2018 11:53:10 PM

Haven't unpacked bandsaw yet as I am moving. Received in great condition with no damage to packing crate. Excited to see how well it performs. I also have a Grizzly 14" bandsaw, the G0555LANV which has performed very well. Now waiting to purchase a Grizzly planer and joined. Highly recommend Grizzly products.

Krista B
Great Bandsaw 12/13/2018 3:58:31 PM

Band saw arrived undamaged, was crated for shipment extremely good to ensure safety during shipment. The saw is great for my use in my workshop, however the saw band is not very good and I will need to replace it. However, for the price, grizzly makes the best product out there!!!!!!

Scott E
12/09/2018 2:37:06 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Saw 12/06/2018 3:57:08 AM

Delivery was prompt (Lift gate service was totally worth it). Saw was packed well, and setup was simple. This saw is somewhat difficult to maneuver off of the crate and onto a mobile base if you are by yourself and dont have a hoist, but it is doable.
Time will tell on this saw if it truly deserves five stars (will need a few years of use to prove that!), but the first few uses have shown it to be a great tool. Much quieter than expected and performs well. Will be buying additional blades to get the most out of it. I recommend getting the upgraded fence. Also I love the finish / special anniversary paint scheme on this one.
I went back and forth on buying this one for a long time. Grizzly put it on sale so finally I couldnt resist. Very happy with this purchase and the customer service thus far.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product 11/22/2018 2:29:54 PM

I am a hobbyist and this saw is perfect for my shop.
It was easy to setup and working great

Anonymous Reviewer
11/16/2018 3:20:44 PM

I am very pleased with our bandsaw and with the delivery as promised.

11/15/2018 6:34:17 PM

This is an excellent bandsaw and well worth the money. A door was damaged in shipping, and Grizzly immediately shipped a new one. Grizzly products are very well designed and manufactured and the company is a pleasure to work with.

Rick M
Great product 11/15/2018 4:24:59 PM

Bought this product about a month ago. Checked out several different brands and sizes that would do what I wanted it to do. Decided on Grizzly. Glad that I did simply love it.

Anonymous Reviewer
11/01/2018 5:56:22 PM

i havent had time to uncrate and use it yet . I'm in the process of getting electrical service and build myself a new shop to house all my woodworking tools and supplies.

James T
Fantastic Bandsaw 11/01/2018 2:28:13 AM

Ive had nothing but great things to say about my new Grizzly Anniversary Bandsaw! Very easy to assemble and tune for the perfect cut! I do have to say the to date Grizzly customer service has been excellent to work with and has even called to make sure I was happy with everything. I cant say enough about them and how friendly and professional they are. I would recommend this Bandsaw to anyone from hobbyists to professional woodworkers. This is a heavy duty bandsaw that wont break your budget!

Anonymous Reviewer
Top Notch Bandsaw 10/31/2018 7:51:08 PM

Couldn't wait to use it, and man does it work Great, went through 2 inch fir slab like nothing. I will send pictures later. Used it to not only build miniature of my new BBQ pagoda cover then on a weekend built the full scale version using the bandsaw. Made the job easy thanks

Chris B
Nice Bandsaw 10/26/2018 1:59:57 PM

Bought the same time as G0548ZP Dust collector and happy with both purchases. Haven't used the band saw as much, as I need to run tubing for dust collection and get a better blade. Really happy with the tool set up for installing & tension of the blade.

Anonymous Reviewer
10/24/2018 1:13:04 PM

I purchased this bandsaw couple weeks again. I only used it a little bit seems like it's a great saw

Anonymous Reviewer
Great machine! 10/17/2018 12:09:12 PM

Love the anniversary edition bandsaw, big and powerful enough to handle anything we throw at it. Not to mention it looks great next to our Grizzly drill press.

10/15/2018 9:28:03 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Great bandsaw for less than a thousand. 10/12/2018 1:40:27 PM

Once you put a large tooth blade on this saw it cuts like a dream. Great saw! The cast iron is hard to keep away surface rust even using T-9 and paste wax.

10/10/2018 10:57:28 AM

there was hidden freight damage resulting in a dented top door. it has been replaced and that problem is resolved. The base of this unit is also sprung and that was not discovered until it was removed from the pallet. we compansated with a block when mounting the saw into the D2057A base and all is well. this unit needs a hardier pallet and it needs to NOT ship via UPS.

Anonymous Reviewer
Heavy duty, cuts true, nice fence system! 09/12/2018 2:24:23 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
09/02/2018 12:32:21 PM

Very good saw for the money, easy set-up. Wish it would open to 16

Anonymous Reviewer
New bandsaw 09/01/2018 1:34:43 PM

Was in need of a heavy duty bandsaw with re saw capabilities think the go 513 will do the job. The first job is re sawing 16 quater black locust air dried to 9 percent this wood is very dense and hard to cut the 1/2 " blade shipped with saw did good job but have ordered a 3/4" and a 1" that should cut even better. I am rebuilding a 100+ year old bobsled was made out of oak. Some of the parts have 1"x3" mortice and tendon joints . The fact that table will tilt 10 degrees to left is a great help to cut these tendons also.

Don T
Nice!! 08/31/2018 4:14:01 AM

Very nice machine! Works great and looks fine also!

08/30/2018 7:33:26 PM

This saw is sooooo much better than the 15 yr old 14" brand X I've been using, I wouldn't even know where to start. I was a bit intimidated when I unpacked it and found "some assembly required", but once I dug out the manual, all was good. It is a great value. It is not the $15,000 band-saw we use at work, but for a grand delivered, it is spectacular. I hope it holds up over the years; time will tell.

Anonymous Reviewer
Just what I needed... 08/23/2018 2:03:53 AM

Bought this early in August during the promotion. The saw and Bear Crawl base delivered were about the same as the saw and shipping at regular prices. I had my electrician install the same cord cap as the G0690 so I could use the same 25' 12 gauge extension cord for both. It was easy to set up as long as I read the directions in the manual a few times to do things in the correct order. I mounted it on three pieces of 1 1/8" subfloor plywood screwed together with construction screws, which sit in the mobile base. Btw, the mobile base will work at 30"of extension, although the manual specifies 29 1/2". I screwed the saw to the base with more construction screws and assembled the Bear Crawl around it. No problems. Now it and my G0690 are easy to move around my 2 car garage shop, leaving room for the truck. I plan on buying an assortment of Timberwolf blades very soon. My first cuts were very good. I needed to shim the table in one spot to make the back of the blade square with the table top. I set a machinist's square on the table and against the back of the adjusted/tensioned blade, and then measured the gap with feeler gauges. It was off .015". I bought another set of cheap feeler gauges at NAPA and used a piece of the .015 blade for a shim. It was dead on after that. The only thing not mentioned in the manual is why the table pin is needed--not a word. But, it was easy to feel that the table edges didn't line up until it was in place. Not having owned a band saw previously, I suppose everyone else on the planet knew that already. The fence was square out of the box, and the general blade setup and tracking was trouble free. Next, a drill press and shaper are in the works--as soon as my accountant (wife) says I can. Next post will have some pics of the risers and mobile base.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great bandsaw. 07/07/2018 1:20:37 PM

No feedback given

Great saw at great price 07/04/2018 12:56:27 PM

I hummed & ha'd over a new bandsaw for way too long. I need 13" re-saw, but only now and again, which this is not rated to do. So I went to Rikon and Laguna and back again. Someone I knew sent a pic showing that in fact this would go to 13" but like the 14" Laguna, wasn't rated to. With the sale price and extra 1/4 horse and 17" verse 14" this just won out on the specks.
There is some arguments re fences and guides, cast iron etc... Each of the 3 contenders had its strengths and weakness and I did like the Rikon. But overall, the Grizzly is just a bigger machine.
It arrived no problems, packaging was fine and assembly wasn't bad. I was able to maneuver it off the pallet onto the mobile base fairly easily, by myself. I followed the instructions to the letter and didn't hurry. I also used the stock blade as suggested by some just to experiment and get the feel of what a cheap blade feels like. I had several wood slicers ready but the stock blade is still on there and works ok, but it's served it purpose and coming off.
I ran in 220/240V for it that I wanted to do anyway, and I see 240V as an advantage. Some 14" require additional expenses for switches and caps to go to 240V.
It works perfectly, no issues that I can see yet. With a mobile base it moves easily despite its weight with a reasonably small footprint.
It's a lot of saw. 17", 2HP, tension release. I see it as the low point entry into more serious saws and big step up from a 14" for essentially less than its competitors.
I'm very happy with this choice and would recommend it to anyone looking for a saw at this price point.

James D
Great Bandsaw! 06/09/2018 11:16:54 PM

I thought about buying a cheaper piece of equipment, but instead followed my father's advice: Don't buy the cheapest piece of equipment - buy the best. Although I could have purchased an industrial model, this saw is great for my needs. It's a heavy duty saw with all the abilities you need in a bandsaw. I've been so happy with this product that I've also ordered a joiner from them.

Keith S
05/30/2018 12:43:02 PM

No feedback given

05/27/2018 8:23:47 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
05/14/2018 12:08:00 AM

Works well for what we bought it for. Runs quiet. We cut Plastic with it and we replaced a 36 wheel machine with this unit. Good machine.

Mark B
05/10/2018 10:37:34 PM

I am very happy with this bandsaw but I will say this the blade that comes on this saw is total junk. If you buy this saw replace the blade immediately as the one that comes on it is a piece of crap.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/10/2018 10:16:06 PM

Awesome saw, using it for making bandsaw boxes, very happy with the blade release in back of saw. Very pleased with the whole saw actually

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Bandsaw! 05/04/2018 1:22:15 AM

I don't know what I did without it before.

Lori M
Works great! 05/03/2018 3:09:33 PM

Easy it setup. Works great! I can't' speak for the blade as I used the blades I purchased separately.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/02/2018 11:47:06 AM

I expect this saw ti serve me till I die based on its construction and available accessories. The dust collection is great.

the saw is a beast, but... 04/22/2018 7:22:39 PM

the saw is definitely beefy and it has a lot of potential but... the fence that comes with it is super cheap and the blade is pretty much worthless. i mean unrealistically bad for a $1000 saw

Wayne C
04/15/2018 2:28:59 PM

My review is that the Grizzly certainly is pretty, it comes mostly assembled and on a pallet, and if you give it to a man as a gift they absolutely will LOVE it (but their wife possibly might not, especially if there are small children in the household). When I bought this machine I planned on using it myself, but after researching more, I decided to gift it to my son-in-law. He says he loves it even though he has not cut anything yet. I bought another brand for myself for about 30% less cost, but I had to do some assembly.

Anonymous Reviewer
This saw is a GREAT! 04/08/2018 1:32:24 PM

I received the Grizzly Anniversary-Edition bandsaw via UPS. The driver had no issue wheeling it into my garage. After uncrating, it was an easy task assembling the mobile stand around it. I spent about 3 hours fabricating a very effective dust collection system, using 4 inch PVC and flexible hoses. I adjusted the saw guides, and repositioned both fences to compensate for blade drift. The saw is super. It is wired for 220 volts. Makes accurate cuts (I have a 1/2 inch blade installed). Yesterday ii quickly and effortlessly cut through a piece of aluminum molding, with smooth results. There is very little cleanup required. And it looks great. It is positioned in the front of my shop and will be a mainstay power tool. Thanks Grizzly.

Anonymous Reviewer
Fabulous Machine! 04/01/2018 12:52:53 AM

This is only the second bandsaw I've owned in the 40+ year history of my humble home shop. The upgrade this machine brings to my floor in operational features, cutting capacity, and specialty cut capabilities has me absolutely giddy. The machine is well designed, performs smoothly and silently, and stands out among my other machinery with its majestic size and stunning appearance. Love the visual scale and the tension-relief mechanism that makes tension management simple, yet well-controlled. Since changing blades is so quick and easy, I'm stocking my shop with a variety of blades to take advantage of its many cutting applications. You can't go wrong with this bandsaw choice.

03/28/2018 10:29:24 AM

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Mirza O
This is a great saw. 03/27/2018 7:59:54 PM

I have been waiting to buy this saw for about a year. I absolutely love this bandsaw. I would definitely recommend buying grizzly products.

Eric J
03/14/2018 5:17:31 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
03/08/2018 3:12:05 PM

I bought this a month ago and it came in and was easy to set up, the only thing is it did not come with a electrical plug. I have used it and I am very pleased.

Kent L
02/26/2018 11:27:03 PM

I am very happy with the G0513ANV 17" 2 HP Band saw, Anniversary Edition. I have been wanting one and needing one for years. I am sorry that I waited so long. It exceeded my expectations. After I got it set up, it works wonderful. However, I wish that the thumb screws that hold the blade guides in place were cap screws.
I also purchased a Shop Fox mobile base. The base works great but the saw had to be raised on the base so the door of the saw would clear the wheel brackets. Then I had to bolt the saw to the base to keep it in place.

Anonymous Reviewer
Quality tool, resonable price 02/15/2018 4:37:40 PM

seems to function as it should and setup was as expected

roy D
02/14/2018 6:47:16 PM

seems to be a good machine ,like it so far, I believe when I get it paid off im going to pull the trigger on a grizzly jointer as well and after that we,ll see. good job grizzly. looks like my shop is going to be a grizzly shop.

Ray D
02/13/2018 8:08:15 PM

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Michael A
01/30/2018 3:37:02 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Machine was well packaged and was easy to install and works and looks great 01/28/2018 3:49:19 PM

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Wayne D
Great band saw 01/25/2018 1:08:30 PM

I bought this saw last month. I trouble setting it up and called tech support and didnt take them but a few minutes to solve problem. Quality of saw is great an anniversary saw looks great. Im so pleased with Grizzly that I just ordered 4 more machines. Only problem I have is they are back-ordered. I will probably get a new fence.

Band saw works great Im ordering a new blade. I have got my G0733 lathe. I dont have it set up yet waiting on help. It is heavy.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/13/2018 2:07:41 PM

Thank you
I am very impressed with all your products and customer services

Anonymous Reviewer
This is a fantastic product. It’s everything it’s advertised to be.