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Grizzly is proud to offer this full-featured Extreme 17" Heavy-duty Bandsaw with cast-iron wheels. This 2 HP motor powers through wood with a maximum cutting capacity of 12" height and a 16-1/4" throat which is plenty for most applications. Features like the deluxe fence, extra-wide cast-iron table, heavy-duty miter gauge, dual 4" dust ports, micro-adjusting geared table, and double ball-bearing blade guides are usually found on machines costing much more. And, the ISO 9001 factory designation assures high quality standards.

Made in an ISO 9001 Factory

CSA certified meeting CSA C22.2 #71.2-10 and UL 987-8 standards!!

Note: To be able to run this machine at 110V, part number P0513X2F244 is required.


  • Motor: 2 HP, 110V/220V, single-phase, TEFC capacitor start induction, 60 Hz, 1725 RPM, prewired to 220V
  • Amps: 19A at 110V, 9.5A at 220V
  • Power transfer: Belt drive
  • Precision-ground cast-iron table
  • Table size: 23-5/8" x 17-1/4" x 1-1/2" thick
  • Table tilt: 5° left, 45° right
  • Floor to table height: 37-1/2"
  • Cutting capacity/throat: 16-1/4" left of blade
  • Maximum cutting height: 12"
  • Blade size: 131-1/2" long
  • Blade sizes available: 1/8" – 1" wide
  • 2 blade speeds: 1700 and 3500 FPM
  • Wheels: computer-balanced cast-iron with polyurethane tires
  • Wheel covers: pre-formed steel
  • Blade guides: ball bearing with full enclosure protection
  • Bearings: sealed and permanently lubricated
  • Overall size: 73" H x 32" W x 32" D
  • Footprint: 27" L x 17-3/4" W x 2-1/2" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 434 lbs.


  • Deluxe cast-iron fence with extruded aluminum re-saw fence
  • Includes miter gauge
  • Two 4" dust ports
  • Quick-change blade release/tensioner
  • Blade tension indicator
  • Micro-adjusting geared table
  • Blade height scale measurement
  • Blade tracking window
  • Includes 1/2" 6-TPI hook blade
  • Footbrake
  • Cast-iron table trunnions for greater stability
  • Rack and pinion upper blade guide height adjustment

23 Customer Reviews (4.8 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
Very nice machine 10/14/2020 11:21:12 AM

I replaced a small bench top 10 inch saw with this one. Set up was as expected, a little bit of work and adjusting but not bad. A few hours and it was up and running. The supplied blade is not a good one but will get you started, plan on buying a new one. After blade replacement and a few tweaks this saw so far is great. Power is good, saw is stable and vibration free. I'm gonna call this one a winner!

Anonymous Reviewer
Very happy with the saw. 10/08/2020 10:16:11 AM

No feedback given

Ali A
Love it! 06/12/2020 7:23:09 PM

I have zero complaints! I spent several hours Cleaning the saw and dialing the guides and table. Cuts like a laser as long as you set up the saw correctly. I wish there was a better way to square the blade to mitre slot, but thats not in grizzly that just seems to be thing with bandsaws. Great saw!

Anonymous Reviewer
05/14/2020 11:16:54 PM

Have not used it very much , but very nice looking machine . It should have a light on it for the price.

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent Machine ! 05/14/2020 6:04:09 PM

The Bandsaw arrived Saia freight in Perfect condition,the driver helped me with getting up the driveway to the garage landing .
To tall to fit through the door in the crate so I started the process of dis-assembly took an hour to get it to the able to move it part.
Taking care all the way to prevent scratching ! Moved it with a refrigerator 2 wheeler.
Assembled the Shop Fox base as per instructions (complicated).threading the nylon lock nuts with the nylon first took a bit to figure out!
They want to cross thread and there is a lot of them. installed 2 2x12s for the base(just the rite height and lag bolted the saw to the base!
Installed 12-3 wire and a 20 amp socket and plug.
Installed the table and fence, Waxed the associated parts ( wd-40 ) removes the protected coating easily!
Then read the full instruction manual.
The only adjustments needed was the blade guides to the blade Everything else was factory accurate !
Needless to say I was and am still Amazed What a beautiful Machine !!!
So I put it to the test re-saw 11" RedOak seasoned ! 1" thick with a TimberWolf 1" 2 tooth alternate. The machine work's Great.
all the power I will ever need, Straight as an arrow.
After one full year of research I had picked the right Machine Grizzly G0513X2F at the 10% of sale wanted the break ,got it !
Much More than I was expecting !
Thank You Grizzly
Awsome machine!
Steve Brewer
will send pics later, after I clean the garage!! : -)

Anonymous Reviewer
Seems to be decent value for the price. 04/09/2020 5:40:53 PM

Cast iron table was not tapped for fence! I could not get t-slot to align with blade due to heavy burrs on underside of table's machined surface. Had to break a good stone to remove inside webbing.

Charles P
Great product 04/03/2020 8:34:03 PM

Purchased this a month ago. Delivery in less than a week. Easy to setup. Very pleased

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent band saw! 03/27/2020 2:19:25 PM

I love this saw! Its everything I expected. The quality is amazing. The whole process in purchasing the saw was easy. It came when expected. No damage to the saw. Grizzly packaged it well. You can tell they really take pride in their product in just the way they ship it. The setup on the saw was straight forward and easy. I bought the bear claw mobile base, and it was the right decision. This thing is heavy! The bear claw make it nice to be able to move it around my garage. Couldnt wait to use it. Right after I set it up I put a re saw blade on and it cut threw a 10 chunk of oak I had from a down tree in my yard. The cuts were straight and smooth. No hesitation or difficulty cutting. I also have used it for angled and curved cut as well. No disappointment there. This is my first big boy tool that I have bought, and Im glad I went with Grizzly. I cant find a single negative thing to saw about this saw. Thanks Grizzly!

Anonymous Reviewer
How is it possible to make this spectacturlar equipment. 475 lbs for $1500. Cheaper than hamburger 12/04/2019 5:57:53 PM

This thing is the best piece of equipment I've ever had. However the contactor will not stay latched.

Anonymous Reviewer
11/17/2019 9:46:57 PM

My G0513X2F arrived a few months ago and I am totally pleased with it. I had it delivered to my residence, so used the lift gate service. The truck driver was very pleasant and actually helped me push it up the driveway into my shop, although they dont have to.
The saw went together easily and my son in law help me put bandsaw on mobile base. I had read that some had issues with the lower door hitting bolts so I just put 2 pieces of plywood and sat saw on that , works well.
I purchase a 240v plug with the saw and struggled a bit to get the correct receptacle. Finally called a friend who is an electrical engineer. He laughed and told me exactly what make and model to get. Next I couldnt get the bandsaw to power on. I finally called tech support and after going thru the steps they had me to I realized the on/off switch was in the off position. When its pushed it locks until one twist it and Grizzly ships it in that locked position. Felt a bit stupid to be honest. Once I released the off switch the bandsaw powered up and ran great.
Many have written that the saw blade shipped with unit is pretty bad. I totally agree. Had struggle to get thru a 4 block of wood. Luckily, I had purchased several different size blades ahead of time and once I switched over to those the saw with cut well.
In the past two months I have resawed many boards from maple tree that we cut down as well as apple tree. I used blade and had no issues cutting. The resaw fence is super. I also have been making bandsaw boxes to get use to using a bandsaw which has been delightful just to get use to the new machine.
Why I considered the Grizzly G0513x2F: Price, good reviews from internet searches and bandsaw forums. I am glad I bought the bandsaw with footbrake as it is very handy to stop the blade without using hands to hit power switch. Without it, the blade takes several minutes to come to a stop. I have a Rikon 10-305 and had so many issues with it. There was so much drift I couldnt really cut any length of wood. If I used a small blade I could never get to track properly on the wheel. It was either all the way left or right. I tried for hours to troubleshoot but pretty much leave it alone as it just frustrates me. Compared to the Grizzly which is actually fun to use.
The bandsaw is powerful, quiet and is the best piece of equipment I have in my shop right now. I definitely will buy more tools from Grizzly and highly recommend the G0513x2F

Anonymous Reviewer
A great bandsaw 03/08/2019 2:14:01 AM

Love the bandsaw it works great for all that I'm using it for.

John T
Great value for a great saw 12/06/2018 8:40:10 PM

My G0513X2F arrived via Saia truck with a lift gate (if delivered to a residence, you really need a lift gate delivery, because the shipping weight is about 400 lbs.) It didn't take too long to get the shipping grease removed using mineral spirits. I also got the mobile base that Grizzly recommends, which is also excellent. I managed to wrangle the saw off its pallet and on to the mobile base by myself. You will need to purchase a cord and plug, suggest 12 AWG wire, and plug for the 240V connections, as the saw does NOT come with a cord. I got a 1" 3 TPI ripping blade and using Alex Snodgrass' procedure (see YouTube) I mounted and adjusted the guide to suit. First rip cut was into a 9 inch oak log which had a natural flat surface. The rip fence is easy to use and accurate. So my first cut was flawless. And I learned something right away, I would need to connect dust collection immediately. A few adapters and flex hose did the trick. So now I'm ripping away to my heart's content. Sure you can spend a lot more for a bandsaw, but why would you? Read through the features list and you'll see this saw does everything that more expensive saws do. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Anonymous Reviewer
great band saw foot brake works great 10/30/2018 9:34:38 PM

No feedback given

Edward H
10/22/2018 9:22:19 PM

No feedback given

Richard S
08/04/2018 3:05:50 PM

Product came in very good condition. Assembly was very straight forward with no problems and saw works well. I am very satisfied. Only problem was Grizzly did not tell me in advance that I would need to purchase a cord and plug separately. When I ordered my lathe it came with.

Rodger B
04/08/2018 11:44:11 AM

Well built, beautiful machine - just like all Grizzly products. Was delivered on time. Crate was broken, but bandsaw not damaged. Got lucky because delivery man even helped me move machine from truck inside to my garage. Foot brake has been a very beneficial feature. Very pleased with product and the company

Anonymous Reviewer
Awesome bandsaw 02/05/2018 5:47:25 PM

Zero blade drift, awesome bandsaw. I have been very happy with everything I have purchased from grizzly.

Doug H
Excellent Quaility 01/17/2018 1:01:58 PM

Very happy with this purchase. Very easy setup, and excellent results. Highly recommended.

Randy C
This is a excellent machine.Cuts very accurate and true after set-up. 12/21/2017 12:00:46 AM

It was very easy to set-up. The blade that comes with it is ok for small stuff but I bought this saw to re-saw. I ordered a bi-metal 3/4" wide 2-3 tpi blade with it to re-saw. Using this set-up I am able to make veneer as thin as .025" from 8" stock. It has the power to re-saw 10" wide stock with ease. (That's as wide as I have cut thus-far) I really like this machine.

Christopher S
Great saw except for the fence 10/23/2017 2:49:12 PM

I am very pleased with all aspects of this saw, except for the fence. I would give the saw 5 stars but for the fence. The delivery was very prompt and the saw arrived in great shape. I rented a gun-safe dolly to move it from the truck lift gate into my shop. The worked very well for 3 people. Note that the crate and saw weigh almost 400 pounds so be prepared as moving it is not a one man job. The set up was no problem and it took less than a day to get it unpacked and running. I have worked with it for several weeks now and recommend it as a smooth saw once you get the blade set and tensioned properly. The only real complaint I have is the fence. The fence scale does not zero out with the fence in place for some reason and the scale is difficult to read though the little magnifier window. I wonder why after building such an excellent saw that they seemed to have spent little effort on the fence. In total however, I highly recommend this saw an a great machine and an excellent value for the money. The saw produces a clean cut and doesn't bog down on anything. It runs so smoothly that I can put a coin in edge on the table while it runs and it doesn't move. I recommend Grizzly.

Anonymous Reviewer
Overall happy with my purchase 05/08/2017 7:35:53 PM

I'm happy the my purchase and I still feel this unit is the best value out there. The individual components are strong and I feel will last me for a long time. Out of the box will definitely require the owner to shim this and that to straighten everything up. Not a big deal for me and I consider the effort worth the savings. My biggest disappointments are:

Noisey upper wheel which I cannot figure out where the noise is coming from

Not a big fan of their fence, scale and scale magnifier. I will definitely replace with an aftermarket fence.

From what I've read and based on my searches, you can not buy zero clearance blade inserts which makes me sad.

Anyway, in spite of some shortcomings, I'd still purchase this unit again if I had to do it all over again.

Anonymous Reviewer
04/17/2017 10:51:25 PM

I ordered this saw on a weekend from the Washington State Grizzly warehouse. It arrived at my Idaho address the following Wednesday morning in perfect condition. After a few days I finally got time to run some 2" walnut planks through it that had been stored in my shed for a couple years. I have to say I was very happy with the way the saw handled the thick walnut planks. It didn't even breathe hard! For fun I resawed an 11" wide plank into a couple of 1" boards. It was amazing how quickly and easily the saw cut through it. I have to say when I ordered the saw I also ordered a Timberwolf 1" resaw blade from Grizzly. When I set up the saw I set it up using that blade. I didn't even use the blade that came with the saw. I am a hobbyist woodworker and can't imagine doing anything that this saw wouldn't handle. I started with a 14" Taiwanese band saw that I will keep with a 1/4" blade for the curvy cuts and keep the Grizzly for resawing and cutting the tops off of memory boxes that I make. I had also looked at and was ready to buy another top-rated (and expensive!) band saw but was concerned about the number of average to poor reviews. When I started reading reviews on the Grizzly I don't think I found ANY that were not at least 4 stars. That's basically why I opted for this saw and so far I have zero complaints!

N. Coad
Customer Review 01/01/2015 4:33:27 PM

On Tuesday, October 16th, 2012, my home burnt to the ground. An apparent robbery ended with the thieves lighting fire to the wood finished building in an attempt to cover their tracks. All of the cedar on the inside walls was resawn by my Grizzly G0513X2F. As you can see, despite two floors worth of home and belongings falling onto the Grizzly bandsaw, it was the only thing left standing. Even the 130lbs per foot I-beam crumpled in the heat before your tool.

I just wanted to say that I'll be happy to go Grizzly again.

Q & A

Common Questions and Answers about the G0513X2F:

Q: How does the foot brake work?

A:The foot brake shuts the motor off while simultaneously transferring the force you apply to the pedal to a brake shoe inside the lower wheel pulley, which slows and stops the wheels faster than they would ordinarily.

Q: What is the advantage of having double ball-bearing blade guides over singles?

A:Double ball-bearing guides don't provide any advantages for 1/2" or smaller blades, but they do provide a much greater level of support for 3/4" and wider blades. This is important if you're planning on doing a lot of resawing or other straight cutting where a high degree of accuracy is needed.

Q: What is the benefit of having cast-iron trunnions over aluminum trunnions?

A:Cast-iron trunnions give the table a more solid, robust support system, allowing it to better resist any flexing or twisting that may occur from really heavy workpieces being set on the table, especially on the outside ends of the table around the blade slot.

Q: What is the benefit of having a machine equipped with a magnetic switch?

A:A magnetic switch offers a couple benefits beyond a typical switch. First, a magnetic switch is equipped with an overload relay that protects the motor from thermal breakdown that occurs if the motor is pushed beyond its limits. Second, in the event of a power outage, tripped circuit breaker, or blown electrical panel fuse, a magnetic switch will not automatically restart the motor when the power supply is restored.

Q: What is needed to convert this machine to 110V?

A:First, review the circuit requirements in the owner's manual to make sure the appropriate 110V power supply circuit and wall receptacle is available. Converting the saw to 110V requires: (1) disconnecting saw from power supply, (2) removing existing power cord with 220V plug, (3) replacing the 220V magnetic switch components with those designed for 110V, (4) reconfiguring wire connections inside the motor junction box, and (5) replacing power cord with one that has the appropriate 110V plug and meets the required specifications detailed in the Owner's Manual. CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electrocution or fire, only an electrician or qualified service personnel should perform this procedure.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What are the pros and cons of Cast Aluminum versus Cast Iron Wheels?

A:The heavier mass and weight of cast-iron wheels reduces vibrations and creates a flywheel-effect, which helps the blade maintain a consistent speed during heavy cuts and when resawing. The drawbacks to this added weight and mass are that it requires more energy from the motor to get the wheels and blade up to speed; and unless the saw is equipped with a brake, it also takes longer for the wheels to come to a stop after the saw is turned off. Aluminum wheels, on the other hand, are much lighter and require less time and energy to get up to speed and bring to a stop, which is why they are ideal for many hobby saws and those that will mainly be used for general-purpose rip cuts and crosscuts, such as with 4/4 (1") or thinner stock.

Q: What are the differences between ball bearing, block, and disc (a.k.a. "Euro style") guide blocks?

A:The main differences between blade guide types can be boiled down to four factors: (1) amount/quality of support, (2) amount of blade friction created from that support, (3) ease of set-up and adjustment, and (4) durability and maintenance frequency. Ball-bearing guides offer the best all-around balance of these four factors. Although they don't provide as much contact area for support as block or disc guides, they do maintain constant contact with the blade without greatly increasing friction. They are also the easiest to set up and tend to be the most durable. Disc guides provide the highest amount of contact area for support, but as with guide blocks, they must be positioned 0.004" away from the blade, which requires some type of gauge to be used for proper set up. Whereas some disc guides are fixed, similar to block guides, our Euro-Style disc guides spin with blade contact, which greatly reduces friction and the need for regular resurfacing. Block guides offer excellent support, but unless they're made from specialized materials to reduce wear or friction, they tend to fall behind the other guide types in all other categories.

Q: Can a wood bandsaw cut metal or vice versa?

A:The proper cutting speed for the majority of ferrous metals is under 300 FPM. The proper cutting speed for the majority of wood cuts is over 3000 FPM. Trying to cut metals on a wood bandsaw--at speeds 10 times faster than they should be--is dangerous and will likely result in a broken blade, damage to the bandsaw, and a really horrible cut. Cutting wood on a metal bandsaw is possible, but it would be tedious and slow, and likely would not produce a decent quality of cut. In addition, bandsaw blades for cutting wood are designed much differently than bandsaw blades for cutting metal. With that said, there are some soft, non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum) that can be cut at around 1500 FPM (if using the correct blade type). Although some of our wood bandsaws operate at approximately this same speed, the other components of these saws weren't designed to handle the metal chips and swarf that would be produced by the cut, which would likely result in minor damage to the machine and void the warranty. The bottom line is this: Always buy the right machine for the job!

Q: Can I still use my bandsaw without connecting it to a dust collector?

A:Yes, this is possible, but we don't recommend it. Without using a dust collector, the dust will quickly pile up in and around your machine, resulting in additional cleaning time later. Besides making a mess, fine dust can be harmful to your respiratory system. It is a better choice to connect your bandsaw to a properly designed dust collection system that at least pulls the recommended minimum CFM from each dust port on the machine.

Q: What type of blade do I need for resawing?

A:Generally speaking, you'll want to use a wide blade (1/2" or larger) with "Hook" style teeth (or "Positive Claw" on Timberwolf blades) and a low number of teeth per inch (TPI). A wide blade helps ensure cuts are straight and the Hook style teeth have large gullets for removing material as the blade passes through the workpiece.

Q: How do I know what type of blade I should buy?

A:Blade choice is typically determined by the type and purpose of cut, the hardness and thickness of wood, and the desired trade-offs between cutting speed vs. cutting quality. In general, a wider blade is preferred for cutting straight lines because the blade tends to wander less, and a narrower blade is preferred for cutting curves because it has a much tighter minimum cutting radius. The two main types of blade teeth are "Hook" and "Raker". Hook teeth tend to cut faster and leave rougher results, while Raker teeth tend to cut slower and leave smoother results. There are additional types of teeth, such as Skip, Positive Claw, or AS-S, that are essentially modified versions of the Hook or Raker tooth shapes, but with slight changes to the cutting angle, gullet-to-tooth ratio, tooth set, etc. to provide unique advantages for special types of cuts.

Q: My bandsaw blade came with a tag on it that said "Recommended for cutting wood or soft non-ferrous metal." Does this mean I can cut metal with my wood bandsaw?

A:Just because the blade is recommended for both wood and soft, non-ferrous metal (e.g. aluminum, copper, etc.), it doesn't mean your wood bandsaw is suitable for cutting both types of material. It is important to keep in mind that the blade you bought may also be used on other types of bandsaws, such as our G0640X or G0621X, which are specially designed to cut both wood and metal.

Q: Which saw is best for resawing?

A:The key specs for resawing are the maximum cutting height and a larger motor size. Due to the amount of material being cut at one time, resawing puts a lot more strain on the motor than other types of cuts, so generally speaking, the more power the better. If you're using the proper blade type (a hook-type blade with few TPI) and a modest feed speed, you can get by making the occasional rip cut using a 1 HP-2 HP motor. Otherwise, if you plan on making regular resawing cuts, you'll get the best results with a 3 HP or larger motor.

Q: What is the purpose of the pin that fits in the blade slot opening at the end of the table?

A:All bandsaw tables are inherently weaker on the outside half of the table. This is due to the slotted opening that allows the blade to pass through the table during blade changes. The table pin helps reinforce the two sides of the table around this slot, so they remain aligned with each other and keep the table flat. For this reason, it is extremely important to always keep the table pin firmly installed, unless you're changing blades.