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If you're building your own cabinet maker's bench, this heavy-duty steel and cast iron Front Vise has all the working hardware for a very strong, large capacity bench vise. Simply add your own wooden jaw, wooden handle and mounting hardware. Overall size is 19-1/4" long x 10-1/4" wide. Screw size is 1-3/16" diameter x 15-1/2" long.

24 Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Lewis M
Very solid vise 05/26/2020 1:27:13 PM

I have had this vise for years. It is very well made and operates smoothly, and has always handled whatever I've thrown at it. I just reconfigured my bench, added a leg vise, and moved this vise to the opposite end, which inspired me to finally write a review. I expect to get a lifetime of use out of it!
Installation is straightforward once you figure out the layout. I highly recommend first creating a template and using that to drill the face. Once you are satisfied that the face is set up correctly, clamp the face to your bench where you want it, and use it as the template for the holes in the bench. Be careful to mount the under-bench hardware exactly parallel to the apron and lined up with the holes you drilled in the apron. It's not hard, but attention to detail means you won't have to oversize or re-drill the holes.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Vice 05/23/2020 1:10:08 AM

I got this to add to my workbench because I needed a vice bad. Took me about 2 weeks to install it because of the extra work i had to do make room for the height. I wanted to get as much height out of it in case i put something larger than normal in the vice. I would advise buying the wood for your jaws in advance and making sure it fits.. i had to make some adjustments to mine. I will still probably remove the current one and install a newer one in the next few months. Overall tho I have already gotten a lot of use out of it and only had it for a few weeks-- you will be amazed how many times you will need your vice for something around the house.

Anonymous Reviewer
Nice! 10/14/2019 5:45:20 AM

I bought this a year ago. I finally installed it about two months ago on a new workbench. I decided to modify mine a bit by grinding off part of the "CHINA" mark on the front -- noting it was upside down when mounted. I got rid of the C and the A and when mounted, it looks like NIH (as in the knights who say ...). I then painted the front part of the vise and the metal bushings in black (green is fine but I like black better.) I used Hard Maple fo the jaws.

Good vise! I find it to operate very smoothly, and while I wish I had gotten a twin screw vise, this is a great piece of equipment and for the price, you cannot beat it.

P.S. check out our Canadian friends for instructions.

Anonymous Reviewer
Nice vice 12/18/2018 4:40:08 PM

Vice is great. Instructions are sparse , however a quick internet search turned up some good install tips.

06/06/2018 10:08:38 PM

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Jim S
05/24/2018 12:22:42 AM

I didn't fare as well as everyone else. Unit seam pretty straight forward - it's not. There is no template for the side board or your vise block. Main screw is offset so in the end everything has to be perfect. It was not easy for me.

William B
Great Vise ! 05/05/2018 7:39:12 PM

This Vise works Great ! It was easy to install . A Great Buy for the Price.

Stephen R
04/17/2018 4:45:04 PM

A great vise at a great price. Added it to a new workbench for clamping grinders and vices as needed. Saves space on the workbench top by not mounting vice and grinder to the top of the bench.

Steve O
04/12/2018 11:34:06 AM

appears to be well made. Wish the China emboss name was on the backside of the vise.

Corey H
Great vise! 04/03/2018 4:30:23 AM

I'm very pleased with this vise and feel it is a great buy. This is my first Cabinet Maker's Vise. It is quite heavy and seems as if it should last for about a thousand years. The screw is large and shiny smooth and the vise action is as smooth as silk. It has great holding pressure and I can open and close the jaw using one finger to spin the lever. I may someday actually have a real bench to mount it to.

Douglas N
Fine vise 03/14/2018 7:12:41 PM

I bought this last month and set it up. It works very well and with the spinner I put on the handle opens and closes quickly. Well made item.

Anonymous Reviewer
02/28/2018 4:31:59 PM

This is a rock solid vise that is double the price on any other woodworking supplier that you might consider purchasing a vise from. It has a long lead screw that allowed me 10" of clamping space, even after I put in 2" jaws on both faces. While it is not a quick release vise (which are much more expensive), it works really well and has solid machining of the cast parts and lead screw. My only other comment is that there are no instructions (or even guidelines) for installing the vise, and I had to look elsewhere for some general idea of how to install the vise. I even bought two for a each side of my bench top, and they are already in heavy use!!

Kevin B
02/26/2018 7:52:20 PM

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William H
12/03/2017 12:54:51 AM

I bought this a month ago and very pleased with the purchase.

Anonymous Reviewer
Outstanding value 11/19/2017 1:39:36 PM

Put 2 on my woodworking bench. Have much more expensive vices that don't work any better.

Anonymous Reviewer
10/11/2017 4:14:11 PM

Great value. Easily 70% less than most other suppliers. Fast shipping.

Much better than expected 09/14/2017 1:43:35 PM

I bought this vise 2 months ago. I knew the vise did not come with instructions. So, I downloaded instructions available on the website of another manufacturer - which I suspect is the vise after which this Grizzly product is patterned. I simply adjusted my rod and screw hole diameters for metric sizes. The vise is solid, heavy, and once installed has ZERO PLAY in its action. Much better than expected. After reading other reviews, I was nervous about buying it, but figured it fit my budget, even if it may not be perfect. What I received surprised me and is a strong and smooth vise with flat mounting surfaces that required no lapping. The installation was simple for anyone who has any woodworking know-how. Note, the guide rods are 20 mm diameter, the main screw is 30 mm, and the support collets are 2-5/16" outside diameter. I hope this helps anyone looking for a great vise for the money.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/30/2017 11:13:35 AM

Good product heavy duty but no instruction.This vise came very quickly to the shop .

Anonymous Reviewer
08/26/2017 10:36:45 AM

I are waiting for the backordered part to come so I can put it together.

Mike L
07/01/2017 8:58:44 PM

Very happy with the vice's bought. One was damaged in shipping and Grizzly Customer Service was quick to send a replacement. Easy to install and they work great.

Anonymous Reviewer
good vice 06/02/2017 12:38:01 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Very happy with purchase 06/02/2017 3:35:57 AM

Got this a little while ago. Put it on the work bench and love it. Kinda wish grizzly offered free shipping tho (*hint hint*)

Brian S
Excellent 05/15/2017 11:19:39 PM

I was a great purchase I'm very happy with the vises they are very sturdy built perform great I would recommend them to anyone Wood working items are not as readily available in my areas it once was I'm happy to have found grizzly tools know I can order what I need with out driving all over the place to just be disappointed because they don't have what I need. Thanks grizzly for a great service

Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 3:25:24 AM

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