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Convenient weld puddle control is right at your fingertips (or foot pedal, your choice!), with the G0883 160 Amp TIG/SMAW Welder.

This welder is the perfect choice for those ultra-clean, "stack of dimes" weld beads you love from a traditional TIG unit, while offering the functionality of switching arc control from foot pedal control to finger-activated.

What does this mean in the shop? It means you have the penetrating power and precision of a TIG welder in tight corners, with the ability to ramp-up and control your arc from a finger control without having to place a foot pedal within reach. Say you are welding a roll cage into your rock crawler and have no way to control the arc with the included foot pedal, simply connect the finger switch ON/OFF port, set your welding mode to either 2T or 4T, and away you go foot-free!

So, what is 2T and 4T mode? These allow the ability to manually apply pressure to the finger switch or foot pedal to ramp-up and maintain the power, or automatically set the peak power for the weld. All you have to do is click the finger ON/OFF switch or foot pedal and the machine automatically ramps to the set power, allowing you to focus on the distance to workpiece and adding filler, rather than focusing on power control. When the weld is down simply click the finger switch or foot pedal and the machine will automatically ramp-down the power.

The downslope power and post flow settings are easily adjusted on the control panel to help maintain an even weld puddle during the important cool-down process.

With both AC and DC welding options and adjustable AC balance you are able to work with steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium on materials up to 3/16 inch thick.

The G0883 is also a powerful stick welder! With up to 160 Amps at the ready you have the ability to control your weld, while getting the penetration needed for horizontal, vertical and overhead welding on material up to 3/8” thick.

Not only does this unit operate on both standard 120v and 230v, but it comes fully-loaded with features and accessories to tackle nearly any job of any material!

The G0883 TIG/SMAW welder comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and factory defect issues (consumables like tips not included) and supported by a U.S. based product support team. Replacement parts shipped from the Parts Department in Springfield Missouri.

ETL certified meeting CSA E60974-1:2012 Ed. 3 and ANSI/IEC 60974-1:2008 standards!

  • Input power: 120V/230V
  • Output current range (120V): 10-110 Amps
  • Output current range (12==230V): 10-160 Amps
  • Duty cycle (120V): 35% @ 110 Amps
  • Duty cycle (230V): 25% @ 160 Amps
  • Max material thickness: 3/16"
  • Protection class: IP21s
  • AC/DC welding option
  • 2T and 4T welding modes
  • Adjustable AC balance
  • Foot pedal control included
  • Overall size: 19"L x 8"W x 14"H
  • Weight: 42 lbs.
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    Anonymous Reviewer
    Exactly what I wanted 09/03/2019 1:08:56 AM

    If it was just me, I would give it 5 stars, as the machine perfect for my needs. I've been welding on a $200 ebay special for 15 years that has had major issues with a sticky "lift arc," which is a joke, Never had a foot pedal, and I'm constantly grinding the tungsten. Since I bought a G0602 lathe from Grizzly last year and have had great luck with it, as well as some of their other products, I trusted them enough to purchase a TIG machine. PROS: 1)the machine feels solid; 2)the controls work properly and are understandable; 3)works on household current past 100 amps(perfect for my requirements, although I will rewire for the 6-50 plug); 3)foot pedal is smooth and easily adjusts the current; 4)regulator is solid(at least so far); 5)comes with all connectors. Just add an argon bottle; 6)comes with a set of cups and collets, as well as a 1/16" tungsten; 7)TIG torch and trigger work fine, although the torch is bigger than what I'm used to. Just need some practice; 8)although I may never use it, it does have AC for welding aluminum, which might be a nice bonus some day; 9)HIGH FREQUENCY STARTS!!! I won't have to grind tungsten after every other weld. CONS: 1)no upslope control, which may be an issue for some people. For $750, though, it would have been nice to have, as I can see its benefits for welding thin material; 2)the welding mask and chip hammer/brush are pretty cheesy; 3) the 3/32" tungsten collet had to be immediately replaced, as the one that came with the set wouldn't adequately grip the tungsten; 4)IT CAME WITH THE WORST MANUAL IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. Honestly, I could write a better, more-understandable manual in an afternoon than the one included with this machine. I mean, holy smokes, how much pidgin english are we expected to take? IT NO GOOD, IT NO GOOD, GRIZZRY! If a novice bought this machine, he might have some problems, so hopefully you guys can get this remedied. Write a manual, put up an online video, something... That manual is bad news; 5)the one-year warranty. Many of the other manufacturers are giving 3-5 year warranties. Hopefully, Grizzly will rethink this, as I think they will eventually sell more units. People will be able to have a little more trust. DON'T KNOW's: 1)haven't used the AC side of the machine, yet, nor have I used the stick welder; 2)overall durability? HINT: Make sure you switch to 2t when using the foot pedal. 4t confused the >>>> out of it. OVERALL: I'm so excited about this machine that I want to grind out every weld that I've made for the last 15 years and redo them. I'm gonna have some fun. Good luck to you.