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G1035 1-1/2 HP Shaper

Power, precision and control unmatched by a router.

The G1035 1-1/2 HP Shaper was built with plenty of muscle to mill a wide variety of profiles on wood stock. The 1-1/2 HP motor rotates the interchangeable spindles at 7000 and 10,000 RPMs. The forward/reverse switch start, stops and reverses spindle rotation can be disabled and locked with a padlock.

The independently adjustable cast-iron fence screws to the precision-ground cast-iron table. Hold-down springs are used to hold the workpiece flat on the table and snug against the fence.

Additional features include a handwheel for spindle height adjustments and a spindle height scale that displays the height position of the spindle in inches—all for less than the price of a router and router table!

Like all Grizzly shapers, the G1035 comes with a 1-year warranty which covers parts and assures the unit is free from factory defects. (Consumables are not covered by the warranty.)

The G1035 manual was written by our U.S. based Technical Documentation Department and is packed with useful information. The complete and easy to read manual makes it easier to assemble and maintain your shaper.

The Grizzly Customer Service and Technical Support Teams are U.S. based. Parts and accessories for the shaper are available on-line and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.

CSA certified


  • Motor: 1-1/2 HP, 120V/240V (prewired 120V), single-phase, 12A/6A
  • Maximum cutter height: 2-1/2"
  • Maximum cutter diameter: 5"
  • Spindle diameters: 1/2" and 3/4"
  • Spindle lengths: 2-3/4" and 3-1/2"
  • Spindle capacity under nut: 2" and 2-1/2"
  • Spindle speeds: 7000 and 10,000 RPM
  • Spindle travel: 3"
  • Table insert openings: 1-1/4", 3-1/2"
  • Table counterbore: 5" dia. x 7/16"
  • Table size: 20-1/4"x 18"
  • Floor-to-table height: 33-1/2"
  • Footprint: 15-1/2"x 17-1/2"
  • Overall dimensions: 22" W x 25" D x 40-1/2" H
  • Approx. shipping weight: 221 lbs.


  • Two spindle speeds
  • Motor reversing switch
  • Precision-ground cast-iron table
  • Independently adjustable cast-iron fence with safety guard
  • Hold-down springs
  • Steel cabinet-type stand
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Cast-Iron miter gauge & starting pins
  • Includes 1/2" & 3/4" spindles

52 Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
Well over do for this piece of machinery 08/06/2020 10:38:16 AM

Bought to do cabinet doors. So much nicer than my router in router table.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/01/2020 9:06:24 AM

It took a little time to get this set up, and to get the belt adjusted to stop collet/spindle vibration, but now it seems all is well. A little lock-tight did the trick...

Anonymous Reviewer
Nice machine 06/06/2020 4:47:24 PM

Nice cutting machine, no bogging down with this machine

Anonymous Reviewer
05/31/2020 2:01:06 PM

We bought this just to slot drawer sides and shaker doors. It feels like it has as much power as our 3 hp grizzly shaper. Excellent machine. I recommend it to any cabinet shop.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/20/2020 7:39:29 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
02/29/2020 1:58:55 PM

After a damaged and returned delivery I finally have the unit. Set up was straight forward and quality is what I expected. I am using it to make raised panels for outdoor shutters. The cutter i am using is c2066 and it cuts pine in one pass but I would recommend two. Tried cutting hard wood, which is doable with multiple passes. Over all I am happy with the unit. I would recommend more HP if you plan on cutting much hardwood with large bits.

Anonymous Reviewer
11/28/2019 12:56:53 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
11/27/2019 1:56:44 PM

No feedback given

Michael B
WoW! 10/18/2019 1:43:24 PM

I upgraded to this from a router table I made. I used it for the first time and it literally took hours off my job. After a quick setup I was able to put a very large round on some table legs I'm making and a trestle. Did all this in just a few minutes, so happy I got this beast!

Stephen M
07/19/2019 1:09:08 PM

Bought this mainly to do cabinet doors which with 1/2 in bits and a coping sled has performed perfectly. Set up with the optional arbor is easy and much better than a router table since you can easily dial in the proper bit height . I also added brass 10-32 thumb screws to have easy access through the back panel. Great tool at an awsome price.

Todd N
Great machine 04/14/2019 12:59:30 PM

This is our second Grizzly Shaper. It is a great machine with plenty of power and options.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great 03/22/2019 12:20:12 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Why buy a router table???? Get this shaper! 03/05/2019 9:21:04 PM

I started out 15 years ago with a router table, I thought it was great. Until I bought my first shaper (also own the grizzly 3hp). I've owned this shaper for over 10 years, lover the ability to use it like a router table. But much more solid machine. I do need to buy some power feeds at some point. Highly recommend the grizzly mobile base with this machine.

Tom F
Working great so far 02/03/2019 5:56:29 AM

Create and box showed up torn and broken but machine was fine.

Doug R
01/30/2019 1:07:12 PM

I really debated this purchase since I have a good router table with a 12 amp router. I thought it might be more of the same. But with the shaper, I ordered a large panel raising cutter. When I received the cutter I became fully aware of how much larger it was than anything my router table could handle. Once I got it all set up I made an initial cut. It was a breeze. Plenty of power.

As for quality, it is the same excellent tool that Grizzly always produces.

Very pleased with it 01/21/2019 3:47:32 AM

Does exactlywhat they speced it. Would highly recommend it for any small woodshop

walter D
01/18/2019 4:38:35 AM

metal fence has to many rought edges on it motor stales when i use a rail stile bit has to move real slow

Anonymous Reviewer
01/07/2019 3:23:02 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Very nice machine 12/28/2018 3:50:22 PM

This is a very nice shaper and runs fairly quiet and works great.

Anonymous Reviewer
12/28/2018 2:18:10 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
12/20/2018 12:04:13 AM

This is a nice little work horse, a very smooth running machine. It has good power the way it comes for 110 volts. Haven't hooked it up to 220 yet. I may never change it if it keeps doing so well.

Anonymous Reviewer
11/21/2018 2:43:08 PM

I am very satisfied with this product, my only problem was that some of the bolts were missing.

tim G
09/23/2018 10:52:55 AM

No feedback given

David B
Awesome Shaper 07/29/2018 8:48:52 PM

G1035 is a very heavy duty machine with a compact footprint.
It requires an afternoon to setup. The table extension required shimming the lower part of the bolting surface as the extension was about 1/16" below level. The adjustable sheetmetal guard that is meant to prevent operator cutter contact seems like an afterthought because there's not enough clearance to clear the fence so essentially does not adjust at all.

Derek B
Great product 07/21/2018 3:12:28 PM

I received this shaper about a month ago and I couldnt be more happy with it. This shaper is a powerful machine that produces excellent cuts! I will be purchasing more Grizzly tools in the very near future.

Anonymous Reviewer
04/06/2018 1:34:56 PM

I have had this shaper for a few weeks. I was undecided about purchasing this shaper or the 3HP one. I was mainly concerned about the size of the table. I have made a couple of raised panel doors with this and the table size worked fine for me. The shaper runs smooth and has plenty of power for my home shop. I did switch the motor from 120 to 240 volts.

Anonymous Reviewer
03/11/2018 6:36:45 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
02/18/2018 11:47:25 PM

No feedback given

Michael M
02/11/2018 1:18:12 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
02/10/2018 1:56:31 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent Product 02/09/2018 2:56:03 PM

Have not used it yet but am very pleased with the packaging and the quality of the product for the price.

Anonymous Reviewer
02/02/2018 4:45:17 PM

No feedback given

Andrew K
02/01/2018 12:27:19 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Happy with with my purchase 01/29/2018 6:06:07 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Works great 01/27/2018 12:03:07 AM

I bought this to help build cabinets easier. I'm so glad I did.

mark K
very poor design for a fence 01/20/2018 9:51:10 PM

I bought this a little over a month ago, had a medical issue, yesterday a friend helped me unpack it and set up. I got to the fence part and shook my head. You only have one inch of fence space opening? how does a raised panel bit work? cut off factory then too short for smaller bits. OK when you need to move the assembly back to set depth for raised panel the plastic wing nuts jam against the bolts holding the fence on, so now what? I ordered a complete fence from another brand to work on this. Now the thing that really sucks is I am less than $200 from purchasing a Jet, should have just ordered Jet from beginning. I called Grizzly tec on issue and was explained I spent $700 for a hobbyist shaper and there is no upgrade fence available. The fence on the cheaper shaper Grizzly has on clearance is a better fence, just not dust collection.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/04/2018 12:37:32 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Love it! 01/03/2018 2:27:14 PM

Super excited about the purchase but I havent used it yet. It has been single digits in Wisconsin. Not my idea of a good time out in a garage when it is -30 with the wind chill. I did assemble it and run it though. Was really impressed by how quiet it was.

Pete C
01/01/2018 11:55:17 PM

I bought a whole shop full of used machinery, two G1035 Shapers were among them. I opted to keep these machines for my own shop.
All the parts ,spindles, spacers, guards, and hold downs were there, like they came out of the box new.
I ordered new cast iron hand wheels, these had the plastic ones, and I like things top notch.
I also ordered the table extension wings for both machines as well as the dust chutes and Shop Fox Mobile Bases.
I've been running Tongue and Groove V Groove paneling on them using Grizzly cutters. They work flawlessly and do a fabulous job.
I'm running Eastern Red Cedar, Cyprus, Red Fir, White Pine, Tulip Poplar and Soft Maple.
I am very satisfied. I would highly recommend these Shapers to
any shop owner from the home enthusiast who has a small garage shop for personal use, to large
commercial shops for the appropriate production runs.
These machines stand up to continuous run time and keep on running.
I've run thousands and thousands of liner feet through these shapers and had zero problems and zero down time.
I did change the wiring over to 220v power from 115v. They Come with Dual Voltage Motors.
Real Work Horses. I'm glad I decided to keep these Machines.

Pete Chesapeake, Virginia

Anonymous Reviewer
It is a great machine 12/08/2017 7:52:26 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Perfect solution 10/22/2017 2:50:55 PM

I purchased this machine for some help me improvement. Projects where I needed raised panel doors and drawer fronts. I did not have the power requirements for a 3hp shaper and thought that this would be a better option than a router table. The set up and partial assembly was a breeze and I was off and running to figure out how to make stile and rails. The job was done in no time and the output exceeded my expectations. While given the speed it will not replace my router I will be using this tool happily for many years. Now I am off to my next project using this tool.

Anonymous Reviewer
10/06/2017 12:20:10 PM

Machine is great. Shipping from ups freight was unacceptable, set at ups freight terminal for 7 days before delivery. Will not be ordering any heavy machinery unless you have another shipper.

Wallace D
Powerful machine 10/01/2017 12:48:25 PM

I wasn't sure how much I would use it. Boy was I wrong. It is accurate and easy to adjust. Edging is fast & easy. Tongue and groove is amazing. Small production jobs go quickly. You're gonna love it.

Ryan S
Fantastic product 09/16/2017 3:45:07 PM

I was using routers and burning them up. Since delivery my time was cut by 3/4 and it`s a better product.

Don T
Good Value Machine 09/16/2017 5:42:36 AM

A well made machine for the money. Things are adjusted well from the factory and it runs smoothly and makes accurate cuts.

Chris L
06/12/2017 1:51:20 AM

No feedback given

Bill D
A beautiful machine. 06/07/2017 5:23:42 PM

I love this machine! It is the 1.5hp shaper, but so far it never slows down. I have been building new kitchen cabinets for my wife and even in solid red oak this thing never lets me down. I can now make FULL cuts in ONE pass, in solid red oak no less! This thing should have been in my shop years ago. I plan to buy another so I can cut down on bit changes. You can't go wrong with Grizzly! Great products! Fair prices, and fast delivery. Did I mention great customer service too?

Anonymous Reviewer
06/02/2017 3:17:42 PM

No feedback given

Wayne C
06/02/2017 3:47:56 AM

I have not hooked the Shaper up yet. I will be doing so in the next week or so. Please send me a new survey in about three weeks.

Matthew S
06/01/2017 6:55:05 PM

No feedback given

Russell W
01/26/2017 2:07:27 PM

No feedback given

C. Devenport
Customer Review 01/01/2015 6:52:19 PM

I am a retired manufacturing engineer who took up woodworking as a hobby nearly 50 years ago. This hobby has served me well all those years as a way to relax while making some useful furniture for our home. I don't do commercial work, but will build about anything my friends or church ask.

Approximately three years ago I purchased the G1035 Shaper to use in my workshop. Before that I had a router table. The shaper has proven to be very easy to set up and use.

As you can see in the picture, I have made a larger work surface and dust pickup. The dust pickup is a model G1840 Floor Sweep that I inverted to make a down draft for the refuse and added the removable, yellow hood to help with air flow. I used 3/4" particle board as the base material and to stiffen the table, 1" X 2" braces were added around the opening for the shaper table. The top is covered with Formica« and the edges are 1" X 1/2" oak. The unit comes with spindles for both router bits and shaper cutting tools. I use 1/2" drive router bits for cutting tools.

Please share this information for use with all of your "smaller" shapers in place of router tables. They have the driven spindle, elevating mechanism, and work surface needed for such a device. With the modifications that were made, it does exceptional work.