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G0824 14" x 40" Gunsmith Lathe with 2" Spindle Bore

Bigger bore equals bigger barrels.

The G0824 14" x 40" Gunsmith Lathe has a huge 2" spindle bore, the largest of any of our 14" x 40" lathes. The extra-large spindle bore is what makes it perfect for gunsmithing barrels.

What makes the G0824 a "gunsmithing" lathe is that it comes with features typically not found on standard lathes, such as the extra-large spindle bore, a "spider" mount system and high-precision bearings.

The spider is especially designed for supporting gun barrels during chambering operations; however, it is a great support option for almost any long workpiece that extends through the outboard side of the spindle.

The G0824 includes a DRO, so accuracy and precision are ensured!

This 14" x 40" Gunsmith Lathe has an 8-speed gearhead for spindle speeds from 70–2000 RPM.

The G0824 includes other exceptional equipment you’ll need to get up and running including: a D1-5 camlock spindle, 200-series quick-change tool post, flood coolant system, LED work light, pull-out chip tray, ball-bearing steady and follow rests, cast iron stand, and safety foot brake!

The G0824 comes with a 1-year warranty covering parts and assuring the unit is free from factory defects. (Consumables are not covered by the warranty.)

The G0824 manual was written by our U.S. based Documentation Department and is packed with useful information. The complete and easy to read manual makes it easier to assemble and maintain your lathe.

The Grizzly Technical Support team is U.S. based. Parts and accessories for the lathe are available on-line and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.

Made in an ISO 9001 factory


  • Main motor: 2-1/2 HP, 220V, single-phase, 10A
  • Coolant pump motor: 40W, 0.45A
  • Swing over bed: 14"
  • Swing over gap: 19-3/4"
  • Swing over cross slide: 8-13/16"
  • Distance between centers: 40"
  • Spindle nose: D1-5 camlock
  • Spindle bore: 2.01" (51mm)
  • Spindle taper: MT#6
  • Spindle speeds: 8, 70–2000 RPM
  • Spindle length: 17-1/4"
  • Tailstock barrel taper: MT#3
  • Tailstock barrel travel: 3-15/16"
  • Cross slide travel: 6-11/16"
  • Compound travel: 3-7/8"
  • Range of threads (inches): 34 @ 4–56 TPI
  • Range of threads (metric): 26 @ 0.4–7mm
  • Width of bed: 7-3/8"
  • Approximate shipping weight: 1550 lb.


  • X- & Z-axis DRO
  • Removable bed gap
  • Quick-change spindle speed and gearbox controls
  • On/Off reverse spindle switch on carriage
  • Adjustable LED work light
  • Steady and follow rests with roller bearing supports
  • Foot brake with motor shut-off switch
  • Cuts LH threads
  • Built-in coolant system
  • D1-5 camlock spindle nose
  • 7" 3-jaw chuck and 8" 4-jaw chuck
  • 200-series quick-change tool post

17 Customer Reviews(4.9 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
08/03/2020 7:10:32 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Nice lathe, 03/02/2019 2:09:43 PM

I bought this lathe and paid for shipping and tail gate service, but had to drive over 4 hours with a borrowed truck and my own time and gas just to get it home. Very bad experience and was not happy with service. I like the lathe but losing money was not what I expected . I would like to give 5 stars but when I pay good money all the way around I expect more.

Anonymous Reviewer
02/01/2019 2:03:00 PM

No feedback given

Duane O
Pretty good 12/27/2018 2:14:54 PM

This is a massive step up from what I had. I don't know how I managed without the DRO, so far this is a great lathe. I do have 2 complaints though, the coolant nozzle doesn't reach the tool post or part out of the box and cutting threads I had to set the machine up for 1.4mm to get it to cut 1.5mm threads. All in all I should never have to upgrade again.

Anonymous Reviewer
Its about time! I 08/04/2018 12:25:47 AM

Its about time I ordered this lathe!
Finding old and new projects to use it for daily.
Its amazing how having the right tool opens up so many possibilities.
Everything works as it should so far. Not going to be disappointed with this lathe.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/02/2018 2:39:12 PM

No feedback given

Jim F
I think it is a keeper! 01/02/2018 1:35:52 PM

Have not used it yet to its full potential. So far I like it!
Down fall, threading. Have to change out the thread gears to go from one common gunsmith thread to another. Time consuming!

Keith F
12/21/2017 3:02:07 AM

This was an upgrade from my previous metal lathe and I wish I had not waited this log to purchase it

Anonymous Reviewer
11/15/2017 11:00:41 PM

The lathe seems to run well. It would be helpful if the holes for the taper attachment were drilled at the time of manufacture. I am a little surprised at the number of gears required to be changed externally for cutting different threads. Lathes used previously have internal gears for this purpose. If I had been aware of this gear arrangement I may have selected a different machine. I cut a variety threads regularly making this somewhat inconvenient, however, I will adapt to it. The two inch bore is great and is why I selected this unit. This lathe in well build and I believe will serve my needs.

Anonymous Reviewer
great value 11/15/2017 3:32:26 PM

Has all the bells and whistles I was looking for. Was delivered quickly and damage free. Runs perfectly.

David H
Great machine! 10/22/2017 5:43:52 PM

This is my first lathe, although I have used lathes for years... South Bend (old), LeBlond, Jet, etc. Although this lathe is built differently than the old machines, it seems to be a very solid unit. I have had it set up for to weeks now. The DRO is awesome to have! I am not a gunsmith, but I also love the larger spindle bore... I'd rather go bigger and better for future growth to begin with, and do it one time only.

I put it through the run-in as instructed, changed the lubes out for fresh, and started making some stringers. The machine runs smooth and solid, and is as quiet as you would expect something like this to be. All in all, I think this lathe is a very good value. If you are on the fence, get off of it!

There are two annoyances for me, not a big deal on the surface, but it's another $500 out of pocket.
- The lathe should include feet, in my opinion. I had to spend an additional $300 for the optional leveling feet after the fact.
- Break-in oil should be included. You should plan on spending another $200 or so for lube to run-in the machine, and change out.

Randall F
10/08/2017 2:40:20 PM

My first metal working machine for my home shop. A bear to get out of the crate but once set up it is a solid, smooth, and precise machine. The bed is true within 0.003" over it total length. This machine was run at the factory and came full of oil and with a checklist of tolerance verifications signed off by a QC/QA technician. DRO was ready to go and is packed with features to help the machinist. So far a very repeatable, easy, and fun machine to operate. Gear changes are easy too. Good value. Great machine!

Anonymous Reviewer
08/24/2017 9:37:46 PM

No feedback given

Otto J
08/19/2017 1:16:28 PM

The Lathe is great, the 3 jaw chuck was a big disapointment .0035 TIR run out. I checked the spindle nose for runout and face squareness, great both less than .0002 TIR.
Grizzly sent another chuck, no better.

Terry L
07/26/2017 8:20:24 PM

Hey there,
After many months of shopping for a larger lathe for my shop I settled on the G-0824. Quit honestly, as this is a New product for Grizzly's lathe lineup I was a bit apprehensive, as we all know, "NEVER" buy the first one of a new model. Well to my surprise, it arrived as promised, (07-21-2017), was well crated, all the accessories were there, and everything works. For the most part, the fit and finish is as good or better than other Chinese brands that I shopped. Have finished with the leveling and break-in procedure and have turned a small amount of mild steel and aluminum. The odd ball 7" chuck only has 0.0006" runout, the spindle and motor are quiet and efficient, only chatters when running too fast.
There are two items that fall short of my expectations, number one is that the headstock was not filled with oil. If you decide to purchase this lathe be sure to get an extra gallon of ISO 32 before the lathe arrives. The second issue is the tool post, it leaves a lot to be desired as I am used to an Aloris.

Jerry B
Great bang for your bucks. 06/05/2017 2:11:19 AM

I was researching lathes in this size for 6+ months before I purchased this one. For the price I was looking at used American, Italian, and Japanese lathes. None with a D.R.O. Some of them came with tooling that was rusting, missing parts, damaged ways, missing paint. This unit was new and came with more features than the other machines came with. The 3 jaw chuck that came with it was with in .00005 true when a straight rod was chucked into it. I ran a test cut with a 8" rod of 303 stainless steel between centers. After the cut the taper measured was .0003! This was after installing machinery feet and leveling the lathe of course. To be honest I own 3 lathes at this time, and this G0824 is my favorite. Now a word of caution, this lathe does not come with leveling feet. The table is made of steel not cast iron, so it is VERY top heavy so be careful when you move it or unpack it. I recommend that you use 1 day to unpack it and 1 day to run through the break in procedure and follow it to the letter. I would recommend this lathe to a friend, or any hobbyists that are on the fence. This lathe is nice. It's no monarch, or hardinge, but it is very nice for the price.

Robert A
05/31/2017 10:23:40 PM

No feedback given