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G0869 10" 2 HP Benchtop Table Saw with Riving Knife

Designed with performance and mobility in mind, this saw improves productivity even if your shop is on the road.

The powerful 2 HP motor of the G0869 10" 2 HP Benchtop Table Saw electronically manages torque and blade speed to direct more power to the motor when cutting into dense or thick wood. This helps prevent burning, yields a smoother cut, and saves energy.

Variable-speed from 2000 - 4200 RPM allows you to cut other materials such as laminates and some plastics too!

The G0869 has a narrow-rip fence that flips down to make room for push sticks when cutting thin or narrow material.

Macro and micro fence adjustments are quick and precise with the rack and pinion track system.

It takes just a few turns of the handwheel to adjust the blade to its full cutting height of 3-1/8".

At just over 60 lbs., the G0869 has the mass and power to perform as well as larger, more costly saws, yet is still light enough to easily move around the shop or to and from the job site.

A built-in outfeed extension bar to help support material when working solo. With onboard storage for all the included accessories, like a quick-change riving knife, push stick, miter gauge and blade wrench, you'll have everything right at hand wherever the job takes you.

Made in an ISO 9001 factory

CSA certified


  • Motor: 2 HP, 120V, single-phase, 15A
  • Rip capacity: 28" right of blade
  • Max. depth of cut @ 90°: 3-1/8"
  • Max. depth of cut @ 45°: 2-1/8"
  • Table size: 22" x 26-3/8"
  • Arbor diameter: 5/8"
  • Arbor speed: Variable, 2000 - 4000 RPM
  • Max. width of dado: 13/16"
  • Dust port size: 2-1/2"
  • Overall dimensions: 27" W x 32" D x 21" H
  • Approx. shipping weight: 72 lbs.


  • Includes 10" x 40T carbide-tipped blade
  • Die-cast aluminum table insert
  • Quick blade elevation adjustment
  • 4" outfeed extension support
  • Integrated accessory storage
  • Quick-release blade guard and riving knife
  • Rack-and-pinion fence adjustment system
  • Narrow-rip fence attachment for thin/narrow workpieces
  • Advanced overload protection
  • Soft-start feature to reduce current draw on startup

19 Customer Reviews(4.9 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
09/06/2020 11:57:15 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Great table saw 05/13/2020 2:24:18 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Awesome saw! 05/08/2020 1:42:51 AM

I am very happy with my new G0869 table saw. I chose a portable saw because I still need room in my garage for two motorcycles, a car, and all my other tools. I bought the saw and stand separately to save the freight charge, and it was on sale for 10% off with free shipping on non-freight items. The identical G0870 comes with the stand and saw in the same box, and the box weighs over 100 pounds, so it must ship motor freight. Buying the G0869 and the stand separately, the individual boxes are less than 100 pounds, so they can ship UPS. My first project was building some shelves for my garage, and the saw worked great! I built a ramp for my yard shed out of pressure treated wood, and it went right through that wet wood with no problem. I really like the rack-and-pinion fence. It automatically stays in alignment, and it can extend beyond the table to rip up to 28 wide. The scale was dead accurate right out of the box. The fence can be installed in two positions, so there are two scales, so make sure you are reading the right one! The guard works so nice I actually want to use it! Changing the blade is very easy with the arbor lock, which is painted red so you can easily find it. You do need to raise the blade fully to use the arbor lock, because it is attached to the table and does not go up and down with the blade. I used the included blade and some other blades too, including a 6 inch dado set and the sanding disc accessory. I really like the outfeed support too. One minor modification I made was to remove the two e-clips from the rods so that the outfeed support can slide in all the way, to make the saw more compact for storage. If you do this, you need to remember to extend the support before raising the blade, otherwise the motor will hit one of the rods. I suppose that was the purpose of the e-clips. I like how all the accessories can be stored right on the saw; the guard, riving knife, fence, miter gauge, and push stick. I added an 8 inch red oak auxiliary face to the miter gauge, and it still fits in its storage slot. The variable speed is a neat feature for if your are cutting something like plastic, so you can avoid melting it, and it works well with the sanding disc so you do not burn the wood. My 2 1/4 inch shop vacuum hose hooks right up to the dust port. In all, I really like this table saw and it meets my needs perfectly. It is well made, well designed, and has a lot of great features.

Anonymous Reviewer
Perfect for my small shop! 04/30/2020 9:45:20 AM

I had to downsize my shop, and I got this saw to replace my stationary table saw. It was everything I wanted it to be!

Anonymous Reviewer
04/29/2020 2:49:39 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Table Saw, Highly recommended 04/20/2020 6:13:05 AM

We researched many different Brands and Settled on this Model.
The Fence it great, love the variable Speed Setting, easy to adjust Blade height and so much more.
Only negative, If you buy the Saw with the Stand as a Combo, you have to pay freight, if you buy them separate from each other you don't have the freight cost.

Anonymous Reviewer
A lot more than the same old saw! 03/25/2020 1:09:54 PM

Bought this after spending an hour looking at other brands in a local store.
Placed into service three weeks ago.
Using a mobile table with added out-feed support area past the outfeed bar of the machine.
This platform has two fixed wheels under the saw and a wheelbarrow-type pair of handles at the far end.
Drilled holes in frame tubes to bolt the saw into position: dangerous it it's free to tilt or slip away.
(I am working on our new home: no need to carry the saw to other sites.)
With this set-up, performance approaches that of a cabinet saw.
Fence is excellent.
A couple of times it has turned itself off when running without load: a strange behavior that won't merit a service request unless it become a frequent occurrence.
Very happy with purchase!
AC, Nashville

Anonymous Reviewer
Great saw, well made, precise and versitle. 02/27/2020 7:49:07 PM

Great saw, well made, nice controls, precise and versatile. I shopped all the major quality name brands and kept coming back to this saw. This saw has a lot of great features collected from other saws plus variable RPM and and maintains RPM under load. It would be great if Grizzly added mounting points for the fence to the left of the blade, so simple and usable. Would be nice if green plastic housing on back where cord wraps wasnt that so flimsy, doesnt seen to affect performance just flimsy. I would prefer the adjustable screw hold downs for support extension were levers, minor detail. These three things would be nice but I would defiantly by this saw again. Recommended.
Ill take a free upgrade Grizzly if you implement these items.

Anonymous Reviewer
Power & Accuracy 02/15/2020 4:56:22 PM

Im quite pleased with my purchase. This saw is well constructed and runs great. I purchased the G0869 to compliment my garage work station.

Thomas M
A perfect and much needed tool 01/20/2020 6:24:33 PM

This saw replaces another saw. The features, ruggedness and accuracy are three of the most needed attributes for the purchase of any saw This saw meets and exceeds the requirements. Having used this saw for a short time has reduced the setup time by easy fence and angle adjustments. Variable speed motor adjusts to best cut different wood species and thickness. An attribute wanted when the saw was purchased.... After some time of use, since new; the accuracy of fence position and blade angular position remains repeatable. With the use of a vacuum attached to the dust port, the shop area remains much cleaner. A good purchase and one that I would make again if a second saw of this type is needed. Recommendations to a friend: YES !

Donald H
All good 08/24/2019 7:53:28 PM

I was able to adapt this saw to a saw stand that I had on hand.
Love the speed control.
All is acceptable so far.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/19/2019 12:58:17 PM

the miter gauge slots are too wide to accurately use the gauge that same with the saw as are other ones i have, otherwise the saw is just fine

Anonymous Reviewer
Great features for a portable tablesaw 08/10/2019 4:40:35 PM

I have been making a stand for this table saw and have not used it as of yet. I will write another review after I have used the table saw.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/06/2019 11:32:08 AM

i am very pleased with this saw. what i don't like is the plastic table top but i really like the other features. i would recommend anyone to purchase this saw. sorry about the table top. i will rate this saw 5 stars, excellent.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/04/2019 2:18:07 PM

Surprisingly good machine
Quite accurate at this point ,
Has sufficient power to do what I needed.
A little too noisy , but not the worst thing all in all.

Anonymous Reviewer
Best portable table saw 06/19/2019 12:09:56 PM

Ive been a trim carpenter by trade for 40 years. We move from one job site to the next and rely on lots of portable tools.
Every portable table saw on the market gives me trouble on a weekly basis, except this Grizzly.
My problem with all of the other portable table saws is constant problems raising and lowering the blade. This requires cleaning and lubricating the internal mounting systems. I have to constantly visit my jobsites to do this or the saws end up broken from crew members forcing them to roll up or down.
This includes every single make and model on the market except for this one.
This saw has a rack and pinion design that doesnt require this kind of maintenance.
It is a completely different design from any of the other tablesaws on the market and Im finally free from that constant problem!
I have two Grizzly portables and as the other 4 table saws ( different models ) end up broken I will replace them with Grizzly portables.

Anonymous Reviewer
Awesome Table Saw! 04/17/2019 11:56:25 AM

This benchtop table saw is amazing! Super strong motor and everything was dialed in straight out of the box. I have purchased other jobsite saws in the past and they have taken hours to set up. I didn't need to adjust a thing on this saw out of the box. The fence and blade were dead on. This was my first Grizzly tool and their quality is unmatched! I will certainly be purchasing more in the future. The only downside to this saw is that Grizzly even though it weighs in at less than 75lbs. Grizzly still ships it via UPS freight which costs an extra $100 when in reality they could save the consumer $100 by using UPS ground shipping. All-in-all though it is a great saw and still worth the money. Highly Recommend it!

robert C
It is a good saw for the price it is the shipping 04/05/2019 6:19:01 PM

I really like this saw and Grizzly products been using them commercially since 2000, this one for a small mail order home based shop. I got if for the 2 HP motor ability to cut short hardwoods that may be 2 inches thick . it has a variable speed, the blade use it for framing not finish . I did rip some ply did good job but you need to use a roller and suggest a friend or clap the saw to your work table for full sheets as the back feed is kinda short. I had a porter cable on stand the out rigger was longer and handled the full sheets since I don't rip them often not a big deal . also the bevel cuts are not done with a crank so little touchy if you plan on lots of bevel cutting a extra gauge may be in order for few bucks. I like it does not since my last saw the threads clogged up constantly with dust moisture and spending 20-30 minutes cleaning them before a 1 minute cut was counter productive so I like it does not . .
Okay the fence this took few minutes to get use to since it does not have a lock down lever and slide along lock back down or just lift to other side of the blade to cut . you need to un screw 2 quick screws and slide the fence I liked this once I got few cuts under me. It seems to be a lot more precise cut for the long term use on a portable saw . Yes if cutting a bunch of stock 2 sides of blade then plan you cuts accordingly But I can grow to love this fence in a "lower end saw" I am giving the saw for the 299.99 price and a 65.00 UPS shipping a 5 star rating and worth every penny
the 3 star is for the customer service and the way they handled a problem with shipping a wrong weight issue I will not get to far into detail here all I will say is you will not need a lift gate if you can pick up 60 lbs and have a hand truck around Grizzly does need to re look at the contracts they have with freight companies I have no complaints with the freight company it was with the way Grizzly handled it. That being said the saw is well worth the price.

Kenneth J
Outstanding portable 10" portable saw 03/30/2019 2:13:19 AM

Bought the saw last week and it was delivered on Wed. 3/27/19. It only took 15 mins to set up the saw. I checked everything for square and everything was dead on. I didn't have to make any adjustments. The saw starts up good although it is a little loud and there is some vibration in the blade at full speed (cheap blade that came w/saw) other than that it cut real good. The mitre is a little sloppy and has too much play in it. I solved the problem with some masking tape rapped around the guide. This saw is much better than the Ridgid and the DeWalt. Direct drive to the blade. I highly recommend this saw.