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Model # G1066R
You can't beat a Drum Sander for removing planer knife marks and glue lines after panel glue ups while maintaining a consistent board thickness. These 24" Drum Sanders are the ideal size for finishing up after most planers, and the dual drums allow a coarse and fine sanding in one pass, if desired. The G1066R features a single feed rate of 11 feet per minute. Every shop needs one of these!

Customers have asked us why our drums are not rubber coated. Rubber-coated drums become "spongy" and do not sand evenly or parallel to the ends.

Now includes heavy-duty rubber conveyor belt similar to our wide-belt sanders.


  • Motor: 5 HP, 220V, single-phase drum motor drives 2 aluminum sanding drums
  • Surface speed of drum: 2300 FPM
  • Handles stock up to 23-1/2" wide and 4-1/4" thick
  • 1/4 HP Conveyor motor provides 11 FPM feed rate
  • Sandpaper installs easily onto the drums
  • Sanding drum size: 6"
  • All steel and ball bearing construction
  • Two 4" dust ports for easy hook-up to a collection system
  • State-of-the-art computer-balanced drums
  • Powder coated paint
  • Approximate shipping weight: 442 lbs.

13 Customer Reviews (4.6 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
Great machine, even second hand 03/05/2019 9:06:39 PM

I bought this G1066R second hand from a woodworker that passed away. Unfortunately he had the machine all torn apart when I bought I picked it up. The manual was useful for assembly. Overall, the machine works great. I have the hook and loop paper installed and tape the edges. Never once had a paper tear out. it is critical that you ensure drum to table height is accurate on both drums with varying grits. Never try to hog material off, you are better off with 1/10 or 1/8 turns. It will require some CFMs from at least a 2hp dust collector.

Rafael M
12/28/2018 2:32:37 PM

The factory installed paper shredded off on my first test runs. The replacement paper seems to be of higher quality, but I have still had issues with the paper ripping at the clip and coming off. I've ended up just taping both ends of the paper to make it work and it seems to be fine now. The machine works well for intermediate sanding of cabinet doors but can leave pretty significant ROS cleanup. It also requires a pretty significant amount of dust collection CFM to extract dust adequately. Good machine for the price, but know what you are getting. If you don't want paper replacement to be a pain in the butt and want a nicer finish and any real stock removal power drop the $9,000 on a 24" wide oscillating belt sander.

Kenneth P
05/02/2018 10:32:45 AM

The second pass through the course (60 Grit) paper came off --very light passes not hogging and of course, destroyed the paper (in the test and setup process). Had to order more paper before starting again, frustrating. Using the newly arrived 80 grit, after reinstalling, the same thing seems to be an issue. The third install taped both ends with re-enforced shipping tape. Works fine.
The only real complaint is the dust collection, using my G1029Z2P (2HP Dust collector) the majority of the dust collects on the rubber roller and huge collection on the rubber conveyor belt, dropping copious amounts of dust (clumps) under the sander and off the end of the conveyor belt.
Overall it does the job, but dust collection is an issue, watch the clumping, it could impact the desired thickness. Recommended taping both ends before of the paper rollers, including over the clip before running the sander.

Kirk T
02/27/2018 10:02:35 PM

I am a hobbyist and am building cabinets for a big kitchen remodel. Finished the first third of the project (raised panel inset doors and dovetailed drawers) the hard way - with a Random Orbital Sander. The thought of repeating this for the rest of the project was more than I could bear. Just used this drum sander on 100 BF of maple for my next set of drawers. Reminds me of the first time I used my Grizzly planer to replace my old bench top planer: Why didn't I get this a long time ago? Used to hate sanding. Not anymore. Very satisfying to feed a board, stand back and let the machine do all the work.
Very little setup involved. No problem getting it off the pallet although it is heavy. I had to add a 30AMP 240V leg, but it was easy to do from the subpanel in my garage.
Simple to use. I didn't have to make any adjustments to the factory setup.
The only complaint I have is I am having trouble keeping the paper from coming off the drum. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Not sure. After I use up the two rolls of paper I bought, I think I'll switch to Hook and Loop paper.
Very satisfied with this product.

Anonymous Reviewer
02/19/2018 6:55:07 PM

Initial run on machine--sandpaper tore-replaced with hook and loop system. Trouble getting it on without ridges, rises etc. Have not ran the machine since opting for an older sander. Hopefully this will work better. So far not impressed with the Grizzly.

Anonymous Reviewer
09/29/2017 4:12:10 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
08/21/2017 2:07:15 AM

I just received this and haven't had a chance to really try it out yet.

Anonymous Reviewer
Satisfied 08/02/2017 12:02:47 PM

This sander has definitely increased the production level in my shop and has increased the quality of my products. How did I do it before!

Carl D
05/12/2017 1:55:38 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product 02/03/2017 1:30:44 PM

This new sander has really increased my shop capacity and will be used on a regular basis.

Arlin E
Great product for alot less money 01/27/2017 9:30:54 PM

I really like how I can use the front drum can be used for 60 grit paper and the back drum for 120 grit paper and have an almost finished work.
There is plenty of power for the sander and the for the conveyer belt and the belt holds carries the wood firmly thru the sanding process. It is VERY easy to change the paper so if you wanted to change the grit to 180 and the back to 220 you would have a finished board or half of a table top very easily.

A few things I would like to have for the sander is to have in-feed and out-feed tables that can be raised and lowered to conserve space and the others is to have the power switch to be places where ever the individual would like to have it instead of where it is placed now under the conveyer belt on the bottom left.

Last if you have to have a Mobil shop like mine you will need the D2058A Super Heavy-Duty Mobile Base which makes it easy to move around

A few things I would like to have with it is in-feed and out-feed tables that would also fold down to conserve space and a power switch that can be adjusted wherever it is handy for the person using it.

Last is if you have to move it around to allow vehicles access to the shop get the nice shop fox roll around base with it too.

wonderful product, but 05/16/2016 8:04:54 PM

I ripped the paper on the first board, thought I was being careful not trying to take too much off at once, but one turn is far to much. $500 dollar premium seemed like a lot for variable speed, but we will see

T. Farmer - Owner Upstate CNC Service, Inc.
Customer Review 01/01/2015 5:27:29 PM

I have a small CNC shop for wood and plastic in Upstate NY, www.Upstatecnc.com and have been using your equipment pretty much full time for many, many years. I am glad to tell you that out of the 11 Grizzly machines we use, ALL 11 are holding up really well and I will buy more Grizzly equipment without hesitation in the future. One of the products that we make full time requires us to resaw exotic hardwoods, and then sand them to dimension, before finally putting them on one of our two CNC Routers for final production. A few years back we purchased a G0513X bandsaw, and G1066R drum sander. I am writing to tell you that as I was just using both of them, I realized how much time, and ultimately money Grizzly has made us with these particular products. The machines have paid for themselves many times over, and I can honestly say that we would not be making this product, which turned out to be a major part of the business if we hadn't bought your equipment.

I just want to say Thank You for helping my small business be successful, and I look forward to getting just what I need at Grizzly in the years to come.