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Grizzly G0858 8" x 76" Parallelogram Jointer w/ Helical Cutterhead

Upgrade to an improved finish.

The G0858 Parallelogram Jointer has a 4-row helical cutterhead with 36 indexable carbide inserts. Carbide inserts reduce tear-out and last an average of 10 times longer than traditional jointer knives. Because of the upgrade to the indexable inserts, there is no more changing or sharpening replacement knives every time one gets dull or nicked.

Each insert can each be rotated up to three times to expose a new sharp edge for superior finish. Reducing the cut to the size of a single insert makes for a cleaner cut and reduces noise compared to the traditional straight knife cut.

With the parallelogram table setup, the four points of contact allow for easy adjustment of each table for perfect alignment. The 8" x 76" precision-ground cast-iron table is long enough to handle your longest stock hardwoods. The arched table travel keeps each table close to the cutter and adds a degree of safety during operation. Setting cut depth is a breeze for traditional jointing or rabbeting with the infeed and outfeed adjustment levers.

Like all Grizzly jointers, the G0858 comes with a 1-year warranty which covers parts and assures the unit is free from factory defects. (Consumables are not covered by the warranty.)

The G0858 manual was written by our U.S. based Technical Documentation Department and is packed with useful information.

The Grizzly Customer Service and Technical Support Teams are U.S. based. Parts and accessories for the jointer are available on-line and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.

Made in an ISO 9001 factory

Certified to CSA standards


  • Motor: 3 HP, 230V, single-phase, 12A
  • Maximum width of cut: 8"
  • Maximum depth of cut: 1/8"
  • Maximum rabbeting depth: 1/2"
  • Cutterhead diameter: 3-1/16"
  • Cutterhead type: 4-row helical with 36 inserts
  • Insert size & type: 15 x 15 x 2.5mm, indexable carbide
  • Cutterhead speed: 5500 RPM
  • Table size: 8" x 76"
  • Fence size: 38" x 4-1/2"
  • Minimum stock length: 10"
  • Minimum stock thickness: 1/2"
  • Dust port size: 4"
  • Footprint: 16" x 40"
  • Approx. shipping weight: 470 lbs.


  • 4-row helical cutterhead with 36 indexable carbide inserts
  • Parallelogram tables with lever adjustment and depth scale
  • Extra-long 40" infeed table
  • Rabbeting table
  • Precision-ground cast-iron tables
  • Cabinet stand with built-in mobile base
  • Cast-iron fence with rack & pinion adjustment and angle gauge
  • Fence stops at 45°, 90° and 135°
  • Pedestal-mounted power switch with large STOP paddle
  • V-belt drive

88 Customer Reviews(4.9 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
Perfect 08/11/2020 8:11:24 PM

I had to call Grizzly before ordering to make sure the unit would correctly disassemble in order to bring it into my cramped basement. They were very helpful and correct. I am now enjoying clean, flat boards! Unit arrived perfectly coplanar.

Fence system for this unit isn't the best, but I have no intention of moving it away from 90, so isn't an issue for me.

Scott H
07/17/2020 4:29:35 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Meets my expectations 07/05/2020 3:30:48 PM

The jointer arrived well packaged. Setup was easy (I had the added benefit of being able to lift the unit off the shipping pallet with a backhoe, if you dont have mechanical advantage, be sure to get help as it is quite heavy for one person).

I did have to spend a little time squaring the fence which was easy to do. The beds were flat and coplanar out of the box. I have only had it a short time but what little I have worked with it, it has produced flat and square boards. I am very pleased with it and would have no reservations recommending this jointer to anyone.

Anonymous Reviewer
Amazing jointer, great experience. 06/22/2020 6:32:15 PM

I bought this after months and months of reviews, discussions with woodworkers, and videos. I ultimately decided on the helical instead of the spiral cutterhead, and I'm glad I did. This is hopefully the last jointer I ever purchase, and I love working with it. It's much quieter than my old straight knife one, and produces nice chips as well, and the finish is glass smooth. I highly recommend spending the extra couple hundred bucks and going with this helical version.

Anonymous Reviewer
Very impressed overall. 06/02/2020 5:45:39 AM

Im really impressed overall. Came crated up just perfect, no damage, no defects. The crate setup make it easy to unload alone even at 450 lbs. Got it setup and got out the straight edge and feeler gauges prepared to spend a couple hours setting it up. It was perfect right out of the crate. The outfeed was dead perfect with top dead center of the blades. The infeed was seutp to a perfect 1/32 and co-planer with the otufeed. I can't fit my smallest feeler gauge in any spot under either table anywhere. Has plenty of power, glassy surface on the wood. I couldn't be happier with my Jointer.

Anonymous Reviewer
great product 06/01/2020 2:43:38 AM

I bought the G0858 jointer. Im so glad I did. It took me a year and a half to save up for it and Im impressed. This jointer changed everything. It took my ship to the next level. I dont know how I made tables without it. Shipping took less than a week. Luckily I did not have to do any adjustments to the beds just a slight adjustment to the fence. Works great I made a hard maple table with it and I had no complaints and either did the jointer went right through it. Thanks Grizzly for making a great product. Cant Waite for my table saw.

Anonymous Reviewer
Awesome! 05/22/2020 10:00:50 PM

Easy setup, flawless results, even better than advertised!

Christopher S
Pleased with the jointer 05/21/2020 2:29:18 PM

The jointer arrived in good shape and a day early. No problems with the shipping crate. It is heavy and the crate is large so you will need a couple of helpers to get it in place in your shop. The machine required minimal adjustment to the tables to get it aligned. The only problem was that the capacitor on the motor burned out after a week. I called Grizzly tech support and they sent a new one right out. I wish they would have sent it air freight instead of ground shipping, but it worked fine when I installed the new part. The finish on material is exceptionally smooth, and it takes warped boards and makes them flat and square with no problems.

Anonymous Reviewer
G0858 05/20/2020 3:41:12 PM

Context of Feedback: I just got this jointer this week, so I have only limited time working with this machine. I am a hobbyist with a small shop, about 5 years experience now building various cabinets/pieces of furniture. I feel I have a decent amount of knowledge about calibrating/adjusting machines, though it is probably little knowledge relative to the long-beards. So please don't take my feedback as if I am a total authority - it's good research things and see what different people have to say.

The infeed and outfeed tables were totally parallel/planar out of the crate. No shipping damage. The quality of the tables is very good - when you look at the cast iron on this thing relative to my G1023RL table saw (you can faintly see the surface grinder marks on the G1023RL), the tables on the G0858 are pristine. The machine runs much quieter relative to my old 6" knife jointer. It is true what they say - there is indeed more resistance when feeding a board into a helical cutter head relative to a knife-set, but this is a total non-issue, just something I make note of since it is something you might read about and wonder "is that an issue?" like I did. I read a lot of stuff saying that Grizzly helical cutter-heads were not near the quality of Byrd cutter heads - I have never used a Byrd cutter head, but I am fully satisfied with the quality of the cut. There is no chatter, there are no "lines" along the board that people talk about. When I'm done jointing a board it is the same or better cut quality that I get with my 13" planer. This thing basically met my expectations of being a machine that would blow my old jointer out of the water (Porter Cable Benchtop 6" jointer) and give me something that was way more than what I imagined I would (a lot of people talk about regretting not buying 'their last jointer' first - so I took that feedback on faith when selecting this one). Having the 76" bed and longer/extra tall fence is a world of difference. I am not sure yet how much of an improvement the parallelogram is vs a dovetail way, so I can offer no useful feedback on that. I bought this thing thinking it will be the last jointer I will ever have to buy and I am imagining it will be. I looked at powermatic and Jet options - they offer primarily 6" long bed tables with 1.5hp to 2hp, but the weight of the machine is much less and the fence is not as tall by 1-2") but for only a little more money you get more horse power, a thicker and slightly longer table/fence, a heavier machine (less vibration), parallelogram design, 8" width and a wider diameter cutter head (vs some models - which does affect the angle that the inserts meet the wood and affects the cut quality significantly - scooping vs. shearing)

I guess the best feedback I can give is this: when I go to true up a board, I get a board that is at a perfect 90 degree angle and I haven't had to fuss with this thing at all. The fence is easy to adjust, the inserts are much easier to align with the outfeed table (no more having to worry that you cambered the knife you sharpened). I spent a lot of time making sure my jointer was perfectly tuned before - this thing just stays calibrated much more easily, is nice and silent and you don't have to check 50 times to make sure you got the cup/bow out well enough. I had a lot of reclaimed pieces of very hard maple from a butcher block made during the Civil War and this thing made it a cakewalk to true up - in my old jointer one pass noticeably dulled the knives and would easily cause them to chip.

The only feedback that I would give that is a concern is about the mounting quality of the fence. When you look closely at the adjustments on the fence, the whole block (behind the fence) is only affixed to the base on one side, so you do get a teeny bit of play on the fence on the one axis (e.g. it stays 90 degrees from the table solidly/won't toe in or out, but it could move up/down a little on either side or in/out on either side, depending on how hard you pushing). However, this is not something that appears to be causing any issues. It could also be that I need to make an adjustment to something that I haven't figured out yet, so that's possible. If it really mattered, I imagine one could easily add supports.

Anonymous Reviewer
So far so good 05/19/2020 1:46:16 PM

I purchased the G0858 a few weeks ago. It arrived within a week in good condition. A few of the fasteners holding the fence together loosened and caused the fence to be less secure during transport. The piece of cardboard positioned between the fence and table tops protected the table top surfaces from any substantial damage. However, constant rubbing of the surface caused the polished surface to be marred in certain spots. It is a cosmetic issue. It's tough to look at given that the undisturbed parts of the table surfaces are beautifully polished.

My initial impression of the machine:

1. The flatness of the tables is excellent. I examined the surfaces using a dial gauge. The tables are consistently flat. The fence is flat too.

2. The eccentric bushings provide for smooth table adjustments. In this regard, the parallelogram is the right choice. Dovetail jointers are a pain to adjust.

3. The fence is easy to use.

4. The motor provides enough power.

5. I do prefer a wheel on the out feed table because the mechanical advantage facilitates the smaller adjustments needed to fine tune table height to top dead center of index cutter. I had to tap the lever arm up and down using my palm to make the small adjustments needed to eliminate snipe. This method is not very accurate. I'm not sure why any manufacturer would use an arm lever to adjust the out feed table.

6. The cutter head is beautiful in its helical shape. It cuts very well and is remarkably quiet. It is excellent with open grain wood like black walnut. It cut pine well. I found that the knives on my thickness planer cut cherry much better. In short, some wood responds better to knives. Some wood responds better to index cutters. I am not surprised. Overall, I am pleased with the cutter head choice as I anticipate longer life and ease of maintenance.

7. Finding parallelism between cutter head body and out feed table. This issue deserves some attention. First, the current Grizzly manual fails to provide instruction on how to adjust the jointer's parallelism when a helical cutter head is installed. The manual provided instruction for a traditional knife cutter head only. To date, Grizzly provides no video instruction for finding parallelism when using the helical cutter head that comes with this model. There is a video that addresses adjustments to a "spiral" cutter head jointer. Spiral cutter body is shaped differently than a helical cutter body. The helical cutter body is not an ideal point of reference to find parallelism between the cutter head and the out feed table.

If the user does not know how to test for parallelism of a helical cutter head, then one is at a disadvantage to determine whether the factory settings are accurate. The G0858 is a good machine. Some users could conclude otherwise if the machine under-performs due to misalignment at the factory, or during shipment or use. Knowing how to test and adjust for parallelism of a helical cutter head is essential to bring about intended performance of the machine. I have not found any YouTube video instruction on how to check for parallelism of the helical cutter head provided with the G0858.

Unlike the spiral cutter head, a helical cutter head body- as far as I can tell - lacks a surface consistent in flatness to reference parallelism to the out feed table. It appears one must measure all aspects of parallelism from top dead center of some point on the cutter head. The surface of the cutter head body is too irregular. The gullets create obstacles to finding top dead center along the cylinder of cutter head body - which is what one references when working with a spiral cutter head. It may be possible to measure from the top dead center of the peek of the gullet but to do so one must drop the out feed table. In the end, I adjusted for parallelism referencing the out feed table to top dead center of the indexed cutting point.

I found that using a Starrett 6" blade with small gradations worked best. The blade is very flat, has a decent thickness, and has reliable gradations. I first placed the Starrett blade on the out feed table (at the fence side) so that the very edge of the out feed table was in line with a whole number on the Starrett blade, i.e. 5" I then rotated the helical cutter head and noted where the cutter head first connected with the blade and recorded the measurement relative to 5". For example, the blade first contacted the blade at 5 - 31/64". Because the gradations on the blade are so fine and precise, the measurement can be reproduced at the opposite side of the cutter head. Checking the opposite side is easy. I placed the 5" mark of the Starrett blade at edge of the out feed table. I rotated the cutter head. If the tip of the index cutting point made contact with the blade at the same measurement recorded in the previous step, the out feed table is parallel. If not, I positioned the cutting point directly under the point of the Starrett blade where it should contact, i.e 5 - 31/64" and adjusted the eccentric bushing to connect the cutting point and the blade. One note of caution: the edge of the indexed cutter appears to be slightly curved. Therefore, you must always measure from the same point along the index cutting edge.

I also used the gradations on the Starrett blade to eliminate snipe. The blade can be used to easily show how far the cutter head moves the knife. I adjusted the out feed table to move the blade 1/16" anything more caused snipe. Anything less caused snipe on the leading edge of the wood I was testing.

I hope this review helps. Overall I am pleased with the purchase.

Matt D
05/17/2020 12:11:17 AM

Couldnt be more pleased with this jointer. I highly recommend it.

Kevin E
Awsome jointer 05/11/2020 4:03:04 AM

I have been using this for a few weeks now powerfull motor and leaves a very nice finish

05/11/2020 12:27:31 AM

This thing is a beast. Hardly any sanding required after a run threw this. No comparison between standard blades and the helical head. Ill be replacing my planer head with the spiral one very soon.

Anonymous Reviewer
Awesome! 05/09/2020 2:06:16 PM

I have been looking at this jointer for over three years and finally decided to pull the trigger. I shouldnt have waited, it is an absolutely amazing machine. It replaced an old six inch jointer that has served me well for many years but just wasnt large enough for face jointing. This machine has the helix head with replaceable insets and is powerful enough to easily face joint up to 8 inch boards with ease and the finish left behind is just perfect. Definitely recommend!

Anonymous Reviewer
Exactly what I needed! 05/07/2020 6:52:24 PM

This jointer has been the perfect addition to my shop. The cutter head leaves a beautiful finish and the machine runs extremely smooth. For being such it powerful machine it runs quieter than I expected! The machine came almost completely assembled so setup was a breeze. The crating was also great.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/03/2020 5:50:25 PM

I bought the G0858 8" x 76" Parallelogram Jointer with Helical Cutterhead & Mobile base about a month ago. It was delivered by UPS and contrary to what the shipping information states: that they won't come on your property or use a gravel drive way, he did both. I gave the UPS driver a good tip and he backed the truck to my garage and placed the crate inside where I wanted it. It was a breeze to un-crate and roll the jointer off the pallet. The set up was easy with very little adjustments made. The machine purrs like kitten and produces a surface that is ready for a finish. If you are debating whether to buy a straight blade cutter head or helical cutter head machine, and can afford it, go with the helical - you won't regret it.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/03/2020 12:50:35 AM

No feedback given

Rob H
This is a GAME CHANGER 04/19/2020 4:50:09 PM

I dont really have anything to compare this to. Ive never owned a jointer before plus this was the first time Id ever used one before. It has been a game changer for me. It makes super smooth cuts and is very simple to use. Very quiet than what I expected it to be. One of my favorite purchases.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great jointer 04/19/2020 1:34:58 PM

Great jointer. The hardest part of the setup was getting it out of the crate. Beds were perfectly aligned, just had to adjust the stops on the fence. I would have gave it five stars, except for two things. There are four wheels built into the cabinet for movement, but none of them swivel. It rolls back and fourth great, but you have to muscle it to turn it. The other Issue is that the power cord needs to be longer.

04/05/2020 1:06:20 AM

No feedback given

Christopher J
Beast! 04/04/2020 2:50:03 PM

I received my new jointer within seven days. It came in a large/sturdy crate. The hardest part of setting up this beast was getting it out of the crate. Which is a very good thing! It was dialed in right out of the crate. After cleaning the protective goo off the table I ran a few boards over the helical head. Amazing! The only thing I needed to do was slightly adjust the 90 degree stop on the fence and screw in the on/off arm.

Highly recommend this beast. I couldnt be happier with this purchase.

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent machine ,and value.... 03/29/2020 5:31:44 PM

I bought this jointer a few months ago ,I finally got around installing the 220 volt outlet, without doing any adjustments I ran a few board feet of cherry wood and it left a almost perfect finish on it, this coming days I will do the fine tuning on the tables,so far very happy with my purchase...

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent product 03/27/2020 11:47:37 AM

I made do with a Ridgid 6" jointer for ten years, and this is just delightful. I just want to keep jointing. Mine was flawless out of the box.

Anonymous Reviewer
03/14/2020 1:44:57 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Shop upgrade 02/14/2020 9:51:17 PM

Bought this helix jointer as an upgrade to my shop. Unit arrived within 7 days of order and in great condition and within .002 tolerance or parallel. I would give it a 5 star rating if it weren't for the poor mobil base design. Unit is set in a permanent position so mobility is not an issue but for a unit of this caliber it is a disappointment. Over all I would still highly recommend it.

Mark T
Awesome product 02/02/2020 1:12:26 PM

I should have made this purchase a long time ago. Huge upgrade from my old bench top jointer.

Anonymous Reviewer
Really awesome jointer 01/20/2020 12:30:32 AM

Been wanting to upgrade from my six inch jointer for a few years. I havent had a chance to use this machine much, it when I have used it I am very impressed. First couple of pieces were 2x4 rough sawn poplar to test. I could have went ahead and put a finish on the face when done. Very happy!!

Anonymous Reviewer
Amazing machine works very well! I love it! 01/17/2020 11:39:54 AM

I bought the jointer a couple of weeks ago and i am very happy with my purchase!

Anonymous Reviewer
G0858 - Solid - I'm very happy with it. 01/03/2020 12:34:20 AM

Setup was pretty straightforward. Most everything was already dialed right in, and the adjustments that did have to be made were minor. The beds are flat and true. Operation is super simple and the boards come out smooth and beautiful. The mounts for the included push blocks are handy. I was a little concerned that the rollers on the base only roll back and forth (they don't swivel like on some other models), but 1. I found it very easy to uncrate and move this unit all over the shop by myself, and 2. I don't plan on moving it around much now that it's where I want it. This is a very nice machine.

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent jointer as expected 12/29/2019 4:32:08 PM

I ordered this jointer during the free shipping special before Christmas. I received it in 5 days. Crate was in perfect condition. I had the UPS guy lower it on two furniture dollies from Harbor Freight so I could move it around. I also purchased the HD Bear Crawl T28000 and the T28346 36 extension bars to use as a mobile base. The jointers footprint is 16x 40. You will have to shorten the two end bars but this set up is superior to the terrible mobile base that is installed on this machine. I also purchased the G9849 dial indicator kit to set up the machine. I really did not need to make any adjustments as it was perfectly flat and within .002 of alignment. I am getting some snipe but that may be my technique vs the machine. I did use the included lifting hooks and a chain hoist to raise it off the skid lower it on the mobile base.
I would recommend this jointer.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great machine 12/26/2019 1:46:28 PM

Big upgrade from what I had, handles anything I run through it with no problem. When I got it home and out of the box everything was spot on, no adjustments were needed of any kind. Leaves smooth finish, and very quiet when running, if you have the space I would recommend this machine for anyone.

Very satisfied with this jointer. 12/19/2019 12:57:09 PM

My new G0858 jointer arrived one and a half week after ordering it, and this was shipped to Canada. Crate was not damaged, but it would be to Grizzly's advantage to bolt down the jointer to the bottom of the crate. Only two small wood blocks on the bottom of the crate prevents the jointer from moving in the crate. I had to do adjustments to the infeed table, since it was not parallel to the outfeed. The outfeed was parallel to the helical head though. I also did an adjustment to the fence. The fence was not parallel to the infeed and outfeed tables and the tip was scribing on the infeed table. I ordered a set of 4 swivel casters (heavy duty version good for 800 lbs each from Amazon) and installed two of them in between the two built in casters where the rubber feet are. This enables me to move the jointer in any direction I want. Once into place, I just lift the swivel casters arms and drop gently the jointer into the rubber feet which I adjusted in order to cancel out the unidirectional built in Grizzly casters. This works great and is a perfect solution to the unidirectional casters on the machine. Maybe I should contact the Grizzly engineers and sell them this solution (ha ha ha), I am glad if this solution helps others. See pictures included with this review.

Anonymous Reviewer
pleasure to use 11/30/2019 9:30:28 PM

Mine came correctly adjusted out of the box, was able to immediately begin using it, and let me tell you! This thing changes the game, I *enjoy* jointing boards and making them flat, it's a very calming and satisfying way to spend a night or weekend. It's super quiet, can hog through wood like it's butter - I honestly have to remind myself every time I use it that it's an incredibly dangerous piece of machinery and to be careful about my hand placement because of how it lulls you into being relaxed as a result of being so easy to use. Did I mention it's easy to use and I like using it?

My only beef would be with the "mobile base", it doesn't move easily, if you plan to move a lot, I would recommend upgrading to a true mobile base. However, it's not terribly heavy, so if you need to drag it around, not a big deal. Mine sits still in my shop and won't really ever move.

Robert C
Excellent product. Even better customer service!! 11/09/2019 5:04:06 PM

I had a very complicated buying process (my fault), and Grizzly handled it perfectly! I bought this machine in late August, but it was on back order (~2-3 weeks). It was ready to ship in early/mid September, but I was out of town for the entire month of September (active duty military). I called Grizzly for options, and they said the best would be to delay shipping so that I didn't lose my place in the back order line and get stuck waiting until the next batch arrived. I needed to be there to accept the freight shipment, and Grizzly figured out how to get the machine to me in the fastest time possible. Grizzly customer service did this with one phone call, and it was flawless. It turned out exactly how their customer service rep said it would, down to the hour. Also! I live in a cul-de-sac, so I needed to call customer service to discuss delivery options. I ordered over the phone and the customer service agent was then able to call the specific carrier with my address and confirm they could actually deliver to my house (they could, and it was super easy). The carrier even rolled the dolly and pallet into the garage for me! (That part was just lucky- neither Grizzly nor the carrier claimed they would go up my driveway into the garage.) Overall, I don't think I could be happier with the customer support and the machine itself. After I got it tuned up from shipping (it was SUPER close right out of the box), it works incredibly. 5 stars on the machine, and also 5 stars and two thumbs up for customer service!!

Aaron B
Love it! 11/03/2019 1:14:00 AM

No regrets at all. Love this machine. The helical cutter head is amazing. The quality of my work has gone up. Now I just need to upgrade my planer.

Gregg D
Worth the wait 10/27/2019 3:59:40 PM

Debated between this model or the G0490. Preferred the helical head instead of spiral. Also the wait time for the 0490 seemed indefinite. Of course, once I ordered the 0858 on sale it was backordered with about a month's wait. As shipping time approached, estimated delivery date kept getting pushed back. I finally saw that it was available out of the Missouri warehouse but not Bellingham (where mine would come from). I called Grizzly to see if they could ship from Missouri. Support was great but needed me to talk with shipping folks. I didn't hear from them The next day so I called. I was told they had received a shipment in Bellingham and my order would ship soon. The next day I got an email saying the jointer was available and would be shipping from Bellingham that day. It arrived in less than a week in good condition. Well packed in a crate. Easy to assemble and set up. Tables were almost spot on with mi or adjustments for parallelism. I haven't had an opportunity to use it yet as much as I had hoped, but when I have it works great and does a nice job of flattening and squaring.

Anonymous Reviewer
Awesome jointer 10/24/2019 12:45:01 PM

I was looking to upgrade my 6" Grizzley jointer, which I have used for over 20 years with no problems. I looked at Powermatic and other similar models and found that the G0858 was by far the best value. None of the other jointers had a 3hp motor, helical head and parallelogram table. The shipping crate was very good and had no issues with delivery. I did not have to make any adjustments, the factory setup was perfect.

Angel R
Interesting experience 10/23/2019 9:28:11 AM

I ordered this jointer 3 months ago. I was told to carefully check the package before signing the receipt, which I did. No marks or scratches of any kind outside the wooden box. So I sign the order and started opening this tool. To my surprise, when I opened it, there was a big bend around the lower part of the base. There were two stop wooden blocks preventing the jointer from moving inside the crate that had press the metal inwards. But my biggest disappointment was when I tried to move it, the wheels won't swivel, they're fix to go back and forth only. It leaves drag marks along the floor every time I turn left or right. This is the stupidest mobile design ever. And this is supposed to be the newer model? At least its predecessor(G0490) had a real mobile base. I consider the mobility of heavy tools like this essential, but Grizzly dropped the ball on this one.
Update: About a week and a half ago, Grizzly contacted me concerned about what I had described on the review, and offer to solve the problem I was having without no extra cost to me. I really appreciate when a company follows up on customers issues and do their best to solve them. The machine itself is a beast. The performance is flawless, and now that my issue with the mobility of the jointer as been fixed, I can say that Grizzly just brought back a now happy customer.

Anonymous Reviewer
Wow! More than I expected... 10/11/2019 10:37:57 AM

My new G0858 arrived about 20 days after ordering without a scratch and I couldnt be happier with it. It took about 45 minutes for me to check the setup on it and make a few adjustments to make it perfect. The long bed is wonderful and the helical cutters are the only way to go! Delivery was easy (as I used the lift gate service). You will not be disappointed with this jointer.

Anonymous Reviewer
Does good job 10/10/2019 4:48:55 PM

Arrived in good shape. Only needed minor tweaks to the settings. Cuts wood good. Shouldve done it sooner. Anybody want an old 6 inch joiner?

Dwight J
Great Jointer! 10/10/2019 2:34:03 PM

Great jointer! A really accurate machine that produces beautiful results! Ive wanted a machine like this for years and Im not disappointed with finally realizing my desires. For the money its hard to beat.

Anonymous Reviewer
My first Jointer and loving it. 10/10/2019 2:08:36 PM

Works perfectly the back panel was damage during shipping however this does not affect the machine. Adjustments must be made with the in-feed table which was quickly corrected. So far alls well.

Anonymous Reviewer
Grizzly is a great company! 10/10/2019 11:41:22 AM

I bought this jointer a month ago and I am glad I did. For 30 years I did not but Grizzly, as I thought the quality would not be there in their tools. Boy was I wrong. I decided about 6 months ago to try a Grizzly tool. About 6 months ago, I bought the Grizzly table saw and since then a few other tools like the 8 jointer. Grizzly tools are made like a tank, but purr like a kitten. I find all to be very precision and highly accurate. I cant say enough how well they are made, how accurate they are, and how great their prices are to everyone. Had I tried a Grizzly 30 years ago, I would have been a Grizzly customer that long.

Adam U
09/27/2019 4:18:05 PM

I purchased this jointer after selling my 8in Powermatic with a three blade cutter head. I was unhappy with the performance of how it cut and at the time couldnt understand why anyone would like to use a jointer. I had never had the opportunity to use a helical cutter to I assumed that this was the way they all were. Recently my local Woodcraft upgraded their classroom jointer to a 12 with a helical cutter and I was blown away by how different it cut and performed. The wood just floated through the cut with virtually no effort and the surface was glass smooth. After using this I was convinced that I had to have all my tools with helical heads, and I had to give a new jointer a chance. I purchased this beautiful 8in jointer and was amazed at the quality and the value...... way less than the Powermatic, $1000 less.
This comes completely assembled except for attaching a couple of handles. My tables were out of alignment a bit because I was getting a bit of snipe. It took about 3 days of me adjusting with a precision straight edge and feeler gauges to virtually eliminate the snipe. It took so long because there was a learning curve. Hopefully I never have to adjust it again. Thats another beauty with the helical heads is that cutter replacement is simple and quick and it also eliminates the possibility of having to realign the out feed table.
Another pro is that you can cut dirty wood without the risk of instantly dulling or chipping the knives. Carbide can take way more abuse.
I would buy this again in a heartbeat.
I wish someone would make a 10in jointer. I cant afford the 12in, but a 10in for a few hundred more would be amazing.

Andrew L
Wonderful product! 09/25/2019 12:52:10 PM

Upon moving the machine in my shop, the top fence base sheared in half where it holds on to the base. Grizzly set me a replacement with no questions ask. I am not sure why i waited so long to order this machine. Made my shop a better quality shop. The cutterhead is an absolute beast. Never bogs down. I have to get me a dust collection system. Overall 100% would recommend to another person. Looking forward to many many more years of use. Good job Grizzly!

Anonymous Reviewer
09/14/2019 1:52:09 PM

Have little experience with jointers, so I was hesitant about which to get. Did a lot of Web research and for my budget this unit looked the best bet. So far, I could not be happier. Needed only the minimum adjustment and cuts like a dream with the spiral head. Smooth and accurate. The only bone to pick I have is that I had to drive from Tallahasse, FL to Dothan AL to pick it up. A delivery to my house would not work since my shop is not accessible for a semi. If you need to get your machine from the terminal, be sure to specifically ask where the terminal is that will deliver. Otherwise very satisfied.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great jointer! 09/01/2019 4:49:48 PM

I have had this jointer for a couple months and it has performed flawlessly! Jointed mostly walnut and cherry and has done a great job. Have face surface 8" walnut 1/4 inch removing twist and worked great. A great investment for my shop!!

Great Jointer @ Great Value! 08/09/2019 5:06:54 PM

Everything about my experience has been great. Quick delivery, the machine was fully assembled in the crate, no major calibrations were required... it even came with the correct plug pre-wired.
Damn near plug and play. Took about an hour to align the beds coplanar with the cutter and another few min to make fine adjustments to the cut depth gauge, and it was ready to go.
Cut quality is smooth and the machine is pretty quiet... tested it with some 6" Hard Maple.
-great machine, and I recommend it for any small to midsize woodworkers on a tight budget.

Anonymous Reviewer
A solid tool that has exceeded my expectations 08/02/2019 10:34:53 AM

I chose this jointer to replace an ancient, but still serviceable, Craftsman 6 jointer, based on three primary factors: parallelogram beds, helical cutterhead and price. The dovetail beds on my old jointer were difficult to get co-planar and I was intrigued by what Id read about helical cutterheads. The manual for my new Grizzly was clear and thorough. The shipping container was bashed in at several places, but there was only very minor cosmetic blemishes to the jointer (a couple small scrapes to the paint on the top of the fence and a couple scratches on the beds that did not affect function. Grizzly responded quickly and satisfactorily. Set up was easy and quick, taking only about half an hour. Operationally, the jointer is excellent. The beds are dead flat and were easily put into proper alignment. The fence squared up without difficulty. The results have been excellent. Planed surfaces have been near finish-ready with no snipe whatsoever. As expected, the mobile base has limited usefulness, as it is designed to permit forward and backward movement only. Although mine is set in place and will not be moved, it would require some jockeying to move side-to-side. Still, I didnt find this to be an impediment as I moved mine to its final resting spot. As for the price, I looked at a lot of machines during my search. I kept coming back to Grizzly in large part because of the bang for the buck. I figured there must be something that allowed for the price difference, but the reviews were consistently good across their product line. In the final analysis, this jointer has passed my test on all levels and has made me a satisfied Grizzly customer.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Machine 07/31/2019 3:11:04 PM

I have been using this for a couple weeks now, smooth, clean cuts. Minimum adjustments needed out of the shipping crate. Helical cutter head is such a nice option for this machine.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/17/2019 12:01:36 PM

No feedback given

Gregory D
Very well made and accurate machine 07/03/2019 10:21:23 AM

I bought this to replace a 6" Craftsman jointer from about 15 years ago. And am I glad I did! It is well made, heavy duty, easy to setup and use, and as long as it's calibrated properly it is very accurate. I have not had it long enough to say anything about longevity or replacing the spiral cutter inserts, but I would definitely recommend the product.

Joel H
Excellent Jointer 07/03/2019 12:20:26 AM

I have several quarter sawn white oak tables to make and when I picked up the lumber, it was all 8 wide. So I decided to use this as an opportunity to upgrade my six year old 6 Grizzly jointer.

I love this new jointer. It arrived in a week and the UPS driver used his pallet jack to move it right to the shop door. Out of the box the tables were setup within .003 using a dial indicator. I did have to adjust the 90 degree fence stop slightly.

This thing ate up the 4/4 quarter sawn Oak without leaving a single noticeable mark on any of it. I quickly filled up two 30 gallon bags in my dust collector. The edges were glue up ready and looked better that I have ever been able to get in the past with a machine. As with any jointer (contrary to some reviews I saw) you do have to watch your speed or you will get a washboard effect.

The only issue was the oval Grizzly plate on the front of the machine fell off in-transit; The screws stripped the holes when they were put on, although minor, that is a quality control issue that should never happen because there is no way it was ever tight.

Eric V
Very smooth running and great cuts. 06/27/2019 3:18:36 PM

I was looking to upgrade my 6" jointer and since I have other Grizzly tools I am happy with naturally I looked to Grizzly for my jointer. I was not disappointed. The fit and finish is even better than before. Tables were slightly out of alignment but with the parallelogram it is straight forward to get it perfect. Cuts very nice and smooth.

William M
06/24/2019 8:08:30 PM

This thing is a beast. I jointed a number of rough walnut boards and it wasn't even breathing hard. The finished surfaces of the figure wood came out very smooth. Highly recommended.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product 06/20/2019 12:03:08 PM

Love it. Great price for such a calibrated piece of machinery

Never owned a jointer before - not sure how I made anything without it now.

Alan B
Performs beyond my expectations! 06/20/2019 11:44:02 AM

I'd been wanting to add a jointer to my shop. I've had others in the past, mostly 6 inch with straight cutters, but had to sell when we moved. The whole process was a pleasure! Ordering online was super easy. And UPS freight could not had been more pleasant and accomodating. I ordered lift gate service. I was prepared to receive the crate onto my trailer at the road. The driver actually backed in to our gravel drive, offloaded the jointer, and put it right in the garage! So thankful for that!
The machine was basically entirely assembled, save the power switch tower. Simple to attach with the provided hardware. Grizzly also included handy lifting brackets that are temporarily attached to the jointer. It was a simple matter of using a chain hoist, lifting it off the uncrated pallet, and lowering it into the floor. The built in casters made it easy to roll into place and the rubber feet hold it securely in position.
After cleaning off the shipping grease with a towel and mineral spirits, I applied a coat of Slipit.
The jointer arrived very well aligned, and I just needed to set the outfeed table height to the cutter head, and square the fence. My first cut was about 1/16 inch deep on the face of a pine board. The jointer cut the 6 inch swath with ease, and the spiral cutter head made the nicest little chips I've ever seen from a jointer. The cut was flawless, NO tearout even over and around the knots. I've since used it for about a month now, and the results have been consistently excellent. The 76 inch long table handle 8 foot boards with ease. I'm super happy with the jointer, and look forward to adding more Grizzly tools to the shop.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/09/2019 2:03:38 PM

After months of research I am very happy with my purchase of the G0858 jointer. It is a fantastic machine that is very well built. I originally was waiting on the G0490X but decided to take the chance on the G0858 which was in stock. I am very glad I made the change. I took delivery of it 5 days after ordering. It came packaged extremely well and the delivery driver was kind enough to cart it into my garage. The machine was parallel from the factory being within 4 one thousandths which was well within my tolerance. The machine provides superb jointing results. It is also much quieter than expected and essentially chip free with my dust collector attached to 4 inch port. One of my concerns with this machine over the 490X was the mobile base. This turned out to be a none issue in that it works great. Overall I am very happy with G0858 jointer and with Grizzly sales and delivery. This was my first Grizzly purchase but likely not my last.

Anonymous Reviewer
Dialed right out of the box! 06/08/2019 1:28:58 PM

Ive had this jointer for about a month now. One thing that I was pleasantly surprised about was the jointer arrived calibrated and ready to go. A very minor adjustment I had to make was a little more tension in the drive belt but that only took about 5 minutes. The helical head and 8 capacity is a DREAM! Very quiet and eats wood for breakfast. The long bed is a nice change from the short bed I had on my beginners jointer. For the price point, you cant go wrong. Especially with the deal Grizzly has going on for this summer that I unfortunately missed out on. You will not regret it!

joe V
Excellent! 05/29/2019 12:50:55 PM

Bought this a few weeks ago. What a great machine! The hardest setup task was breaking apart the wooden packing crate. It took less than 45 minutes to unpack, clean up, attach the control post, and confirm that tables and fence were all dead flat, and coplanar (all within .001", according to my Starrett 48" straight edge).

I've run 100 BF through it (hard maple and cherry, mostly). The spiral head is well worth the additional cost. The unit is quiet, vibration-free - easily passes the "nickel test", and cut quality is finish-ready.

The lever to adjust cut depth (table height) moves smoothly, and it's easy to change the cut by 1/64", once you get a feel for reading the gauge.

The 90 fence stop is pretty accurate, but I still re-check it for square if I move the fence for any reason. It's usually a tiny bit out. Not a big deal, since I mostly set-and-forget.

The mobile base is not as easy to use as the ones with the foot lever. Plan to use it for occasionally shifting the machine, nothing more. On the plus side, when not rolling, it's extremely stable.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great jointer 05/29/2019 2:12:00 AM

Been using this for about a month, best jointer I've used.

Anonymous Reviewer
Impressive!! 05/23/2019 6:57:44 PM

Just got this jointer a couple of weeks ago... arrived in perfect condition... checked infeed and outfeed tables... no adjustment necessary..tested it out on some pecan I had laying around the shop and very pleased how it turned out..

Gary C
Grizzly G0858 Jointer, this is a super jointer, mills wood like butter and easy to adjust! 05/22/2019 3:29:38 AM

I bought this jointer in Oct. 2018 and just now got around to setting it up. Have to say it was a little tough for me since it's the 1st jointer I've ever owned but I finally this morning got it running beautifully! So impressed by the finish on my wood and how quiet this machine is! Good job Grizzly!

Barry F
Very Nice 05/16/2019 2:03:38 PM

This review won't be so much about the performance of this machine because this is the first jointer that I have ever owned. So I guess there is good and bad technique when it comes to jointing? The jointer shipped very quickly and UPS freight was used as the shipper. I had two pieces of equipment delivered, a band saw and this jointer. Both showed no signs of damage and my driver carted them all the way to my garage for me from the road (160 feet). Nice! Anyway, the jointer was crated very well and after unpacking discovered there was no damage to the machine at all. So far, the only negative about the GO858 is the mobile base. It really only moves back and forth and on top of that, once you move it to where you are going to use it, you have to tighten 4 knobs to lock the wheels in place. When you go to move it again, you have to loosen all the knobs. If you are going to never move he machine I guess that is not an issue but for me because I have to move it every time I want to use it, it was a big deal. I ordered a Bear Crawl for it right from the get go. I got the smallest one and then purchased some rectangular tubing to extend it to fit the footprint of the G0858.

As for set up, a lot of times I read these reviews and the guys say "it was spot on right out of the box". Well, I guess the person that assemble mine must have done so at the end of their shift or something because mine was not spot on. I had to adjust the outfeed table to parallel with the cutter head and then the adjust the infeed to be parallel to the outfeed side. Instructions on how to do this were very good though and it just took some time.

I also had to set the fence for 90 and 45 degrees. I, like others, found that once you have your 90 set, if you move the fence to 45 and back to 90, it is not a perfect 90 anymore. Weird. I really don't think this will be an issue for ME though.

I did some test cuts with it and it was very quite (but again I have nothing to compare it to) and the jointed surface was very smooth. So far I am very happy with this machine and I would recommend it to anyone. Especially for the price.

Anonymous Reviewer
The best 05/11/2019 2:02:15 PM

I am new at woodworking and have been shopping for a jointer was going to buy a different brand but it was back ordered for a while so I gave grizzly a chance and Im so thankful I did I now own a grizzly jointer drill press and planer and I could only say that I am blown away with there service delivery and quality of there machines easy setup no hassle with the delivery and everything was precise very little adjustments I would definitely recommend to anyone

Thanks Grizzly
Eddie Thomasson

Anonymous Reviewer
Highly recommend 04/17/2019 11:19:26 AM

... waited years to update and couldnt be happier.. Setup was simple ... in specs right out of box ... low vibration low noise ... Ran oak/maple/walnut with no problem... great addition to shop at very reasonable price

Anonymous Reviewer
04/10/2019 2:54:21 PM

I've had this machine about a month now and have used it on some well figured maple, elm and walnut with excellent results. Since the machine came fully assembled with the exception of two bolts to turn the power switch right side up, 'assembly' was a breeze. The spiral cutterhead is quiet and works quite well. Table alignment needed no adjustment and the machine was well crated so that even though in transit someone had jabbed a forklift fork thru the crate a few inches, there was enough room in the crate there was no damage or contact with the machine. I wondered about the mobile base wheels being fixed for moving in the shop, but that is not a problem at all. If I want to turn a corner a bit to move it from the normal location where I keep it, it is easy to pick up on an end of the table enough to swing it around without affecting any table settings..

This machine was in stock in Washington a couple hundred miles away and shipping via UPS Freight had it to me in a couple days. My only caution with Grizzly, is to be careful if you order a machine not in stock and which is on back order. A Mortiser and chisels I ordered in November and were due in January were still not available in March. I finally selected a different machine which will arrive tomorrow, the chisels finally were in stock in early April and will arrive today. If the Mortiser is as good as the planer is, I will be a happy Grizzly customer, just aware that if I need it in a hurry, I order what is in stock.

Anonymous Reviewer
Very happy with this purchase 04/08/2019 12:40:41 PM

No feedback given

Larry H
Accurate & powerful 03/29/2019 12:31:20 PM

Ive had this jointer for 3 weeks. Have ran a good amount of lumber through it. Works flawlessly. The manual is very well written & illustrated. The spiral cutter head is awesome. Plenty of power. Runs very smoothly. Tables are flat (+or- .001). Tables were not coplanar, but its easily correctable, on this model w/ parallelogram tables. Make sure and have a quality straight edge (3-4) to check the tables. My only gripe was the shipment. UPS ltl freight said they forgot to put it on their truck. Not Grizzlies fault. Actually Grizzly shipped the same day of my purchase. It arrived at ups freight on a Friday, I received it the following Wednesday. In all it was 1 week from purchasing to receiving. Delivery driver was very professional. Once I asked, he brought it right into my shop.

Jerry G
Love this Jointer 03/20/2019 11:01:21 AM

Been using this Jointer since I unpacked it from the crate. It was set up perfect, came with all the part just had a small amount of assembly. As I have been move around the machine on it's mobile base it does not have any swivel casters on it. One of the wheels has failed already. Going to buy a good Shop Fox mobile base for it.

Anonymous Reviewer
03/19/2019 2:44:40 AM

I have had this jointer for a few days and run roughly 100bf through it so far. As a hobbyist I am extremely pleased with the jointer. I have found it to deliver excellent cut quality and accuracy. I will update this review if I have any future issues.

The jointer arrived in a plywood crate. The crate was in good condition and it looked like it had been handled with care. I was able to open the crate with a crowbar in a couple minutes at the end of my driveway. Getting the jointer out of the crate and on the ground was the hardest task of the setup. I had a neighbor help me. I would not recommend trying to do it alone. With the mobile base I had no trouble wheeling the jointer up my 30ft concrete driveway, across stress relief cracks, and into my garage workshop. The mobile base works well enough in a straight line along the length of the bed but isn't great at cornering. If you have a tight space you need to move it into or out of you should consider an upgraded base. The jointer was covered in plastic and the unpainted surfaces had a heavy grease on them to prevent rust. Mineral spirits had the grease cleaned off in minutes and I applied a coat of paste wax to the beds and fence to prevent rust and reduce friction with wood. I also attached the on/off switch which is just a single screw you have to install.

Calibration of the tables was quick. I used a Wood Peckers 36" SERX straight edge and feeler gauges to verify the flatness of the tables and fence. The tables across their length and corner to corner were dead flat and I could not fit a .002" feeler gauge between the straight edge and the tables. The fence had the slightest of twist from corner to corner as I could fit the .002" feeler gauge but not a .003" gauge between the straight edge and fence. That's plenty accurate for woodworking. I then raised the infeed table even with the outfeed table. I tested various positions of the straight edge across the table and could not fit my .002" feeler gauge between the straight edge and tables in any position. No table adjustments were necessary. I laid the straight edge across the tables and rotated the cutter head. Each cutter pulled the straight edge forward a fraction of an inch, just the way it should be.

I then calibrated the fence (Only the 90 as I don't use my jointer for bevels). I checked the fence for square using a Starrett 4" combo square and found it to be ever so slightly out of square. The fence relies on a stop block and screw for the 90 stop. Adjusting to square required loosening the lock nut of the screw, 1/8 twist, and re-tightening the lock nut. Done. Dead square.

With that I ran my first board, a piece of canary wood with several grain direction changes as a test to see how the machine performed. The machine was quiet and had no trouble with my shallow passes (I only remove 1/32nd per pass on a jointer). The machine also had zero vibration when I did the "quarter test" it passed with flying colors. After several passes my board had a face and an edge that were perfectly square. The jointer left zero tear out and a surface that felt smooth, somewhere between 120-150 grit sand paper. The only perceptible flaw is when I sighted down the board and held it up to the light I could see the lines that these helical heads are known for leaving. They were not perceptible by touch or under the light. A light finish sanding at 180 left the board ready for finish and removed the lines. In the boards I have since run I have not yet seen tear out in walnut or cherry.

Anonymous Reviewer
Buy it 03/16/2019 11:44:43 AM

I have been thrilled with this product. It came completely assembled in a crate and was very easy to set up. The tables were perfectly square and required zero adjustment. The 220 v motor is quiet, the serial cutter head puts a finish on the wood as if it was sanded with 120 grit. Dust collection works great as well Very satisfied.

Anonymous Reviewer
03/05/2019 10:33:29 PM

I received this machine a little over a week ago. All I can say is WOW. It arrived via UPS freight, undamaged and the UPS guys were nice enough to drag it into my garage. Talk about a beast of a crate. Almost 500lbs. It took 4 grown men with 4 heavy duty forearm lifting straps to carry it around my yard and into my basement shop. From there the top part of the crate unscrews and lifts off. Once we got it into place, it took about 10 minutes to get off all the oil on the metal parts. I put a 50" precision aluminum straight edge over the tables and they were perfectly co-planer. We turned the machine on according to the instructions and to say its quiet is an understatement. Its even quiet while planing hardwoods. The spiral head is a DREAM. I had some 2" thick by 7" wide by 48" long pecan slabs that needed to be squared up from rough cuts. This thing didn't even act like it was trying and produced a glass smooth finish. I originally had the G0490X on order (only for about a month) before I decided to upgrade to this one. I only upgraded to get the true spiral cutter and Taiwanese made machine. Best decision. For the extra $300 you get a true spiral head, Taiwan made and fully (almost) assembled machine. All you have to do is rotate the switch up and put in a screw! We had it moved, unboxed, and in place in my shop running in right around an hour. I did end up adding some padding to the blade guard so when it recoils back it doesn't slam against the fence. If you are on the fence (much like I was) about ordering this machine, all I can say is hurry up and order before they too go on back order. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

Anonymous Reviewer
The last jointer you will ever need. Impressive. 02/24/2019 6:37:47 PM

The G0858 Jointer arrived yesterday in a single, very large crate. I carefully opened the crate and saved all the crate pieces as suggested. The jointer is almost completely assembled. I just had to attach the switch pole. Other reviews did not mention much about unboxing and getting the jointer off the pallet. With one helper and one of those heavy appliance mover straps, the we moved jointer safely off the pallet and onto the floor of the shop. This is not a one-person job so have a friend available. The outfeed table appears to be about .002" below the cutters. I will fuss with that later if it becomes an issue. First test cuts were smooth. With wheels at all four corners, the jointer can be easily moved as necessary. Adjustment of the feet helps to keep the jointer from sliding. I noticed that the fence deflects a bit with the edge pass on rough stock after planing the first face. As others have noted, the fence should be checked for square any time it is moved. I spent some time building an extension cord out of 12-3 stock. The nearest 220 plug is about 20 feet away. The motor runs smoothly and seems to have plenty of power when face jointing. The buying and receiving experience with Grizzly sales folks and the UPS service was excellent.

Stephen S
02/22/2019 5:15:38 AM

I bought this jointer about 3 weeks ago for the sole purpose of milling down several hundred board feet of old stock, air dried walnut that I acquired from my brother-in-law and it has proved to be an excellent machine for the job. I spent three evenings after work in the shop for a total of about 5 or 6 hours unpacking, setting up, checking and adjusting the tables and fence as close as I could get them to dead level and co-planer. The results are excellent surface and edge jointing with a nice smooth finish coming off that spiral cutting head! Take that board over to the table saw and planer and you've got a nice S4S board that lays nice and flat on the machined surface of both my table saw and jointer and fit together well for edge glue up for larger panels!
This should elevate my woodworking projects to another level of accuracy. Seems like no matter how much you spend on wood, none of the boards are totally flat and square, therefore, most lumber will benefit from the milling process, even those purchased from a high end wood dealer. We happen to have several saw mills near where I live and by being able to purchase rough cut lumber and milling it down myself, the future cost of my materials should decrease considerably.

Fredrick R
02/13/2019 5:02:12 PM

I bought this jointer about a month ago and have logged only about 2 hours of use so far. However, it is just what I was hoping for. Silky smooth cuts on black walnut and much quieter than my prior machine (at least 20 years old) to the point that I don't perceive the need ear protection. But to really test the cut, I ran some 4A grade quilted maple (my nemesis) through at 1/16" and 1/32". There was very minor tear out at 1/16 and only subtle cross-grain protruding fibers at 1/32 -->> much improved from my old straight knife machine. This is my first jointer with lever adjustments to raise/lower the tables, and I am pleased. The levers are at least as easy to use as a wheel and move easily (so far).
Unloading was going to be a dilemma since I did not have ready access to helpers. However, since there are rollers underneath and with the use of some ramps in my shop, I was able to unload and move it myself from the crate. (64 y/o, 180 lbs and 5'8" = not burly)

Only one minor problem so far: there was some slight snipe. This was easily corrected by releasing the stop bolt underneath the outfeed table and raising it with the position lever.

The price was good for a parallelogram jointer with spiral cutterhead. I do not need overprice extra bells and whistles.

Wayne M
Beautiful piece of machinery 01/31/2019 10:35:43 PM

After waiting a year for the Chinese made 8 jointers that were never in stock I decided to buy the G0858 and although it was a little more than I wanted to spend Im glad that I did. It was shipped out in 2 days and I had it in a week. After removing the top and sides of the crate I installed the lifting hooks and lowered it into my shop. After reading all the reviews of the older jointers where you had to install the motor, lineup the belt and attach the cabinet I couldnt believe this was completely assembled except for screwing in the fence handle and tilting up the on/off control. Spent about an hour checking everything and it was spot on right out of the box.

Anonymous Reviewer
Amazing tool! Amazing value! 01/26/2019 3:08:15 PM

I had some reservations about getting this, but boy am I happy I did. Price was great and once I got the jointer it's incredible. Cuts like butter, quiet, powerful, and accurate. If you are in the market for a jointer this is a great option and you will not be disappointed!

Anonymous Reviewer
Super Jointer! 01/21/2019 5:27:33 PM

To cut to the chase, I am very pleased with this jointer, and with Grizzly. I did have some reservations in the beginning based on my pre purchase research. I read the nightmarish comments regarding shipping and back order fiascos. In fact the initial jointer I had selected, and ordered was on "back order", and when I called to get an approximate shipping date, I was given a date eleven months in the future. That wasn't going to work for me so I cancelled that order and waited a few days, and this jointer showed in stock and available for immediate shipment (it hadn't shown available previously). I am very pleased with this product. It arrived within ten days of ordering, and the fright driver had it unloaded, and brought to my garage door before I even knew he had arrived. The jointer was crated very well, with only some minor damage to the crate (which I photo'd and documented on the bill of laden prior to signing). Assembly was straight forward and relatively quick. I have now been using it for several weeks, and the results I am achieving have exceeded my expectations. Overall a great machine which I highly recommend.

Anonymous Reviewer
Awesome! 01/21/2019 11:51:11 AM

Couldnt wait to upgrade my jointer. Great product right out of the box. Was pretty much dead on. Very little adjustment needed. The spiral cutter head is so smooth. No more wrecking a full set of knives on a nail that got away.

Gregory L
Amazing jointer!!! Fully recommend!!! 01/17/2019 5:00:17 AM

I didn't consider the G0858 until my order for the G0490 kept being backordered later and later - but I couldn't be happier that it was! I LOVE the G0858!

First, I was a bit confused when the UPS Freight driver only had one crate for me, though a very large one. I opened the crate before he left to verify what was inside, and inside was the G0858 jointer completely assembled - a quite pleasant surprise that I had missed in the description! Second, the jointer beds required very little adjustment. I went through each step, but didn't have to adjust much at all. Third, the spiral cutterhead on the G0858 is a true spiral cutterhead (looks just like a Shelix) unlike other jointers where the "spiral" cutterhead isn't spiral, but those individual carbide cutters are square to the rotation of the cutterhead. The G0858's carbide cutters are slightly angled to give that true "shearing"cut.

As far as performance, I've jointed about 60bf or 4/4 walnut so far, and it's performance has exceeded my expectations. I don't have a single thing I'd like to improve about it. I would absolutely buy the G0858 again and would recommend it to anyone looking to buy an 8-inch jointer.

Barry D
Beyond pleased. 01/16/2019 12:06:09 PM

I struggled with the decision on the G0858. The G0490X has been on the market for a long time and is well recommended. The 490 is made in China and has tariffs, the 858 is made in Taiwan and has no tariffs, and the G0858 is a new product, so there is no history. I spoke with Grizzlys technicians and they couldnt offer much because they had not seen one to examine it.

But the 490X stays back ordered and I needed a jointer so I bit the bullet. I am totally pleased. It comes already assembled and well crated. It took longer to uncrate than it did to bolt on the switch and it was ready to go. I had a tractor to lift it, but chose to leverage it off the crate rather than risk bumping the tables. It is adjusted perfectly and operates very smoothly with power to spare, and leaves an outstanding smooth finish. No regret on this decision at all.

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent jointer! Needed a bit of setup. 01/15/2019 2:28:19 AM

I was in the market for an 8" jointer to replace my old 6" Delta and decided on this one since the G0490x was out of stock. It need some initial adjustments to get it tuned up bit but once that was done it works great. The biggest problem was that I was getting light ridges from the spiral cutterhead. This was remedied by removing all the inserts, blowing off the cutterhead with compressed air to remove any debris, cleaning the inserts and reinstalling them with a torque wrench set to 50 lbs. Once that was done, the work pieces come out very smooth. The fence seems to stay square when adjusting but i'll keep my eye on this as this seemed to be a common issue with the G0490x. So far, I'm very happy and impressed.

terry T
Love this manhine 01/06/2019 8:53:38 PM

Best deal on the internet hands down. I put dial indicator base on the indeed table and read dial indicator off out feed table three thousandth of a inch off I can live with it. I also did a test run on some maple i had it work perfectly.

Anonymous Reviewer
Couldn't be more satisfied 01/01/2019 11:56:03 PM

Great fit and finish from this made in Taiwan machine, all bare metal was coated with light oil and plastic wrap, easily cleaned with a dry towel. The machine comes with lifting hooks and is wired and assembled from factory( the only thing you need to do is install bracket and switch with two bolts) . Machine was perfectly co planner right out of box and with a quarter turn on the outfeed table stop virtually eliminated all snipe on perfectly smooth finish, the fence easily and smoothly adjusts , making you actually enjoy using it. The only slight criticism I'd give is that although the machine easily rolls on the locking casters is that they don't swivel making it awkward to move around, in my case it has its home and I don't move it anyway. I don't think you can get a better machine for the money.

Anonymous Reviewer
Very pleased 12/28/2018 5:11:26 PM

I'm very pleased with this item so far. I've been a pattern maker for over 40 years and have used numerous old industrial jointers. This jointer is very well made and worked properly right out of the crate. My pattern shop has very limited space so the mobility of this tool is important. This is my third power tool I've gotten from Grizzly and have been pleased with all of them.

My only issue is the availability of jointers from Grizzly. I've been trying to buy one for a year and finally saw they were available for a short time period. This is an issue Grizzly needs to deal with.

Anonymous Reviewer
12/20/2018 11:04:09 PM

Got mine early in december, very impressed with the fit and finish from a made in Taiwan machine, tables were perfect co planer right out of the box. The fully already wired power switch and arm just needed to be bolted on to the stand(easier shipping), they supply two lifting hooks to lift the machine off the pallet. Very happy with power and cut, my first task was to mill a walnut log approximately 6 inches square and the finish of cut is near flawless. Love the way the fence adjusts smoothly with the turn of a knob. All bare metal was coated with light oil and plastic wrap which was easily cleaned with a towel. The only small criticism I would give is although the wheels roll so smooth you can move the machine with one hand they only roll straight so you have to slide sideways to turn, but most like me will probably not move the machine often. So far love it!

Jeffry S
EXTREMELY IMPRESSED 12/15/2018 10:54:25 PM

I just got through setting up my new jointer. It arrived fully assembled and ready to go. I was very impressed! After waiting so long - I must say I'm so glad I did. The spiral cutter is a huge improvement as well as the parallelogram table! I will never go back to the dovetails! And my shop is filled with all Grizzly products, so couldn't be happier!