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G1023RLX 10" 3 HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw with Extension Table

The saw you want for maximum cutting capacity.

The Grizzly G1023RLX 10" 3 HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw was awarded Top Value by WOOD Magazine for its combination of features including its larger rip capacity, better dust collection and sturdier table legs than the competition.

Additionally, this machine features a quick-release blade guard, interchangeable riving knife, encapsulated-blade dust extraction and a highly efficient serpentine belt/pulley system that runs much quieter and smoother than its predecessor.

This left-tilting table saw includes the tremendously popular Shop Fox® Classic fence and heavy-duty extension table. Best of all, everything is included for one low price, making this one of the greatest package deals available anywhere.

Like all Grizzly table saws, the G1023RLX comes with a 1-year warranty which covers parts and assures the unit is free from factory defects. (Consumables are not covered by the warranty.)

The G1023RLX manual was written by our U.S. based Technical Documentation Department and is packed with useful information. The complete and easy to read manual makes it easier to assemble and maintain your saw.

The Grizzly Customer Service and Technical Support Teams are U.S. based. Parts and accessories for the table saw are available on-line and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.

CSA certified


  • Motor: 3 HP, 240V, single-phase, 14A
  • Rip capacity: 53" right, 8" left of blade
  • Max. depth of cut @ 90°: 3"
  • Max. depth of cut @ 45°: 2-1/8"
  • Table size with extension: 74" W x 27" D
  • Distance from front of table to center of blade: 17"
  • Distance from front of table to blade at max. cut: 12"
  • Floor-to-table height: 34"
  • Arbor diameter: 5/8"
  • Arbor speed: 4200 RPM
  • Max. width of dado: 13/16"
  • Dust port size: 4"
  • Overall dimensions: 84" W x 47" D x 39-3/4" H
  • Footprint: 20-1/2" x 20-1/2"
  • Approximate shipping weight: 550 lbs.


  • Extra-large 44" x 27" extension table
  • Extra-large handwheels ease arbor movement
  • Quickly changes between riving knife and blade guard
  • Locking magnetic switch includes padlock and key to prevent unauthorized use
  • Large safety STOP paddle
  • One-piece steel cabinet type stand
  • All sealed ball-bearing construction
  • Poly-V serpentine belt transfers power more efficiently and with less noise than standard V-belts
  • Underside of blade encapsulated for superior dust collection
  • Includes 10" x 40T blade!

38 Customer Reviews(4.7 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
08/05/2020 5:47:19 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
07/27/2020 12:06:02 AM

I'v been using a grizzly contractor saw for over 30 years and have pushed many miles of wood through it,from pine to purple heart and its done everything i have asked it to with gusto! Just got a shop space over 3000 sf and decided to upgrade to a cabinet saw and got this saw to be the main saw for the shop. So far it's been great! for the price and quality you will be hard pressed to find a better deal!

Anonymous Reviewer
Great table saw! 06/27/2020 11:44:02 AM

They say that a table saw is the cornerstone of any woodshop. For 40 years I have had access to good table saws at the schools where I have worked. When I retired last year, I lost that access and only had a 10 inch contractors table saw, which was nice and efficient. I purchased the G1023RLX and I am back to using a very powerful and precise tool. I am delighted with it....and the price was perhaps the best part! I looked for months and months on ebay and other sites trying to find a used one. I found plenty of the ones that qualified, but the prices were anywhere from 1200 to 2500 and all required personal pick up. I bought the Grizzly for 1795.00 and the shipping was 150 bucks... delivered to my garage. It was an easy decision.

I called the company with questions prior to the delivery regarding table size, power requirements and state of the product when delivered. Each time their sales personnel were extremely accommodating and informative.

I could not be any happier with this purchase and I will recommend Grizzly to anyone in need of industrial machinery. I daresay this will not be my last purchase from this company.

Great product, great pricing, great service!

Tim Puntarelli

Anonymous Reviewer
I wish I would have bought this saw sooner! 06/01/2020 11:32:22 AM

I mainly bought this saw for the left tilt. I'd bought a Delta Unisaw, but it had right tilt; for over 20 years I'd used a left tilt and couldn't get used to the right tilt. The new Grizzly runs so smooth, not only motor wise, but blade height and tilt are very smooth and easy to use. I built a large outfeed table to easily handle sheet goods, and this saw is everything I could ask for. This is my second Grizzly (large machine) purchase and I intend to replace all my big machines with Grizzly.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/15/2020 1:10:08 PM

No feedback given

Brennan L
Wonderful saw! 05/08/2020 12:49:52 AM

I purchased this saw a month ago and have had no issues. Set up was cake, alignment for the saw blade was dead-on, and the fence was only about a 1/16 off before adjustment. Extra rip capacity is great. The only thing I don't care for is the 10 seconds it takes for the blade to come to a stop, but it really isn't that big of a deal. Great product.

Terry C
Amazing saw! 04/20/2020 3:41:56 AM

The saw and all of the parts were well packaged, but the shipping company still tore up one of the boxes. Thankfully Grizzly customer service worked with me and got everything straightened out very quickly and professionally. The saw takes some time to set up, be sure to have someone to help if you put this on a mobile base. Every part of this saw is quality. The settings were spot on from the factory and the manual is easy to understand and covers everything you need to know. Buy yourself a long SJOOW power cord if you aren't going to be near a power supply. I upgraded from a 1 1/2HP contractor saw and I can't even compare, the 3HP is so powerful and doesn't flinch when putting 8/4 black walnut through it at a regular feed rate. I can't speak highly enough about this saw, I just wish I purchased this sooner. Thanks Grizzly, I love this saw!

Tom N
Just replaced an older saw with this 04/14/2020 8:11:08 PM

I bought this saw to replace an older 2hp hybrid saw. It came in 10 days (not too shabby given the current pandemic). Setup took longer than I thought but i was careful to follow the directions and ended up having to take it back apart to some degree as the instructions for the rails and extension table are not accurate (after reading other reviews I now know I am not alone here). After taking things back apart to allow fitment of the MDF-based extension table, I was able to get it all back together and ready to power up. I put the included new 40T blade on and immediate bent the arbor lock wrench (the open-ended one) while tightening the arbor not. I called Grizzly and they are sending me a new one (hopefully a hardened one and not the cheap pot metal that came with the saw). I was then able to power it on and it's so dang quite and less than 0 vibrations..... I gave it four stars but if/when I decide I love this thing, I'll come back to make it 5.

Anonymous Reviewer
10/04/2019 1:00:15 PM

No feedback given

Timothy H
10/03/2019 11:22:57 AM

No feedback given

Michael W
Love it! 09/16/2019 2:30:20 PM

I have had the saw for about a month now and I am very happy with it. Big upgrade from my Rigid contractor table saw. Just finished cutting up 4X8 sheets of plywood by myself. The extension table and extra rip capacity make it a breese. The shipping and installation is a little more involved than buying a box at a store, but well worth it. This saw is a heavy beast! The freight company did some minor damage to the fence rails, but I was able to hand file the dings and make them smooth again for the fence slide. Overall I am very happy with the saw.

Ryan W
07/16/2019 1:54:36 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Very nice machine. 06/13/2019 1:56:57 PM

This saw replaced a dewalt portable saw that I have used for years. This saw is amazing, very smooth and everything was very aligned right out of the box. Saia was a little hard on the boxes during delivery, but the machine was fine just missing a bad of parts. Grizzly sent me the missing parts the next day. Very good company to deal with.

Anonymous Reviewer
Runs like a TOP, once you get it all dialed in. 05/11/2019 3:25:03 PM

Once the blade alignment issues were addressed this beast is exactly what I've been anticipating. Be sure to take the table top off, align the blade with the housing by adjusting the trunnions, then re-install the table top and align the blade with the miter slots before you add rails as suggested in the manual. This has been brought to the attention of the techies and should not be an issue in the near future.

The right side table has leg adjustment issues that have been brought to the attention of the techies as well, so I don't think that will be an issue much longer either. The leg bolt holes on the rail should be slotted, not fixed, allowing for adjustment. If not adjusted the table will set higher than needed on the far right end.

These issues were brought to the management's attention and were addressed to my satisfaction, they made good on these issues and their support has been outstanding. If you're mechanically inclined you will get this beast up and running in no time. I am very happy with my Grizzly now.

Gregg S
Great Saw 11/01/2018 5:54:38 PM

I bought this saw a month ago. Great saw, the only problem was the extension table top was very poorly made but called Grizzly and a new one was sent. Great service.

mike R
love it 11/01/2018 3:04:19 PM

wish i had bought this saw 10 years ago. went together great. little fine tuning to do. everything was almost perfect. wish there was hooks or slots for the miter gauge, wrenches, and dado insert.

Anonymous Reviewer
Beast of a saw! 10/05/2018 3:27:22 PM

I love to work with wood building toys and things for my grandchildren, family and friends. A couple of months ago I pulled the trigger and bought this G1023RXL table saw. I am very happy I did. There was only one issue with the saw upon delivery. The front tube rail was bent. After contacting costumer service, they immediately shipped me another one. Now all is good! Also, putting everything together was a piece of cake. Thank you Grizzly.

Troy W
My Final Saw! 06/22/2018 1:10:06 AM

Very happy with the quality and performance of this saw. I have been using a Craftsman for over 20 years, and the Grizzly is in a different league. The only issue I had setting it up was to fine tune the extension table. It seemed to have a slight bow in it, but was able to flatten it with strategically loosening/tightening the rail bolts, and using a hammer and board (high tech stuff). The settings for the blade, fence... were right on, or close enough out of the box. Speaking of boxes, the rail box in delivery was a bit damaged when received (about two feet of rail was exposed). A small gash is on the rail, but it is hidden and doesnt cause any issues.

Overall a great saw!

Gary D
05/19/2018 12:50:05 PM

Very happy with the saw. Easy assembly with few adjustments to make everything square.

robert K
Nice machine 05/14/2018 12:01:53 PM

Full power, heavy, nice fence. Only complaint is the extension table. Its made of particle board and not well made.

Anonymous Reviewer
04/18/2018 4:21:37 PM

I am very pleased with my Grizzly saw general contractor nice delivery very good product

Russ P
Good Saw, Great Value 04/06/2018 6:44:35 PM

I had to wait a while for this one as it was back ordered, but it was worth the wait. I'm quite pleased with it. I would give it a 4 1/2 if I could. Delivery by UPS freight was great. I have a very long driveway that I was sure no semi driver was going to want to back down, so I had it delivered to my work, and paid the extra few bucks for lift gate service. The UPS driver used the lift gate to put the saw directly into the bed of a pick-up truck which I was able to then drive right to my front door. With the help of 3 other guys, I was able to get it down the stairs and into my basement shop. It came in 5 boxes. 4 of them were quite manageable for one person, the 5th was the main part of the saw and it weighed just over 400 pounds. I only have a 30 inch wide stairway leading to my shop, but it fit with 1/2 inch or so to spare. Un-boxing and assembly went pretty well. The saw and all it's parts were in immaculate condition. Fit and finish were near perfect and better than I expected for the price paid. It was set up very well out of the box. The table and the wing were as flat as I've ever seen when checked with a machinists straight edge. The parallelism between blade and miter slots were within 1/1000. I didn't think I could get it any better, so I left it. The 90 degree stop was perfect. The 45 degree stop was off by a degree. The fence was off by 1/4 of a degree. Adjustments were easily performed. There were 2 minor issues during assembly. First was on the left side cast iron wing. There was a hole in the front side of the wing a couple inches from the far left side that was supposed to be counter-sunk. The hole was used to attach the on/off switch, but it was necessary for the bolt provided to be either totally flush, or slightly recessed, otherwise it would interfere with the installation of the front rail. There was a corresponding hole on the back side of the wing that didn't end out getting used for anything, and it was countersunk. My guess is that they accidentally countersunk the back one instead of the front one. Fortunately, I had the right drill bit on hand to countersink the front side and was able to continue on. The second issue was really just an irritation. At one point during the installation of the extension table, I had to go back and undo a few steps that the instructions had already had me complete. It was a waste of maybe 10 minutes, but it was an unnecessary delay as all they have to do is make a change to the assembly instructions. Once assembled and fine tuned, I powered it up. It was quiet, solid, vibration free, and extremely powerful. The dust collection is excellent. It is a joy to use and it's a beautiful saw. I was also pleased to see it came with a dado insert as they could easily have tried to made an extra $40 on that. Beyond the two minor problems during assembly, I have 3 other minor complaints:1) The thickness of the extension table. If you are just going to use it as an extension table for your saw, it's perfectly adequate. But if as I intend, you want to drop a router lift in it, you should plan on making your own table or gluing another layer of MDF to the bottom of the one they provide. I knew I would be getting MDF, I just thought it would be a full 3/4 thick with the melamine on top of that. What I got was about 21/32 including the melamine. By the time I take out 3/8 inch for the router lift plate, I don't feel like that's enough material to support the lift and the router. 2) very awkward getting to the release button for the riving knife/blade guard. I generally just leave the riving knife in, so not a big deal for me, but if you switch between a blade guard and a riving knife often, this will probably be a frustration for you. 3) I wish the power button were easier to find. Maybe I'll eventually find it by feel, but after a month, I still find myself having to take a step back from the saw and visually find the power button to turn the saw on. This is not true of the power OFF button. It is a large red paddle switch that is easily found without looking. All in all, I am very pleased. I think it is a better saw than others that sell for quite a bit more. I would take it over a Jet or a Delta any day. If money was no object, I suppose Powermatic might have the edge, but let's face it, for most of us....money is an object. At this point, I have a jointer, band saw, dust collector, and table saw all by Grizzly. When you take quality, parts availability, service, and price all into account, I don't think you can do better. Unless something changes for the worse, I will continue to buy Grizzly for all my large woodworking tools.

Andre C
04/01/2018 12:07:14 PM

No feedback given

Larry S
Good product but 2 minor problems 02/12/2018 1:31:16 PM

This is a good saw but we have had two problems. We had to replace the extension table as it is made out of flimsy 1/2" MDF. We replaced it with 3/4" melamine coated plywood. We also had to replace the arbor wrench wrench as the open end arms failed. We had a local metal shop cut one out of 3/16" steel with wider arms for greater strength.

David R
Great product 01/10/2018 1:47:42 PM

No feedback given

Dave E
Good saw 10/28/2017 2:32:45 AM

I bought this saw as a second saw for my workshop. I have 2 complaints with this saw. The first is the crank on the blade height adjuster is VERY HARD to turn. Sometimes I have to get down on a chair so I can get enough leverage to turn the crank. My delta Unisaw (which I have had for many years) adjusts very easily. I can spin the crank with one hand.

My second complaint is the time it takes for this saw to stop after it is turned off. It spins forever. It should have a brake like my radial arm saw. My Unisaw stops in about 5 seconds. This one takes about 15. That doesn't sound like much but when you stand their all day long waiting for it, it gets real old real fast.

I make kitchen cabinets and my saws run all day long. All in all this is a nice saw, just not as good as it could be.

Bill K
10/25/2017 4:16:23 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Products 07/26/2017 2:22:02 PM

I owned a business and I had many tools from Grizzly most tools were over 25 years old and they all still worked with not many problems and I sold them all at a auction and moved out of the state. Now I need a few tools for my personal use and I will buy all Grizzly Tools again. I have not used the table saw yet waiting on getting the electric hooked up in my garage.

Milton H
07/05/2017 4:10:35 PM

Saw is great would recommend this saw. Just wish your costumer service was as good as the saw. The worst service ever in my 65 years on plant earth. Much to much to write about. Happy sawing

Anonymous Reviewer
Received my saw and it was missing parts no one seemed to care. Otherwise it's a great saw. 07/02/2017 6:31:31 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
06/03/2017 11:47:07 PM

No feedback given

Roberto P
06/02/2017 2:06:10 AM

No feedback given

Tim B
Good for the price 05/06/2017 10:19:50 AM

Have had this saw for a month now and operates as advertised. Wasn't happy to find out the extension wing was a melamine mdf, a warped one at that. This will probably not last long as we cut a lot of sheet goods and will have to order a steel replacement in a year. Overall a decent saw.

Anonymous Reviewer
G123RLX 01/26/2017 12:15:17 PM

the table saw is amazing. plenty of power with a quiet motor. I was not happy with the assembly. I had two manuals telling me different things and in the end I had to buy new hardware to make the table legs work correctly. The blade and the main table align perfectly without adjustment so that was great to see.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 12:44:56 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Awesome 01/26/2017 12:05:19 AM

This has been great so far i really like it . I would recommend this to anyone .

Bruce S.
couldn't be happier. 04/09/2016 11:34:20 PM

I got my saw a few weeks ago and now have it set up and running. I went to check the alignment and got a surprise. I put my dial indicator on the blade to check the run out and the needle did not move. I thought my indicator was stuck, but it wasn't. It was dead on. I checked the other alignments and they were all right on the money. The saw was easy to set up, even by myself with no help. I could not be happier. The fence was very good, better than what I was used to. The only thing I could see that could be better was the curser. The parallax was more than I would like to see. Thanks for a great saw.

INSPIRED Wood Designs
Not just good, GREAT! 11/06/2015 6:11:43 AM

I got more than I paid for and better than anything else twice it's price. I've been a professional Industrial Maintenance Tech for many years, and setting up machines is nothing new to me. Set up with this was a bit more difficult than I expected until I went out and replace all of the SAE ungraded nuts and bolts with quality grade 8 plated hardware. After doing that set up was a breeze and everything dialed in perfectly. If it wasn't for the ungraded hardware, I would give it a 5+, but as it comes in the crate I'll give it a 4.5.
Just change out the hardware and you'll have a GREAT machine. Only one small gripe from me is something to brag about for sure.

Q & A

Common Questions and Answers about the G1023RLX:

Q: What are the main differences between the G1023RL-Series and the G0690-Series table saws?

A:Aside from color and outward appearances, there are 6 primary differences between these series of machines: the drive system, dust extraction components, switch lock-ability, blade guard spreader/riving knife release mechanism, the fence, and the country of origin.

Q: What is the difference between the G1023RL-Series and G0690-Series belt-drive systems?

A:The G1023RL-series features a poly-V "Serpentine" belt-drive system, which is quieter and transfers power more efficiently than a standard single V-belt drive system. The G0690-series features a triple V-belt drive system, which does a better job of maintaining a consistent transfer of power when under load than a standard single V-belt drive system.

Q: What is the difference between the G1023RL-Series and G0690-Series dust extraction systems?

A:The G1023RL-series encapsulates the underside of the blade with a dust hood that is connected directly to the dust port via an internal dust hose. This allows a dust collector to remove the majority of dust that falls through the table, and it helps keep the other components inside the cabinet clean. This system requires less cleaning and maintenance than that of saws where the dust falls straight through to the bottom of the cabinet. The G0690-series has a fully-enclosed cabinet with a sloped bottom that allows gravity to direct incoming dust toward the dust port.

Q: What is the difference between the G1023RL-Series and G0690-Series mag switches?

A:The G1023RL-series features a lockable mag switch with an included key-lock padlock. The G0690-series features a mag switch that can also be disabled from accidental use with a special pin, but it does not accommodate a padlock, so it can't be completely locked.

Q: What is the difference between the G1023RL-Series and G0690-Series blade guard spreader/riving knife release mechanism?

A:The G1023RL-series is equipped with a quick-release lever to unlock/lock the spreader/riving knife when changing between blade guards. The G0690-series is equipped with an easily-accessible knurled knob that unlocks/locks the spreader/riving knife with a quick rotation.

Q: What is the difference between the G1023RL-Series and G0690-Series fence?

A:The G1023RL-series features the hugely popular Shop Fox Classic Fence, which has been a customer favorite for nearly two decades due to its adjustment simplicity and performance reliability. The G0690-series fence is very similar to the Shop Fox Classic Fence in all ways, except that it locks against the front rail on three sides instead of two. Aside from allowing it to lock more firmly in place, the added side of rail contact also provides an additional axis of adjustability when calibrating fence accuracy.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: How do I know which size of motor I'll need for my table saw?

A:Assuming the correct blade is installed for any specific type of cut, the answer primarily depends on these three factors: (1) your average stock thickness, (2) your typical wood type or variety, and (3) your anticipated cutting frequency or overall demands placed on the saw. First, it is important to note that with a slow enough feed rate, any of our table saws can cut through a piece of hardwood up to that saw's maximum cutting height. Unfortunately, using too slow of a feed rate can result in burn marks in your workpiece, and using a feed rate that is so aggressive that it causes a motor to bog down will quickly increase the motor's internal temperature to a state of thermal breakdown. Once a motor reaches this state, continued operation (without allowing sufficient cool-down time between cuts) will result in the motor becoming so hot that its winding insulation will completely fail and the motor will die. A larger motor, however, could easily perform the exact same type of work without ever reaching a state of thermal breakdown. With that in mind, your goal should be to select a motor size that will handle the majority of what you'll be cutting on a regular basis, without bogging the motor down. To translate this into a more practical perspective, generally speaking, a 1.5 HP motor used with an aggressive feed rate can repeatedly cut 6/4 (1.5") soft woods and 4/4 (1") hardwoods without bogging down. A 3 HP motor, on the other hand, can repeatedly cut the same type of stock with the same type of feed rate at approximately twice that size without bogging down.

Q: What are the differences between contractor, hybrid, and cabinet saws?

A:A "Contractor" table saw is generally a light-duty saw with an open-stand and is usually equipped with a 1.5 HP to 2 HP motor that can be operated on a common 120V power supply, making it portable and convenient enough to take from jobsite to jobsite for carpentry work, trim work, and small cabinetry or furniture work. To keep the weight down, contractor saws often use sheet-metal wings instead of cast-iron wings, and their trunnions and other internal components use less cast iron or steel, making them much less beefy than those same components used in cabinet saws. A few other typical hallmarks of contractor saws are non-enclosed motors (making them slightly louder and sometimes resulting in a lack of dust collection) and trunnions mounted to the bottom of the table instead of the cabinet (making them slightly more difficult to align the blade to the miter slot or fence). The lighter-duty components used in their construction typically means that contractor saws also cost less than other saw types. The low cost, high portability, and convenience of operating on a 120V power supply, combined with included fence systems that often rival those used on cabinet saws, has historically made the contractor saw a favorite option for the hobbyist or beginning woodworker. A "Cabinet" table saw is a heavy-duty saw with an enclosed cabinet-style stand and usually a 3 HP or larger motor that operates on a 240V power supply, making it the top choice for professional woodworkers, serious amateurs, or production shops that require day-in and day-out reliability and the ability to regularly cut thick hardwoods. Unlike contractor saws, cabinet saws have much thicker castings for the trunnions and arbor assembly, which attach to the cabinet instead of the table (making blade alignment adjustments easier), and they usually have full cast-iron wings, which combined with the beefier trunnions and heavy cabinet stand, give them a lot more vibration-dampening weight. Additionally, the enclosed cabinet stands result in quieter operation and usually have much better dust collection. A "Hybrid" table saw is a newer category of saw that is considered to be a cross between a contractor saw and a cabinet saw. Like cabinet saws, hybrid saws typically have cabinets or stands with enclosed motors (providing quieter operation and easier dust collection) and trunnions that mount to the stand (making blade alignment adjustments easier). Like contractor saws, hybrids are generally constructed with lighter-duty components and materials (keeping costs and overall weight down), and they are usually equipped with 1.5 HP to 2 HP motors (allowing them to operate on a common 120V power supply). Because hybrid saws are often priced near contractor saws and they offer many of the additional benefits that cabinet saws provide over contractor saws, they are quickly becoming the saw of choice for the serious hobbyist or the professional woodworker on a budget.

Q: How do I know what type of blade I should buy?

A:Blade choice is determined by the type and purpose of cut, hardness and thickness of stock, and desired trade-offs between cutting speed versus cut quality. Generally speaking, a blade with fewer teeth cuts faster but makes a lower quality cut, and a blade with more teeth cuts slower but makes a higher quality cut. We offer a wide variety of blades from a handful of different manufacturers. All of our blades are clearly designated by either blade function, cut type, or material type.

Q: What is the purpose of the riving knife?

A:The riving knife is used for non-through cuts. It is a metal plate positioned in alignment behind the blade to prevent the newly-cut workpiece sides from pinching on or pushing against the backside of the blade and causing kickback. The riving knife also acts as a barrier behind the blade to reduce the risk of hands being pulled into the blade if they are positioned incorrectly when kickback occurs.

Q: Can I still use my table saw without connecting it to a dust collector?

A:Yes, but we don't recommend it. Without using a dust collector, the dust will quickly pile up inside and around your machine, resulting in additional cleaning time later. Besides making a mess, fine dust can be harmful to your respiratory system. A better choice is to connect your table saw to a properly-designed dust collection system that at least pulls the recommended minimum CFM for your saw's dust port.

Q: Can I cut metal or other non-wood materials with your table saws?

A:Although our table saws will physically cut many different types of materials, they are only designed to cut natural wood or wood-based materials (plywood, MDF, OSB, etc.). Cutting materials not intended to be cut on a woodworking table saw can result in serious injury to the operator or bystanders, and it could decrease the life of the saw and void the warranty.