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This heavy-duty floor model drill press is the mainstay in any shop with 12 speeds and powerful 3/4 HP motor. Features crank handle operated rack and pinion vertical table movement, cushioned grip quill handles, built-in light, and the table has lock levers and a coolant trough. A very popular machine!

Made in an ISO 9001 Factory

CSA certified meeting CSA C22.2 #71.2-10 and UL 987-8th Edition standards!


  • Motor: 3/4 HP, single-phase, 120V, 9A
  • Footprint: 18" x 11"
  • Overall height: 64"
  • Spindle travel: 3-1/4"
  • Number of speeds: 12 (140, 260, 320, 380, 480, 540, 980, 1160, 1510, 1650, 2180, 3050 RPM)
  • Collar size: 2.595"
  • Drill chuck: 3/64"-5/8"
  • Spindle taper: MT #2
  • Swing: 14"
  • Drilling capacity: 3/4" steel
  • Precision-ground cast iron table
  • Table size: 11-3/8" x 11-3/8"
  • Table swing: 360 Deg.
  • Table tilts: 90 Deg. left and right
  • Approximate shipping weight: 156 lbs.
  • Reviews

    27 Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

    Anonymous Reviewer
    07/01/2020 12:20:17 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    07/01/2020 10:22:11 AM

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    Anonymous Reviewer
    Nice, solid small shop drill press 05/23/2020 7:07:46 PM

    I like this drill press and am happy to have it in my shop. I don't care for the chuck and will look for a replacement. The chuck, guard, and key are awkward to use. The key seems too large for the chuck. The lid for the belt drive rattles and is not a good fit for the cavity. I have found the depth of stroke a little limiting with my cross-feed vise. The low speed range seems ideal for working with mild steel in normal sizes used for automotive fabrication.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Very happy with the drill press came as described. 05/21/2020 12:23:12 AM

    I was very skeptical on buying this press or any press site unseen. But I read all the reviews and bought this press very glad I did. Its a great press does everything I need and want.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Love product 05/09/2020 12:06:08 PM

    High quality good investment would recommend for anyones shop

    Thom W
    Absolutely phenomenal 05/06/2020 1:08:14 PM

    I purchased this drill press a few weeks ago to replace a very old and extremely heavy Dayton press that I sold three years ago when we moved. The instructions for assembly are like most tools a bit vague but it is an easy assembly to do. It is very easy to change speeds and table height but to tilt the table is a bit of a pain. Over all I love this drill press as well as all e other Grizzly items I have purchased for my shop and it will make client production items much more efficient and a lot less labor cost.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    OOPS 03/22/2020 1:42:12 AM

    I purchased this drill press from Grizzly relay company before Christmas 2019. Arrived in good condition; in the original unopened Chinese shipping crate. It works great, being used a lot more than I anticipated. No complaints from my son whom I bought it for (he didn't have a floor model drill press, just an inexpensive bench model that labored under 3/8" drill-bit). My son praises it every time I see him .
    I feel I made a mistake though, I should have bought the G07947 with the 17" swing, 1-1/2 hp motor and 4-3/4" spindle travel. These attributes would have been worth the extra. The larger base for better stability is an added feature as well.
    Recommendation: If you desire to buy a drill press - floor model or bench-top. Examine the stats closely to make your decision then, go one step larger; you will not regret it.
    Don't misinterpret this review, the G07944 is a good unit my son loves his. I just feel the G07947 would have been much better overall.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Love it ! 02/27/2020 12:27:12 AM

    This is a strong solid product that is safe and easy to change speeds.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Nice drill 02/26/2020 5:44:38 PM

    I bought this about a month ago and his has done everything I expected. Fast shipping and easy to assemble.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Powerful - gets the job done! 02/03/2020 1:35:46 PM

    Im very pleased with the quality and performance of this drill press. Be sure to bolt it down or extend the base. Otherwise, great drill press. It does what it is designed to do.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    01/01/2020 8:43:15 PM

    No feedback given

    Bill B
    12/06/2019 7:06:55 PM

    No feedback given

    mike R
    11/01/2019 2:52:14 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Great drill press 10/04/2019 12:57:01 PM

    This drill press seems to be very well constructed with nicely machined surfaces and easy to use controls. I chose this model because of the low rpm for large size drill bits. It runs quietly with no vibration. It was very well packaged and delivered in perfect condition.

    Lanny S
    07/13/2019 2:28:40 AM

    So far what I have the drill press it has worked great.

    Steven C
    Great Product 06/21/2019 2:34:32 PM

    This is our second G7944. Just right for manufacturing a product we're selling!

    bill G
    This is the third drill press I have owned in my lifetime and the highest quality machine yet. 04/19/2019 2:09:10 PM

    I have used this machine multiple times since I bought it and it has performed perfectly, no mater the material I am working with.

    Willard H
    03/02/2019 9:35:58 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Very well built 02/22/2019 11:44:20 AM

    No feedback given

    Carl F
    02/15/2019 5:33:00 PM

    Excellent drill press for the money. I did lots of research and looking before deciding on this Drill Press....I've not been disappointed. It does everything I've asked of it and more. My only perceived shortcoming is the 3.5inch max travel depth of the chuck, but other than that a great tool for the price.

    Great for the money! 02/15/2019 3:31:38 AM

    I purchased this drill press for metal and wood and so far it has worked really well. Assembly was easy enough with 1 person and took about 2hrs with cleaning , inspecting , and making any necessary adjustments. The belt cover is noisy but easy enough to fix. I haven't been able to put a dial indicator on it but it doesn't seem to have excessive run out. The table is flat and I like the t- slots. Overall I'm happy with it for the price.

    Thomas M
    The G7944 is a really nice drill press! 04/26/2018 11:48:07 PM

    For the money it will be hard to beat this drill press, and over all I am very pleased with it. I did a lot of research before deciding on the G7944 and for me the biggest factor
    was the rpm range, which starts at 140rpm and goes up to 3050rpm it also has a 3/4hp motor, I plan to use this primarily as a metal working drill press. It's worked good so far
    on mild steel and brass and I've made a few things already.

    My particular drill press came well packaged and banded to a skid and was in perfect condition. I did a couple of things to mine to tweak it a little, first I cleaned up the T slots and
    stoned the table so to remove any burrs or high spots, second I tightened the quill nut a little to remove any play in the quill and greased it really good. The drill press runs fairly
    quite, the only thing that caused any vibration noise was the top cover over the belts, and I fixed that with some plastic tubing over the top lid latch, now it's all smooth no vibration. It is a well built press and I'm looking forward to making some stuff on it along with my G7052 lathe, and eventually I will be buying a small milling machine.

    So like I said for the money this is the drill press to beat, I would buy it again and recommend it.

    Mark A
    11/18/2017 12:37:44 AM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    10/11/2017 12:29:08 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    09/02/2017 2:31:10 PM

    Great drill press for the money. The table adjustment could be smoother but not a big deal. Happy with the purchase.

    wilfred L
    06/24/2017 3:31:29 AM

    I bought my equivalent Grizzly drill press, probably 25 yrs ago. I came to this site to refresh myself on belt adjustment. I love my drill press. I am now retired as a furniture maker, but did my most demanding drill job ever today! This machine is not built to high specs, but it gets the job done. Mine still works perfectly & I have never had to repair it.

    Today's job was boring a 3" thru hole in a 5" diameter round of Lignum Vitae, described as...
    "The wood was once very important for applications requiring a material with its extraordinary combination of strength, toughness, and density."
    It took 2 hours, but the drill press held up.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Great Drill! 01/26/2017 3:36:51 AM

    Bought this for my husband for Christmas! He loves it!!! Delivery was flawless