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Cut wood and metal with this 2 HP 17" Variable-Speed Combination Bandsaw.

We've taken all the best features from our vertical wood cutting bandsaws and added variable-speed blade control with two speed ranges to allow this Combination 17" Bandsaw to double as a wood-cutting and metal-cutting bandsaw with the power and cutting capacity to tackle just about anything!

You will find many other features that have made Grizzly bandsaws so popular with our customers such as an included cast-iron fence with extruded-aluminum rail and resaw fence attachment, rack & pinion upper guide adjustment, cast-iron trunnion, cast-iron wheels and rack & pinion table tilt control. This bandsaw has everything you could wish for, including variable speed!

The Grizzly G0640X Wood/Metal Cutting Bandsaw is covered by a one-year warranty that covers replacement parts and guards against factory defects. The G0640X is supported by a US-based product support team and replacement parts are available on-line and ship from our massive Parts Department in Springfield Missouri.

Made in an ISO 9001 factory


  • Motor: 2 HP, 220V, 3-phase, 8A (runs on single-phase, 220V)
  • Max. cutting width left of blade: 16-1/4"
  • Max. cutting height (resaw capacity): 12"
  • Blade guides: Double ball bearing upper & lower
  • Table size: 23-5/8" x 17-1/4"
  • Table tilt: 5° left, 45° right
  • Floor-to-table height: 37-1/2"
  • Blade size: 131-1/2" (1/8" - 1" wide)
  • Blade speed: Variable, 100 - 3600 FPM
  • Overall dimensions: 32" W x 32" D x 73" H
  • Footprint: 17-3/4" x 27"
  • Approximate shipping weight: 416 lbs.


  • Variable-speed control
  • Two 4" dust ports
  • Requires single-phase power
  • Left-and-right table tilting control
  • Rack & pinion adjustment on upper blade guide support
  • Precision-ground cast-iron table
  • Fully-balanced, cast-iron wheels with rubber tires
  • Quick-release blade tension
  • Includes rip fence and miter gauge
  • Rip fence features magnified cursor, dead lift quick-release, solid lever lock, and extruded-aluminum resaw fence that also transforms for cutting thin stock

31 Customer Reviews (4.8 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
04/08/2020 2:32:19 PM

I've had the bandsaw for a month. I am extremely pleased with it. It is well constructed with simple to use controls for adjustments. I cut steel (4130) and Aluminum (2024-T3 and 60601-T6) with it and there are no issues. I love the ease with changing the blade speed. The only minor thing to be aware of, is I also purchased a mobile base for it. The bottom door of the bandsaw can not open past one of the bolts that holds a base adjustment arm in place. So when I need to change a blade I have to remove that bolt. But the work around is easy and at some point I will add a 3/4" plywood spacer under the bandsaw to lift it up high enough over the bolt head. After years of working with a bench top 10" single speed band saw this one is a dream!

Anonymous Reviewer
Good wood/metal combination band saw 11/01/2019 5:13:38 PM

Works well on both materials. Easy to set up and get started. Setup instructions were a little disorganized so careful and thorough reading are required.

Randy F
10/07/2019 2:56:12 PM

Works great, so quite you hardly know Its running. It cuts smooth on metal and wood. Blade changes are quick


Anonymous Reviewer
Great Bandsaw. 09/04/2019 11:42:40 PM

This bandsaw is great. So far I have only used it to cut metal but it has exceeded my expectations in every way. The set up was quick and painless. The saw cut straight and true first cut after following the manuals set up procedure. The saw arrived in a solid crate, but was put on a less than great pallet by the shipping company. Apparently the crate could not be handled using a pallet jack. The pallet fell apart as the saw was unloaded on the lift gate making for some tense moments. It would be great if the crate had standard spacing on the bottom supports.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/11/2019 5:29:31 PM

I purchased this bandsaw a month ago. It was an upgrade to an existing saw that was under powered and less standard features. This is an excellent saw for a multi (Wood and Metal) purpose shop like mine. It suits my needs for everything from wood, aluminum, steel and whatever else I will push through it.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/27/2019 1:17:27 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
06/18/2019 11:57:56 PM

I bought this a couple of weeks ago, seems really nice. But still don't have everything adjusted as the table needs to come back off to adjust trunions or something under there. Seems as the instructions are a little out of order. Also 2 blades came with it one is metal and don't know what the other one is. Sale said one blade? Also could be taller so you don't need to bend over to use it, I will remedy this with a stand or the roll around.

James R
06/03/2019 3:46:04 AM

Excellent bandsaw, working well. I have been using this saw for several months and am very pleased with its operation. being able to use it for both wood and metal was a major factor in selecting this saw.
Support from Grizzly is excellent when required.

Anonymous Reviewer
04/25/2019 10:12:49 AM

Great bandsaw, works as advertised, wish I had bought this saw years ago

Anonymous Reviewer
GREAT PRODUCT 02/28/2019 12:12:44 PM

I bought this bandsaw and am very pleased with the purchase. It is a great addition to my shop.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great saw at a fair price 01/09/2019 12:35:45 PM

Easy company to work with and I am very pleased with my purchase.

Craig M
Very nice machine 10/27/2018 11:16:31 PM

This is my first bandsaw, it was relatively easy to assemble, set up and adjust, it runs smoothly and quietly.
I haven't used it much yet but have more uses coming up this winter but I first need to become more comfortable using the machine.
I live about four hours from Springfield, MO so I expected relatively quick delivery but I received the UPS portion of the order overnight, very impressive! The saw arrived the following day via freight which was satisfying. This machine was my third machinery purchase from Grizzly Industrial and so far I'm quite satisfied with their service.

Anonymous Reviewer
09/17/2018 2:32:11 PM

this is a great band saw for the price have used it on wood and aluminum so far and it cuts great. Cant wait to do more projects with it.

Anonymous Reviewer
Exceeded my expectations. 07/09/2018 10:01:37 AM

GREAT machine! Smooth, quiet poweful & easy to assemble and works.

Edward S
Perfect saw for me. 06/21/2018 11:43:56 AM

I bought this model because I cut both wood and metal ( mostly aluminum) in my home shop. Very good design and quality, Im very pleased. Only challenge is setting blade guides.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/02/2018 7:14:47 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
04/18/2018 5:58:00 PM

Very well built I have only had an opportunity to use a few times but seams to get the job done very nicely exactly what I wanted

Anonymous Reviewer
Great bandsaw 01/29/2018 5:20:47 AM

This bandsaw has great features. One of which is a 2 horse motor. Cuts metal and wood. The. Quality was better than my expectation. If you need a bandsaw this is the one to buy!

Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2018 2:22:41 PM

No feedback given

Mark D
17 inch Metal/wood bandsaw. 12/27/2017 10:06:38 PM

The bandsaw is awesome. The only thing I would change is to make the table as easily adjustable as the larger bandsaws. The rack and pinion could be added I would think to make tilting the table to a 45 as easy as pie. Hint Hint manufacturer. I definitely still rate this saw a solid 4 plus though. If it Can be added please let me know.

Anonymous Reviewer
11/30/2017 3:13:06 AM

very nice addition to my shop very pleased with saw cutting hard wood and mild steel, and aluminum

Patrick M
A all around great band saw 07/01/2017 4:05:32 PM

I bough this bandsaw a few months ago and like it a lot works great. I cut a lot of metal with it but I did want to say it works better on higher speeds. I have mine set on the wood and use it to cut metal works better for me.

06/01/2017 11:15:10 PM

The delivery was very quick. The bandsaw is very well built. Metal is the main material I use the saw for and it performs as well as larger bandsaw's I have used in the past. Very smooth running and very quit.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great machine!! 02/26/2017 6:42:59 PM

I've had this machine over a year now. It has treated me well every time I go to use it. I'm an advanced hobbyist not a production worker. I use this saw for fabrication in my welding shop anything from snowplow work to lawn and garden equipment to construction equipment. I also use it in my wood shop. Anything from outdoor furniture to indoor furniture to rough workbench work. I do a lot of re-saw work with it. The first time I ever cut a 10 inch piece of oak beam I never thought it would go through it. I used a 4 tooth per inch blade and the Saw never even slowed down cut through the 10 inch oak No problem!!

Gregory D
G0640X Review 02/08/2017 9:31:30 PM

My saw was delivered by UPS Freight last week. The crating was excellent, but the height required deconstruction of the crate in order to get it into my shop. The UPS guy wheeled it up my long drive without even being asked. After getting it uncrated, my son and I were able to horse it around to where I could attach my wench to the very handy Eye Bolt on the top of the saw. We had it in the air in no time. I also purchased the recommend Shop Fox Mobile Base. The base does require that two of the square tubes be shortened by two inches. Its important to set it up so that the caster supports are not on the saws lower door side in order to be able to open the door without hitting the caster support. Also the bolts are too long for the door to open. I solved this problem by shortening the four bolts on the door side by seven threads. This allows just enough room to thread the jamb nut all the way up and have enough room to tighten the bolt all the way down (six threads is not enough). I love the base, but it does not fit right out of the box. Its important to note here that this is my very first band saw of any size. Setting up the saw did require about 2 hours which I think is very reasonable. I actually spent about 3 hours setting up the mobile base. My first test cuts were done with a 3 TPI Timber Wolf blade that I purchased separately (the saw came with two blades). Resawing 6 inch 4/4 popular into 3/8 planks was much easier that I thought it would be. Blade changes are not difficult. The only problem I have is using a feeler gauge to set the 0.004 gap to the left and to the right of the roller bearings. The rear 0.016 setting is even much harder, and I opted to eye-ball it. With practice, I feel certain that Ill get the hang of it. This saw runs great, has lots of power, and Im very happy with the purchase. I recommend this saw to anyone who has the room for it.

Gregory N
Excellent tool for the price and job 01/26/2017 12:44:20 PM

Like the previous 2 reviews, I am a knife maker - see a trend here? This saw far exceeded my expectations. I am amazed at how quiet it is too. Wonderful side benefit. I use this saw for cutting different metals from many of the same stainless steels mentioned in the other reviews to Nickle Silver, brass, copper and even titanium. The speed adjustment is immediate and accurate. Also, the manual included a example page of what to look for in the chips of the metal in terms of both blade speed and feed rate. I did make my own blade insert to replace the plastic one it came with, which works great for wood, but its blade opening is too wide and it is too flexible for cutting very thin strips of malleable metals. I don't have an expectation that any production machine will have everything I want all in a single package.
One thing to note, the manual and the website recommends D2057A Heavy-Duty Mobile Base. It does NOT fit and still allow for the bottom door to open fully. The saw sits too deep into the base. I ended up modifying the base by adding a wooden spacer and bolting all the way through. It works great now, but does require a bit of modification. I did not rate the saw down for that reason because the saw is a thing of beauty both in performance and appearance.

Anonymous Reviewer
Wonderful tool 01/26/2017 12:34:54 PM

This saw far exceeded my expectations. I am amazed at how quiet it is too. Wonderful side benefit. I use this saw for cutting different metals from Stainless steel to Nickle Silver. The speed adjustment is immediate and accurate. one thing to note, the manual and the website recommends D2057A Heavy-Duty Mobile Base. it does NOT fit and still allow the bottom door to open fully. The saw sits to deep into the base. I ended up modifying the base by adding a wooden spacer and bolting all the way through. It works great now, but does require a bit of modification. I did not rate the saw down for that reason because the saw is a thing of beauty both in performance and appearance.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 12:03:13 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 3:23:27 AM

No feedback given

Brandon A
Pretty good 01/19/2017 10:35:52 PM

I bought this for knife making. I use it for cutting out knife blanks. I typically cut out 5/32" bar stock of CPM S35vn, S30v, 154CM, 440c - all stainless.
I run it really slow (175 fpm), it cuts pretty well, but you can't feed to quickly. I can easily bind the blade by trying to feed too fast.
I use a high quality blade when cutting metal, and clean the blade after every couple knives. Seems tedious, but makes a big difference. I cut out out a couple hundred knife blanks on the same blade and it's still sharp. Takes me about 1 hour to cut out 10 knife blanks.

The biggest complaint is binding because of the cheap plastic table insert which sinks in with small work pieces and pinches the blade. If it had a metal table insert it would keep the work piece perpendicular to the blade and would do much better. Lots of aftermarket metal table inserts out there, but none that fit this model... that i can find.

I've also used it to cut wood, works great, belt and blade change takes about 5 min, maybe another 5 to readjust all the guides.
Fence is good, solid.

I would recommend it for user like me... i didn't have room for 2 band saws in my shop and this one gets the job done.

Ed B.
High quality bandsaw 12/27/2015 9:31:21 PM

Moving up to this huge beauty from a junky, 20 year-old 14" Harbor Freight saw is like jumping from a VW into a Mercedes.

It's accuracy will depend upon how much effort and care you put into aligning it before you start using it. The table is adjustable in every plane except vertical. The blade tracking and tensioning systems are easy to use with all controls large and readily at hand. There is a tension-release lever to extend the life of the tires by relieving tension pressure on them when the saw is not in use. The blade guide is massive, rock-solid when it's locked in and supports the blade with large, sealed, adjustable ball bearings.

It has a very well-engineered system to shift speeds from high, for wood cutting, to low, for metal cutting. The drive belts are quickly and easily swapped and re-tensioned without the use of tools. The motor has a built-in continuous-run (as long as the main switch is turned on) cooling fan, very important with an inverter motor, which can overheat at low speeds with just the motor driven cooling fan.

With a 1" wide 10-14VP bi-metal blade and the speed turned down to 200 FPM it goes through 1/2" 304 Stainless plate like butter.

My only complaint, and it's a minor one, is that the chips coming off the blade under the table don't have much of a way to get to the area where the vacuum can pick them up (or at least store them where they can be vacuumed later) and which after extended cutting will make a big cleanup necessary. This is especially true when cutting metal, which is 95% of my cutting.

Ed B.