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Cyclonic action separates the heavy dust particles from the fine particles and drops them into the 55-gallon steel drum. The fine dust travels past the 15-1/2" diameter impeller and is then trapped by a cartridge filter made of spun-bond polyester that filters 99.9% of particles from 0.2 to 2 microns in size. The cartridge filter is pleated to provide 113 square feet of surface area for efficient air movement and a clear plastic bag collects the fine cake that shakes off the filter for consistent dust collector performance. Casters mounted to the drum also make disposal of the larger chips and dust as easy as it gets. Other features include: a vertical motor support for reduced vibration, thick walled 11 gauge steel blower housing, 14 gauge steel cyclone body, 360° blower rotation for easy connection to a duct system, TEFC Class "F" motor and a magnetic switch with remote control device. The optional steel legs and support frame (H7509) also make setup quick and easy.

CSA certified meeting CAN/CSA C22.2 #243-10 and ANSI/UL 1017-8 standards!


  • Motor: TEFC Class "F", 3 HP, 220V, single-phase, 22A
  • Switch: Remote controlled magnetic
  • Intake hole size: 8"
  • Bag material: Plastic
  • Impeller size: 15-1/2" steel, riveted
  • Air suction capacity: 1654 CFM @ 2.0" SP
  • Maximum static pressure (inches of water): 14.2"
  • Filter: 99.9% efficiency captures 0.2-2 micron dust particles
  • Filter surface area: 113 sq. ft.
  • Collection Drum: 55 gallons, steel
  • Sound rating: 83–85 dB
  • Overall dimensions: 60-1/4" W x 38-1/2" D x 109" H (93-5/16"H w/35-gal. drum)
  • Base construction: Pre-formed steel
  • Approximate shipping weight: 400 lbs.

    Shown with H7509 optional stand

  • Reviews

    8 Customer Reviews(5 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

    Jeff B
    My First Dust Collector... 06/12/2020 2:51:20 PM

    Bottom Line Up Front - This thing is a BEAST! If you are considering this model...pull the trigger, you will be glad you did.

    Overview of my configuration:
    I am 100% Spiral...I was hesitant but found a local spiral company in Fort Worth, TX (L and L Fabrication) and got great prices.

    I reduced the main down to 7".
    1023RL Table Saw Branch - 6" then Lateralled to a 5" and 4" for lower and upper collection (some lower port modification will be required)
    G0453 Planer - 5" branch reduced down to 4" (future modification of dust port to 5")
    Router Table - 6" then Lateralled to a 5" and 4" for lower and upper collection.
    Miter Saw Work Station - 6" then Lateralled to a 5" and 4" for lower and upper collection.

    Future Drops Plumbed and Capped
    Jointer 6" Branch
    Bandsaw 6" Branch
    CNC 6" Branch
    Drill Press 6" Branch

    I am small hobbyist looking to turn into a very small cabinet shop, couple jobs a year, just something to keep me busy. All of my major tools are Grizzly because they are great products for the price. I researched cyclones for close to a year, I never had a dust collector let alone a cyclone. I read many articles concerning fine dust collection, researched types of ducting PVC -vs- Spiral, researched and designed several duct layouts before I finally made my decision. I narrowed my options down to the Laguna 3HP P Flux and the G0441. I obviously went with the G0441 for a few different reasons:

    1. Grizzly has been manufacturing this particular model for a long time (don't quote me but I think since 2008).

    2. I didn't need alarms, lights, etc.. to tell me when the bin is getting full or automatically sweep my filter. While "bells and whistles" are cool, I just felt I didn't need them.

    3. Customer Service. If you have ever dealt wit Grizzly's customer service of product support team, you know they are top-notch and bend over backwards to take care of you; at least that has been my experience. My machine, had some internal damage to the power cord and filter assembly that was not identifiable during initial inspection. I took some pictures, called customer service and it took about 4 days to get new parts. I wasn't in any rush, so 4 days was a blink on an eye.

    Couple issues I had during assembly.
    First, when they say the blower housing is heavy, believe them...the blower housing is heavy. It took myself and two other very strong guys to get this mounted to the wall. If I remember correctly, it is mounted at 97" from the floor, 8' feet is long way up considering the weight of the blower.

    Dust bin bag kept sucking up into the cycle...forget to tighten the bin clamp so the vacuum hose wasn't working properly. I put a bead of silicone between the bins and cinched it down the clamp, all was good.

    After running the machine for approximately one hour, I went back and tightened the cyclone mounting bolts. Either I didn't fully tighten them or as the machine settled during operation they loosened up a bit. Either way, they are now tight.

    My one complaint, is that one week later, Grizzly offered their Military Discount. I didn't go back and ask them if I could get refunded the 10%. I guess I should have at least asked.

    All in all, if you are on the fence about a cyclone, you will be more than happy with this machine.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    This thing is a beast! 08/15/2018 5:01:49 AM

    I shopped dust collectors pretty extensively over many months and nothing compared to the build and specs of the G0441. After running my Harbor Freight pretty hard for over a year I was worried the 3hp Grizzly still wouldn't be enough for my small 600sq feet shop. Trusting my past purchases with Grizzly I pulled the trigger. 5 days later it arrived to my door step!

    Two long nights and a 3 full days later the DC was set up and I had fresh, 6" lines neatly ran through my shop. Yet again I'm blown away with another Grizzly product. Even with 2 other blast gates open it's still plenty powerful to work well on my machines. Then with only 1 and another 1/2 open the suction is so powerful you almost can't see the dust getting sucked away. Especially the router table and drill press.

    Installation was long and somewhat tedious but that's why we're into this whole woodworking thing in the first place. I mounted mine to the wall which saved me almost a foot of space on both ends by not using or paying for the optional stand. If I had a ton of space I'd have almost certainly picked on up. Lifting the 347lb motor to 9' up and gently lowering it onto 3 massive, pre-threaded lag screws with washers dangling around them was an insanely tricky and scary feat. I had a good friend who's also tall and pretty strong help me. We got it done but highly suggest 3 strong men mount the motor if wall mounting. Chance of death is extremely high if it happened to land on any vital part of your body.

    The construction and design of the unit is stunningly simple, strong, and well thought out. Every connection junction has included foam tape to seal. The massive steel cyclone is HUGE! Not only does it sound like there's a tornado in my shop I'd bet it'd be the only thing standing if I was hit by one. The remote works really well but it's made with cheap, brittle, plastic so I'm thinking of taping it up or adding some rubber in preparation for the inevitable drop.

    Overall this thing is a beast. My 600sq foot shop is well covered. The noise is more intense than the Harbor Freight but only a tad louder. I have duct running to a table saw, miter saw, bandsaw, drill press, router table, jointer, planer, and a sander. Each with their own blast gate and 6" duct running pretty close. I used the basic steel ducting from Lowes, taped the seams really well, avoided hard 90's and thought out my duct plan. The suction is more powerful than necessary which means it's perfect!

    Chris H
    Impressed 08/01/2018 12:37:08 PM

    Went from a 1.5 hp Jet to this one. I bought based on specifications for the price. Ordered on a Saturday, was at my door on Friday.
    The instructions and dimensions are a little off and can be skewed. It took 3 guys to set it on the wall. I did not buy the stand. Once mounted, the remainder went together pretty smooth. I temped the power to go through testing and worked like a charm

    michael B
    Heavy built machine 07/29/2018 5:25:43 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    09/10/2017 2:48:42 PM

    I waited several months for this dust collector as they were on back order. I checked out the competition oneida and just wasn't sold on their new resin design. So I waited on the back order to arrive and I'm glad I did. Great product! Really moves the air. The only complaint I really have is the time I had to wait. That kinda sucked!

    Anonymous Reviewer
    This thing is built like a tank 02/06/2017 3:55:16 PM

    Wow, Im still designing my ductwork so it's not installed yet but this thing is built like a tank . Cant wait to install it.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    01/26/2017 2:17:52 AM

    No feedback given

    K.& T. Mandelin
    Customer Review 01/01/2015 5:17:03 PM

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent customer service and quality products! The person who took our order for our dust collector and stand was very friendly, knew the product well and was very helpful! It was a very smooth process and we were surprised at how quickly our order came! We had a minor shipping issue that was not your fault but the delivery company's, and the issue was resolved quickly and without hesitation by your customer service department who was very courteous, timely and helpful. We truly appreciate that, and will be loyal Grizzly customers for years to come! You have an excellent product and an even better team of employees that deserve a big pat on the back.
    Thanks again for taking care of getting us a new filter so quickly!