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This Combination Benchtop Sander offers a 1" wide by 30" long belt sander and a 5" disc sander in one portable unit. Ideal for sanding intricate parts, contour sanding and dry sharpening, this sander pretty much does it all. Both the belt and disc sanding tables tilt 45° for added versatility and the removable belt platen and idler roller guard make contour sanding a breeze.


  • Motor: 1/3 HP, 110V, single-phase, 3450 RPM
  • Tables tilt: Left 0°, Right 45°
  • Belt sander table size: 5-1/8" x 5-1/8"
  • Disc sander table size: 4" x 7-5/16"
  • Platen size: 1" x 3"
  • Tracking adjustment
  • Direct drive
  • Two dust ports: 1-3/4" and 1-13/16"
  • Takes standards 1" x 30" belts and 5" PSA discs
  • Approximate shipping weight: 21 lbs.
  • Reviews

    39 Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Works well 05/21/2020 4:17:53 PM

    I already have a 4x36 and an oscillating sander. Purchased this sander to add the ability for more intricate pieces. Purchased on sale and for the price a decent addition. It has sufficient power, belt speed and weight to complete light to medium sanding jobs. I used it for some knife handle shaping and minor metal handle construction as well. I was surprised how well it performed. I have not yet attempted any full blade work. Have some other belts on order. For small wood projects it worked very well.

    Delivery was very quick and shipping was included. A couple of minor issues. The upper belt cover is made of plastic & I am not sure how long that will last. Thsi goes for the table adjsutment handle as well. I am looking at making my own metal handle for the table release. For most of the sanding I have done so far I just removed the upper plastic belt cover. i know, it probably acts as a dust safety diverter too. I'm bad. Also the miter gauge on the disc table is not worth keeping. The angle indicators were sketchy at best when I checked with a more precise gauge. The miiterguage is plastic and should be replaced if you are going to use it for more precise angles. Problem is finding one to fit the slide. Not found one yet.

    Overall for the $109 I paid for it. It will sand!

    Anonymous Reviewer
    05/17/2020 4:28:37 PM

    This is exactly what I have been looking for--I had another one, and the motor burned out, after 20 years---could not find one, anywhere---until I found Grizzly!! Seems the company that made the original no longer exists!!! sooooo glad to have my sander, again!!

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Very handy little sander and works well to sharpen knives 05/17/2020 12:38:47 PM

    When looking for a tool I always look at Grizzly first.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    05/04/2020 12:27:24 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    It likes a warm shop 05/03/2020 5:02:45 PM

    This is a nice little compact machine, good for small work, which is why I bought it. The only problem is my shop is not heated unless I'm in it working and this machine takes quite a while to warm up and run at full speed. The motor starts to smoke if I try to let it warm up by running, so i have to wait for the room to heat, which is a slow process. Otherwise it's a good machine.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Perfect Size 05/03/2020 1:46:15 PM

    Purchased this to replace a 35 year old, hand me down Delta. it was getting difficult to find replacement parts. Surprisingly quiet compared to the Delta. it was east to assemble and adjust. it is the prefect size when working with small parts.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    04/26/2020 6:32:51 PM

    Got this about two moths ago, helped me finish several projects very fast. Works great, easy to do detail touches, as well as larger projects, very quiet when it runs. Easy to change the sand belt and disc. It has enough power for garage projects. Truly handy tool to have around the house.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Nice item. 04/08/2020 12:21:43 PM

    Works okay for what I do. Changing discs takes a little time.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    12/29/2019 8:41:22 PM

    I am particularly happy with how sturdy the table is for the disc sander. Excellent value for the $$. I use it for model train work.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    A little disappointed 08/03/2019 9:36:42 PM

    Subpar for the price. Motor is a little week, not what I expected with the grizzly name on it.
    Its basically a remake of other generic brands but for small crafts its ok.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Over-engineered! 05/30/2019 5:49:40 PM

    I've been using this for a month and have used it on a number of projects---one of which involved much heavier abuse of the machine than it was intended. No adverse consequences and a successful completion! This is my second Grizzly machine and neither has disappointed!

    Very Nice Product...but 02/08/2019 1:35:34 PM

    The grinder is near perfect save for a small quirk. Not sure if the grinder is supposed to work like this. Whenever I start it, the belt and sanding disk begin to move very slowly. After a minute or two it speeds up and attains working speed. Not sure why the grinder works like this and I intend to call and ask someone at Grizzly if this is normal, and if so, why? Once up to speed, it works quite nicely. The small platform for holding a workpiece is a nice touch. Overall, very happy with the grinder.

    Dan L
    Good little sander. 01/10/2019 4:43:40 PM

    I purchased a few weeks ago and this little sander is doing exactly what I expected for small pieces.

    Frank O
    Great little sander 11/15/2018 12:50:02 AM

    I got this for sanding and shaping kydex holsters that I make. It works great my only issue is the table has groves that make it harder when sanding items that don't have flat surfaces. Other than that it's great.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Fantastic machine 09/29/2018 6:40:29 PM

    This machine is perfect for the needs of modeling. Small planks of ply wood and balsa sand very quickly. Construction of this machine is solid. You will be very glad you spent your money for this sander.I just love it.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Great Product 09/20/2018 11:11:07 AM

    Great product well made. Sturdy and well constructed.

    Woody E
    Grizzly products are always top of the line 09/19/2018 12:16:28 PM

    I have never been disappointed in any Grizzly product.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    08/29/2018 10:38:17 AM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    07/06/2018 1:31:15 PM

    This is the greatest little machine in my shop. Glad I bought it!

    David H
    Great sander 06/11/2018 12:42:32 PM

    Use it frequently for workpieces of all sizes and materials. Safe, quiet, and convenient.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Works great! 04/04/2018 11:42:58 AM

    We bought this sander to replace one that was a little cheaper. The difference was obvious from the first use. The shipping was quick and it was received in good shape. I'm only sorry we didn't get this one sooner.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    03/31/2018 7:44:34 PM

    I was disappointed with the fit and finish. The sanding table surface is not true and makes it difficult to be true on finish work.

    Joe K
    03/17/2018 11:10:12 AM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Great Product for Crafters 01/10/2018 6:44:47 PM

    I bought one of theses sanders about a month ago. Got it hooked up and started receiving shocks off it. I got a hold of Doug in the Tech dept and he said thats not good. He said he'd send a new one out immediately. I told him I was coming up toward the store in Bellingham, Wa and would exchange it then. When i got to the store it was on the counter waiting for me. The sales man open the new one up and plugged it in and everything worked fine. He apologized for the confidence and we agree sometimes things happen. I'm very satisfied with the customer service. Big Coodo's to Doug for his help.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    12/03/2017 1:32:04 AM

    I don't like this cheap piece of junk. The price was cheap and the sander was even cheaper. The first thing when assembling it was the thread in the plastic nut striped and I had to get it helix coiled to use it. way to much plastic and cast aluminum, the cheapest juk you can find and still call it metal. Not even worth sending back.

    Chris M
    12/02/2017 10:18:17 PM

    Works as described however after using it for a month I wish I would have bought a larger one for axe head restoration projects

    Anonymous Reviewer
    10/08/2017 5:52:47 AM

    No feedback given

    Grant O
    Great Product 10/05/2017 4:30:29 PM

    First item I've ever ordered from grizzly fast shipping and packaged nicely. Love smooth operation and easy to change sandpaper.

    Bruce W
    09/29/2017 1:48:43 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Great product, just what I needed 09/09/2017 12:35:56 PM

    Glad I got the product, just the size that I needed to work in projects that my wife wanted done, i.e. Doll House furniture

    Anonymous Reviewer
    07/28/2017 5:54:52 PM

    Product showed up without tapped holes for mounting the tables and the holes are not aligned, so the tables are not square to the belt or the disk. The lock down bolt stripped on first tighten. Very low quality.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    07/24/2017 1:07:33 PM

    works great and is of good quality . Built to last !! I would definitely recommend .

    James H
    07/01/2017 6:56:48 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    06/29/2017 11:34:55 AM

    No feedback given

    Richard O
    05/17/2017 12:08:03 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Great Little Sander 05/14/2017 4:41:27 PM

    It was perfect for my shop with not a lot of room for a bigger one. It became my go to sander for small jobs. I love it.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    I'm very pleased with the products 01/26/2017 3:23:26 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    Work saver 01/26/2017 12:01:27 PM

    It's amazing how much work this little machine has saved me as I go about making small bandsaw boxes and other projects. It has made time in the shop much more productive. Definitely money well spent.

    Anonymous Reviewer
    01/26/2017 11:33:35 AM

    very good buy, it's sturdy , well made and as always was delivered right away. It's a good little machine,