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This dust collector is exactly the same as our popular G0562Z, but in our dazzling white Polar Bear Series color scheme.

Want the ultimate dust collector in your shop? Then this powerful dust collector is just what you need. Simply move the convenient top mounted lever back and forth to remove any dust caked onto the filter, and in seconds you are back to full performance capacity. The steel duct from the impeller to the filter improves performance and reliability and with just a glance you'll know when it's time to haul out the chips thanks to clear bottom bags. Extra bags ship with the machine and are available from us to really make cleaning easy.

Made in an ISO 9001 Factory

CSA certified meeting CSA C22.2 #243-M91 and UL 1017-4th standards!


  • Motor: 3 HP, 240V, single-phase, 12A
  • Blower/impeller: 12-3/4" balanced cast aluminum
  • Airflow capacity: 2320 CFM
  • Max. static pressure: 16.9"
  • Sound rating: 87dB
  • 7" inlet has removable "Y" fitting with three 4" inlets
  • Canister filter size (dia. x depth): 19-5/8" x 23-5/8" (2)
  • Bag capacity: 9 cubic feet
  • Overall dimensions: 57-7/8" long x 32" wide x 71" high
  • Approximate shipping weight: 214 lbs.


  • With the canister filter, simply turn the handle on the top a half turn in either direction to clean the canister
  • The handle controls three cleaning flappers inside and shakes the dust from the filter letting the fine dust fall directly into the collection bag
  • The canister filter is made of spun bond polyester with 1 micron filter capacity
  • Clear plastic collection bag with quick clamp

Optional Filter & Bag Replacement Components: H5783 Upper Canister; T20543 Lower Bag (we recommend buying extra lower bags when you purchase your dust collector so you have extras available when you need them)


27 Customer Reviews(4.9 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
It's a beast. 01/08/2020 6:07:06 PM

I read some reviews about shipping damage but mine came in perfect condition. The boxes are very heavy cardboard and well packed in polystyrene. The fit and finish are very good. It went together perfectly. My daughter and I spent about an hour and 45 minutes assembling with no problems at all. Very happy with this, now I just have to run the piping to all the tools.

Anonymous Reviewer
12/29/2019 12:55:53 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
12/28/2019 1:08:12 AM

No feedback given

Robert N
So Far, So Good 07/03/2019 1:31:15 PM

I really like Grizzly equipment. I believe you get the best bang for your buck with them. That being said, this is the first piece of equipment that I purchased from Grizzly that went together like a champ! No issues at all. Build quality is very good. Motor and impeller seem well balanced with no excessive vibration. Unit operation sound level is what I expected, not quiet, yet not loud either, reasonable for the amount of air that it moves. I am in the process of building the shop and just got finished roughing in the two main 6 inch dust collector lines. I used 26GA round HVAC pipe and fittings and every connection point sealed with foil tape with the exception of the inlet and outlet of the cyclone separator, which the fittings slide tightly on and I want to be able to service it.

Taking an air velocity reading at the 6 inch main where it connects to the cyclone is just over 5000 FPM. At the points where the two feeds come through the wall, I am measuring 2500 and 3000 FPM. This is full open and no blast gates installed yet. After the collection system is complete, I will take readings on the branch lines and update the review. I am positive there will be adequate airflow and velocity to remove dust and chips from the equipment. I would recommend this product.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Product 02/03/2019 12:18:51 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Giz iz responsive and very concerned about customer satisfaction. 06/07/2018 6:26:25 PM

I have only partially installed the new Dust collector. Even without the individual lines run to the source of the dust, it is obvious the room air is filtered quickly due to the amount of fresh air turn over in wood-room. All went well during set up except a base plate with minor Damage. Damaged by a careless forklift operator of the delivery company. Not a direct Grizzly issue, but the Grizzly customer satisfaction rep in the shipping damage department took action and fixed the situation immediately as if it was his problem to fix. All I needed to do was send images through my phone for them to use as evidence to handle the claim with the shipper. I am sure that the system will work great and more importantly even if there is a problem I feel that Grizzly will handle it responsibly, based on my short experience. I forgot what first sold me on Grizzly. The help and advise (no over selling the product or ancillary parts) from the engineering and sales department. A real and friendly human being (Bob) that knows what he is talking about and understands your needs. Thanks

Anonymous Reviewer
Great experience with Grizzly 05/21/2018 9:30:20 PM

Great experience with Grizzly, the shipping and the product (so far). I've only had the dust collector for a few weeks, but everything was in order and working as expected. I had anticipated the running machine to be louder than it actually is, so was pleasantly surprised. But I'll still be building some sound insulation to make the environment more conversation friendly.

Arlin E
One of the best buys I have done with woodworking tools 05/17/2018 4:11:53 AM

I was very surprised at the air suction on this unit. I was very skeptical on the figures on how this would suck up dust and chips with the following tools from Grizzly
1. G0690 Table Saw
2. G0452Z Jointer
3. G0453Z Planer
4. G0636X Band Saw
5. G1066R Duel Drum Sander
6. Powermatic 3520b Lathe

This is how I feel the Dust Collector works for each one

1. Table Saw - Collects the chips extremely well with no chips left in inside and extremely little coming from the blade as it cuts. I did seal any air gaps on the saw cabinet so air flow will work better.
2. Jointer - Removes ALL chips with no dust or chips left inside or outside the machine.
3. Planer - Removes ALL chips while doing Oak, Walnut, Pine, Maple, etc.. and it collects all of it very well. On this planer I did seal up all the air gaps on top and around the sides to make sure no air leaks.
4. Bandsaw - It remove almost all the chips and most of the dust. Problem with this bandsaw is it has so many areas that will allow chips and dust to escape into the surrounding air. A few examples are. 1. Just under the table and around the lower guides is one big air leak and lets dust and chips. 2. There is also an area just above the brake pedal that allows a lot of dust to come out around it as well. 3. There are some gaps around the doors but this I feel helps the machine to suck up the dust better from around the doors.
5. Duel Drum Sander - The D/C does a pretty good job of collecting the dust of which I only have one hose going to the machine and I have both outlets connected so I can use just one hose. I have not used both hose outlets yet and will try it. With the one hose it takes out about half the dust from the machine and the rest is left on the conveyor belt where it drops on the ground when the wood comes out. Also remembered that the whole bott
6. Powermatic 3520b All I have is one hose to suck up the dust and chips while I am turning and sanding. It collects ALL the dust while I am sanding and I feel this is a huge thing for the safety of my lungs and breathing.

Last when I first turned it on I help up my fist about 16" away and found feel the suction. Then I held it at 12" and found feel a strong pull of the suction. Held it at 6" and it wanted to pull my fist into the hose.
So all and all I love the D/C but will have to find a way to get it to work better with the Drum Sander and the Band Saw and find a way to seal up the huge leaks there. I am very happy with this.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/13/2018 12:37:50 PM

Unit came with motor support severely damaged. Carton damage was not visible as the carrier reversed
it so it wasn't visible. We bent it back into place to avoid all hassles of return.

John W
05/11/2018 12:11:09 PM

No feedback given

What suction! 05/10/2018 5:02:30 PM

I had a 1hp collector prior and was always sweeping the floor. I can keep 3 gates open and it still sucks 99% of the dust and chips. I love it.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great dust collector 04/20/2018 10:55:27 AM

Superb quality, very powerful, runs like an expensive Swiss watch. Im very pleased.

ken H
02/07/2018 12:13:20 AM

Had a little trouble with shipping damage. Customer support was wonderfull. Took a picture, sent it to support and that was all.

Great product wonderful price got way more for my money with Grizzly than one of the othere big names. Love this product and cant wait to buy more from Grizzly.

Thank you for all the help

01/17/2018 1:31:55 PM

This to replace a 25 yr old 2HP unit which couldn't handle the volume of "stuff" produced in my shop.
I am glad this in in a separate room. It is very noisy.
The ability to clean the canisters with the built in paddles is a big plus.

Anonymous Reviewer
11/29/2017 6:28:09 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
11/01/2017 2:18:31 PM

I am delighted with the quality and workmanship of the dust system I recently purchased. It was a pleasure doing business with your firm. Richard Trimble

Anonymous Reviewer
Super nice 10/25/2017 12:23:48 PM

I cant say enough nice things about my collection system. It is super powerful and really cleans the air it returns to my shop

Jeff C
Awesome 10/22/2017 9:45:47 PM

Wish I did this a long time ago. Ups beat up the box pretty good but it was very well packaged and it took the hit so my machine didnt have to ! Excellent machine works great ! Had to put in a 220 drop to use it so its been a couple weeks between getting it and hooking it up. And I was short on two foam seals for the air filter and the collection bag. But the staff at grizzly fixed me right up and I had the parts in a couple of days. Used it today for the first time with my planer and WOW ! Nothing gets by it ! Nice not having to wear a dust mask and not make a mess in the shop with all the fine dust that goes everywhere ! Portable for now but plan to make it stationary in the future once I get that all figured out. After reading all the reviews out there Im glad I waited tho. Make sure you get the machine you need rather than upgrading later. I shopped around a lot and I am sure I got the best bang for my buck. This truly is a great machine ! Between 2 planers, jointer,table saw,miter saw ,radial arm saw,and other equipment I process a lot of lumber and not having so much cleanup will save time and energy on my part. One last thing I put a drum separater between the collector and machine well worth it ! Inexpensive and saves your collector from big stuff and makes it easier than changing bags a lot.

Anonymous Reviewer
New GO562Z Dust Collector 06/06/2017 5:09:38 PM

I recently bought a new GO562Z dust collector to replace a 2 hp grizzly dust collector, because I didnt think the other one removed chips from my thickenss planer well enough. I received a rating questioning, but I didnt have the new collector hooked into my system, however, as a stand alone unit I was happy. Now I have the new collector installed in my system, discovering a couple of problems with my design which I have corrected, and I just want to tell you that this new GO562Z is just awesome! I have it in a dedicated closed space, with vents on the outside wall, and I dont even have to wear a face mask now. Fantastic!

Anonymous Reviewer
06/03/2017 12:19:41 AM

I purchased this dust collector to replace a smaller Grizzly collector, which just didn't have enough suction for my thickness planer. I seem to plane a lot of thick, wide rough hardwoods. I have used the new collector by itself with the thickness planer and it works great. I am now of connecting the new collector to my system, discovered a couple of problems with the system design (my fault), which I have corrected, and I expect the new collector will be great there as well.
I have been very happy with all of my Grizzly products!

Robert G
Grizzly Double Canister Dust Collector 06/02/2017 12:37:19 PM

I purchased this Grizzly Double Canister Dust Collector about three months ago.Great product, great service. Love Grizzly.

daniel D
05/04/2017 12:06:49 PM

What a great tool . So far i have it hooked up to my table saw and band saw. What a game changer for the shop !!!!

Anonymous Reviewer
05/04/2017 1:09:39 AM

No feedback given

Ronald W
Wish I would have bought one of these years ago. 01/29/2017 3:36:49 PM

Purchased this early December. Until now I have never had a DC in my own wood shop and dealt with having to wear respirators and extensive clean up at the end of the day (or stopping in the middle of jointing/planning to remove large piles), now problem solved and more efficient work flow. On my jointer I get very little (fine)dust on the infeed table during operation (Grizzly 6" jointer) and on the planer (Delta 12" portable) I don't notice even fine dust in the air or on the table. I have read articles stating that the aluminum impellers can throw sparks if metal is sucked up into the DC, I decided until I can go to a cyclone attachment to purchase a set of "Dust Right" 4" dust separator components from Amazon ($20.99), these are simply elbows that are installed through the top of a barrel that somewhat mimic the cyclone effect. All in all I am extremely happy with the operation of this machine, it has more suction than I actually need being that I currently only run one tool at a time, however I hope to invest in a CNC in the future and believe I will still be satisfied with this system.

Anonymous Reviewer
Love it! 01/26/2017 4:04:09 PM

Great suction, but a little noisy. I use it on my Grizzly lathe and love it. Very satisfied.

Jerry T
Great value 01/26/2017 4:55:06 AM

I bought this couple months ago, long back order, but worth the wait. Up and running, but still installing all the pipe runs.

Model: G0562ZP 3HP Double Canister Dust Collector with Aluminum Impeller - Polar Bear Series 10/17/2015 9:28:00 PM

Grizzly | Model: G0562ZP
Received this machine 10/12/2015.
I use it on my planner, router, two table saws, band saw, belt sander and sanding box.
I am glad I got the 3hp anything any less would have been to small. This seems to be a good unit I would recommend it. The reason for 4 stars UPS is the pits for delivery (not Grizzly's fault) took them 10 days to get it to me.