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Say hello to the champion of mini mills! This Variable-Speed Mini Mill/Drill borrows from the heritage of our hugely popular G0704—with a high-torque (and quiet) 600W DC motor, super-rigid precision-ground dovetail headstock column and table ways, variable-speed spindle control from 50 to 2000 RPM, spindle speed DRO, spindle depth DRO (with inch/mm display and zeroing function), coarse and fine spindle downfeed, and precision handwheel control for X, Y, and Z-axis. If that is not enough, this fiesty champ has one of the largest tables, table travel, and motor sizes in its class, allowing it to take on a huge range of workpiece sizes. With its R-8 spindle taper, it can also make use of a wide variety of tooling. And, when the going gets really tough, the headstock is equipped with a special shifter knob that allows you to drop power-transfer gearing down for maximum torque in the lowest RPM range. No split-decisions here, this is a great little machine!

Shown with optional T26612 stand and chip tray.

Made in an ISO 9001 Factory


  • Motor: 600W (3/4 HP), DC, 110V, 10A
  • Spindle taper: R-8
  • Spindle travel: 2"
  • Swing: 13-1/4"
  • Max. distance spindle-to-table: 8-3/4"
  • Head tilt: 45 degrees left & right
  • Head travel (Z-axis): 8-1/4"
  • Table travel (X-axis): 13-1/8"
  • Table travel (Y-axis): 5-1/2"
  • Table size: 5-3/4"W x 19-3/4"L
  • T-slots: 3 @ 1-1/2" centers, 3/8" wide
  • Spindle speed: 50 to 2000 RPM
  • Approximate shipping weight: 204 lbs.


  • Dovetail headstock column and table ways
  • High-torque, low-noise DC motor
  • Variable-speed spindle with DRO
  • Spindle elevation DRO
  • 3-Axis precision handwheel control
  • Coarse and fine spindle downfeed
  • 2-Speed gearbox
  • Zero-setting dials on handwheels

22 Customer Reviews(4.8 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
Dreams fulfilled 04/29/2020 11:31:05 AM

I've dreamed of having my own mill for 40 years. I just got this one and I'm happy with my decision. The mill is stiff and works well. The worst thing about the mill is the poor fitting spindle pin wrench which still works fine as it is. My first project was a flashlight gun and now I'm designing a series of pocket pistols. If you stay with the proper tool size and feed rates you will be very happy with your new Grizzly mill. Get one now and build something.

Anonymous Reviewer
Nice tight mill 04/04/2020 2:18:20 AM

I ordered the mill 4 days before they dropped the price $150. Thanks! It's a nice small mill with tight tolerances. I set it up by myself with a come-a-long to put it up on the stand. I lubed and ran the spindle bearings before testing it on some aluminum. It's nicer than the round column mill I'm used to, it seems stiffer. I tested climb milling and there was no tendency to grab or flex and dig into the aluminum test piece. I've not tried steel yet but I'm sure it will do the job if I set it up right. I bought collets too and they are very round, just beautiful. I feel ready to tackle most simple milling jobs now.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/08/2019 7:25:52 PM

Purchased Machine bout 5 or 6 weeks ago. Machine is excellent for small tractor and equipment part milling and drilling.

Anonymous Reviewer
The Little Mill that could 03/20/2019 1:38:20 PM

Mill is very nice ! It's a nice addition to my shop

Richard S
02/04/2019 2:03:56 PM

This is a great machine for a smaller mill. I have taken it thru it's paces from soft aluminum to 316 stainless steel & has performed just fine.
I used to own the G0705 which was much bigger & 3 times the weight. Unfortunately Superstorm Sandy (2012) decided to take that machine from me .
Now that I am retired I felt I didn't need the larger machine & I could not be happier with my G0758 Mill/Drill.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great machine 08/22/2018 3:14:25 PM

I bought this machine a couple of months ago and just turned it on last week I set up the table with the vise i bought from you and it worked very well. However i did have a hiccup when installing thr r8 tool in the quill I could not get it to thread on the threads were fine on both pieces. It just didnt line up when dropped down in quill. And it was with all tooling i installed. Even chased the threads. Im thinking the draw bar itself was alittle bent and not aligning properly. I finally got it to start. Didnt try the rest of the tools. I think the draw bar is bent. Other than that it is a fine tool

Anonymous Reviewer
Small, rigid and reliable 06/29/2018 7:04:38 PM

I have been using this machine G0758 for 2 years already. No problem. The mill is reliable, it works perfectly and silently. Variable-Speed is a very convenient thing, as well as DROs for RPM and spindle elevation.
I really like this mill. It is very rigid for such a small size.

Pay attention to the specification of the machine: the maximum distance spindle-to-table is only 8-3/4". Therefore, using a milling vice especially with a swivel base is not always convenient. And you should know this before purchasing G0758.

Especially I want to emphasize the excellent work of customer support. When I just got this machine from the Grizzly, I can not find one of the table move handles. I called the customer service and they immediately sent me a new one. And then I found the handle, which I did not immediately find in the shipping box.
If you buy such a serious thing as a milling machine, customer service is very important. Buying from the Grizzly, I always know that I will be helped with any problems.

I advise everyone who wants to have a reliable, inexpensive and pleasant mini-mill.

Berry G
G0758 Mill/Drill 06/18/2018 12:10:42 PM

I had been looking at a smaller Mill, but the price was right and I am happy that I made the purchase! Easy to set up, shipping was fast and everything arrived is excellent shape. I look forward to many years of milling with this machine!

harold D
06/15/2018 1:50:13 PM

No feedback given

Michael O
Surprisingly nice for a fisher-price mill! 02/26/2018 9:27:37 PM

If you are looking to do production work, look elsewhere. If you want to make handy gadgets then this is perfect. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is the DRO is not backlit and therefore really hard to read and the variable speed control sucks. It works, but you need to be patient. This is perfect for teaching the basics of milling, but I would never use it for daily production. If you have a maker space and are thinking about a mill, then this is a great place to start.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great little milling machine 01/30/2018 10:43:46 PM

Nice solid little machine. Although it's on the smaller size it's still heavy so plan on having some help when you first install it.

Michael C
01/14/2018 2:09:04 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
11/22/2017 11:52:16 AM

No feedback given

Fausto G
10/25/2017 4:33:00 PM

No feedback given

Jeff S
09/23/2017 3:53:46 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
09/16/2017 1:27:51 PM

No feedback given

William H
07/30/2017 3:03:07 PM

No feedback given

06/21/2017 2:11:00 AM

Not completely happy, the mill itself is great for a hobbies. The issue was the packaging for the tools was not as the tool box that is included was broken and some of the tools them selves were not in the box do to it being broken.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great mill/drill... 06/02/2017 3:57:15 AM

Great machine for the light work we require. We wanted something small in size and a digital Z axis readout, this machine had both.

mike L
05/21/2017 7:49:50 PM

I think it should come with a T slot scraper for the table. And column should be solid, non-tilting. But overall Im happy

ronald J
05/11/2017 10:01:29 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
This is a great little machine 01/26/2017 4:06:19 PM

I purchased this g0758 mill without any milling knowledge and this little machine does everything that I need it too. Right out of the box it ran great, the slack in the x, y, and Z axes were spot-on, right at .002 In. I did not get the stand for this so having a solid worktable to put this thing on is a must. It does weight a ton to make sure you have help putting it in place.