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G0759 7" x 27" 1 HP Mill Drill with Stand and DRO

Upgrading America's most popular mill drill.

The G0759 7" x 27" 1 HP Mill Drill upgrades America's most popular mill drill with the addition of the 3-Axis DRO. It is an affordable alternative to larger mill drills that offer similar features. It functions great as a dedicated single-purpose milling machine in a professional shop or as a starting point for those just expanding into milling operations.

With this machine you'll get all the benefits of the G0704 plus exact tool and table positioning with the 3-axis DRO.

The variable-speed 1 HP motor powers the R-8 spindle from 50-1125 RPM in low and 100-2250 RPM in high. Spindle RPM can be monitored on the convenient digital readout. A clear chip guard on the spindle keeps debris from flying at the operator.

The G0759 has a large 7-1/16" x 26-5/8" table that can be moved by handwheels in both the longitudinal and cross directions. Both feed directions can be locked by table lock levers.

The G0759 also features tapered gibs with double locks which adds accuracy and rigidity, a dovetail column; and it comes with its own stand.

Like all Grizzly mill drills, the G0759 comes with a 1-year warranty which covers parts and assures the unit is free from factory defects. (Consumables are not covered by the warranty.)

The G0759 manual was written by our U.S. based Technical Documentation Department and is packed with useful information. The complete and easy to read manual makes it easier to assemble and maintain your mill drill.

The Grizzly Customer Service and Technical Support Teams are U.S. based. Parts and accessories for the mill drill are available on-line and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.

Made in an ISO 9001 factory


  • Motor: 1 HP, 110V, single-phase, 12A
  • Spindle taper: R-8
  • Spindle travel: 2"
  • T-slots: 3 @ 2-1/2" centers, 7/16" wide
  • Head travel: 11"
  • Head tilt: 90° left & right
  • Max. distance spindle to table: 13"
  • Swing: 15"
  • Table travel (longitudinal): 18-7/8"
  • Table travel (cross): 5-1/2"
  • Table size: 7-1/16" x 26-5/8"
  • Spindle speed: Variable, 50-1125 RPM low, 100-2250 high
  • Floor-to-table height: 37-1/2"
  • Stand footprint: 15-3/4" x 16-1/2"
  • Approximate shipping weight: 392 lbs.


  • 3-Axis DRO on spindle
  • Dovetail column
  • Fine feed head control
  • 2-Speed gearbox
  • Clear chip guard on spindle
  • Rubber chip guards on ways
  • Zero setting dials
  • Dials read inches
  • Safety shut off switch
  • Forward/Reverse switch


  • Drill chuck 3–16mm with B16 taper
  • Drill chuck arbor B16 x R8
  • Two T-bolts
  • Two open-ended combo wrenches
  • Chuck key
  • Oil bottle
  • Extra fuse
  • Hex wrenches
  • Tool box

45 Customer Reviews(4.9 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
Very well made great running 07/16/2020 4:21:06 PM

great mill good power. true cutting book to dro needs typos fixed very confusing. but once you get the hang of it. it will do all kinds of very work for you like circles of holes tapers lines of hole centers of stock really nice.

Kenneth S
This fits perfectly in my shop, looking forward to using it. 07/04/2020 4:11:37 PM

I am by myself and its taking some time to move into shop. This unit is very heavy for one person to set up safely. I am getting familiar with it now and breaking it in. The DRO that this mill/drill comes with does much more than I ever imagined! Going to be fun to learning about it!

Roger C
Great product and service 07/01/2020 4:40:28 PM

I received this product about a month ago and began using it about 2 weeks ago. It is a dream to use. The DRO makes this mill so much easier to use than my old mini mill. The mill came in perfect condition in a substantial wooden crate on a pallet. I had to use the lift gate service and the trucker put the pallet right at the door to my shop. I have lots of Grizzly tools in my shop and have always been more than satisfied and the mill is another example of Grizzly's quality and usefulness. Thank You again.

Anonymous Reviewer
great machine 05/17/2020 12:04:25 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
DRO makes it so much more accurate 04/26/2020 3:02:17 AM

Prior to getting this little jewel I have been using the Harbor Freight mini mill. Now I will be able to actually get some decent projects done right.

02/09/2020 2:21:24 PM

No feedback given

Mark P
02/06/2020 1:47:59 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Great small mill 01/10/2020 1:14:59 AM

I bought this mill about a year ago for my garage shop and have been very happy with it. Its sturdy, well made for its price, and if you stay within its limits, does a good job machining metal parts.

Shipment to my home was uneventful and the lift gate service dropped it nicely in front of my garage. Before placing the stand in position, I modified it to improve its stability by bolting it to a sheet of 1" ply, and replaced the stock feet with heavier duty adjustable machine tool feet that reach through the plywood and rest on the ground. On its stand, the mill is a bit top-heavy, and the plywood sort of serves as an outrigger to avoid tipping in extreme situations (earthquakes, sliding the machine. etc.). Given its weight, I rented an automotive engine hoist to hoist the mill onto its stand.

The fit and finish of the machine was fine where it counts, but it had numerous places where it had to be detailed. I strongly recommend spending an hour or so with a hand stone to remove razor sharp edges from the ground surfaces and other metal parts, before cleaning and re-oiling the machine. Youll save yourself many sliced fingers over time.

I bought and installed the power feed (T23010) for the X-axis, a nice convenience and a must for uniform finishes using a flycutter. While it works well, I thought the limit switch housing too large and clunky and I absolutely hated the dangly cable connecting the switches to the main housing. I custom modified the unit with new compact limits and routed the wiring (now converted to low voltage DC) in the front channel of the mill bed.

Among the many accessories to get, I highly recommend splurging on a really good vise, like the 4 South Bend. Its worth it.

Now for the Z axis. Hand cranking the head of the mill up and down gets really old, really fast. Given the limited tool clearances of this small machine, the head needs to move a lot, for tool changes, cutter positioning, etc. A power lift for the Z axis is highly recommended. Grizzly makes an OK Z axis lift that cranks the head while retaining the hand wheel. Fine Z adjustments are still made by hand with the wheel. I built my own Z axis motor assembly that drives the hand wheel shaft with a toothed belt, eliminating the hand wheel altogether. This requires very fine control over the speed of the motor, since you want to be able to set the Z axis to less than 0.001. This was achieved by adapting an old Apple optical mouse to measure the rotation of the drive belt and to feedback control the motor. The arrangement allows head travel speeds from .001/sec to 0.35/sec, and jogging the motor allows sub-.001 movements. At full speed, it takes only 10 - 15 seconds to fully retract the head. Works great.

The only caveat I have about the G0759 is that it is a small drill/mill, so be prepared to get creative with the setup and tooling to fit bulkier parts on it for drilling or machining. For example, a chuck holding standard 1/2 drill bit has a clearance between the bit and the throat of a nice 4 vise of only 3, and only 5 1/4 to the bed of the mill. Obviously, smaller bits increase these numbers. One way to improve things is to use a collet to hold the drill instead of a chuck, but this limits the drill bit sizes that you can use. At any rate be prepared to bump up against the size limitations of a compact machine.

Philip H
12/13/2019 3:34:08 AM

the G0759 mill/drill is everything I would expect from Grizzly and more.

John E
A great Mill/Drill for the small workshop 11/16/2019 1:57:45 AM

I bought this Mill/Drill three years ago to compliment my G0602 Lathe I had purchased the year before. I have been satisfied with my lathe as it performed well within its limits but there were other machining operations I could not complete with it. After much research and due to my limited work space, I opted to purchase the G0759 mill. As with the lathe, the mill works very well within its limits. It was easy to set up and I quickly got to work with it. As I gained experience I found that even more that a lathe, a mill requires many tools, fixtures and measuring equipment. After a set of R8 collets, end mills and a clamping kit, a well made and accurate 4" vise is the first thing I acquired. Then over time I added parallels, a boring head, rotary table, fly cutter, 5c collet block set, slitting saws and other odds and ends. Many clamping fixtures I made using the mill and/or the lathe. The DRO has been very important in my using the mill to its full extent. A decent manual was included with it and with the help of a few YouTube videos I was able to complete many accurate operations such as drilling bolt circle holes. The accuracy of the DRO makes regular positioning of the workpiece as easy as determining center, pressing a few buttons and cranking a hand wheel. With the addition of a rotary table I was able to easily drilled accurate lightening holes in solid disc brake rotors. This is a great mill and so far the only problem I had was a blown fuse and a damaged end mill when I failed to securely clamp a workpiece. Fortunately I was able to quickly obtain a replacement fuse from Grizzly. Lesson learned. Could the G0759 be improved? Yes and my first suggestion would be to improve the base of the cabinet which is a bit narrow to completely stabilize the mill. A few bolted on angle brackets are a common fix for this issue.Would I recommend the G0759? Unless you can afford a bigger more powerful mill and have the space and electrical service for it I would say I most definitely do recommend it.

Anonymous Reviewer
Love this machine. Great capability, small package. Very precise. 10/09/2019 1:43:45 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Awesome product! Clean up to be expected, DRO works great! 06/30/2019 5:03:20 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
06/13/2019 11:34:43 AM

Great Machine within its limitations, set up was easy and accuracy is good and the DRO is capable of things far beyond my understanding! After having this little mill a few weeks I foolishly attempted a job to heavy for it and stripped the change gear ( Nylon or Delrin?) . At first I was not happy, after closer inspection and giving it some thought I realized that if this gear had been made out of the same steel as the others I would have done a lot more damage and being made of plastic was probably to keep people like me from totally destroying the machine! I did this on Saturday night and disassembled the machine on Sunday. I went on the Grizzly website and easily found the part and ordered it. I ordered it Sunday, it shipped Monday, it arrived Tuesday morning and I reassembled the machine and it was good as new on Tuesday afternoon. I am very impressed with the design and quality of this machine. I am also delighted with the customer service and parts availability! What I thought was going to be a disaster turned out to be a "learning experience"!

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Product 05/26/2019 3:35:21 PM

I bought this mill for my garage to start a small business. I'm a machinist with 20 plus yrs experience, and this little mill works great for my situation. Highly recommend.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Product, precise and well made. Easy set up. 05/10/2019 8:55:20 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
05/01/2019 12:32:14 AM

No feedback given

Robert J
GO759 Mill 04/20/2019 3:28:07 AM

I received this item in good condition. After assembly it needed only minor adjustments to make it perform well for me. I tested it on some tasks that I thought was a little hard for a mill in this size class but it performed well. I absolutely love the DRO.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product 04/13/2019 11:58:23 AM

Works as advertised and as expected. Grizzly is a great company and I look forward to buying from them again.

Anonymous Reviewer
04/05/2019 1:17:24 PM

I haven't used it yet but it looks great. By the way, I purchased a lathe just before Christmas and I would very much like to upgrade to a better one. Is there any way to do this with Grizzley?

Anonymous Reviewer
03/28/2019 2:34:42 PM

Have had this mill for a month and everything works as it should. On first start up, the DRO was not showing a Z axis so I sent it back and they sent a replacement. I suspect since the company that makes it also makes DRO units for a lathe, they might have installed the wrong board into mine since the X and Y worked. Anyway Grizzly sent me a new replacement and we are up and running. I am in the process of building shelves in my shop to store all of the extra components I purchased with the mill. I have only used it making one project and it worked just right.

Will K
Nice machine! 11/30/2018 6:24:04 AM

I have had this machine in my shop for 2 weeks now. Unpackaged put it on the stand, tolerance is pretty close to dialed in straight from the crate. I chose this machine over a competitors machine because of the dro package. Have to say I'm very pleased with the dro system.
I have ran into my first snag with the machine two weeks in! While facing a one-inch piece of cast iron .050 cut with a 2 inch surface cutter I burned up a set of gear range selection gears. The machine did not appear to be under that much strain while cutting. I have not tore it down far enough to find out if that is the only item wiped out. Gears are on order and I guess we will find out in a week's time.

Anonymous Reviewer
Really Excited about mill 10/10/2018 12:17:47 PM

I received mine in good condition a few weeks ago. Well crated and in good shape. It's heavy for its size so anticipate using an engine lift or fork lift. Hand lifting is a fools errand. The stand has a 4 hole chip catcher that must be aligned with the mounting bolts. It's slippery and hard to keep in place so I used two side bolts to keep everything aligned, slid the mill into place then set other two bolts, no problem.
The stand is low for me. It's a "bench top" lathe but the stand is much lower, may have to elevate.
The DRO is much more than a readout, it's a full on machining computer. It figures out circular hole patterns, slant and rounded corner profiles, compensates for tool diameters and lots of other stuff. It'll take a while for me to figure it all out.
The actions are smooth and solid, the backlash is minimal.
All in all, I'm very pleased with my new mill.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great price on multi-featured small mill 08/20/2018 12:16:06 AM

Purchased the G0759 about a month ago and am very pleased. It is a great price for a mill with DRO and replaces an older Austrian mill without a DRO. Be aware that it is no small task to lift the mill onto the stand and be sure that the stand is where you want it before mating the two.

Rich C
Happy with the G0759! But crating was an issue. 07/01/2018 1:07:20 AM

I've owned the mill for a couple months now, very happy with it. Only problem I had was with the shipping crate. Someone's effort to save money and time and only using three of the four holes to bolt the machine down to the pallet inside the crate, caused a bit of Havoc when that one Bolt wasn't enough to hold the mill during the normal rocking and swaying of overseas shipping.

Now because we only have one bolt on one side, I assume the wooden pallet flexed, causing that bolts head to slip out of the slot. This caused the mill to bounce around in the crate, the bolts head now scratched the heck out the paint becuse its now outside of the base and not in the slot. Also one of the crank handles to get bent. Fortunately that handle was the one to be removed for the power feed installation. Now the power feed installation was simple, the only problem was that a bracket needed to be fabricated on site, this wasn't mentioned in the instructions. The bracket is for the dro glass scale cover.

So just because someone in the factory had the bright idea of saving a little money on One Bolt and its installation, I have a scratched up mill base and a bent crank handle.

The pictures included show the before and after of the fabrication of the bracket.

Anonymous Reviewer
Everything I need! 06/01/2018 9:13:05 PM

I am very pleased with this mill/drill. It is a solid unit - sturdy and well-made. I work with aluminum only, and it does everything I need for milling and drilling. I really like the 3-axis DRO. It's great that it is already mounted on the unit, so no assembly required.
My only complaint is about the supplied chuck - it will not grab anything smaller than a #32 drill bit (.116").

Robert A
Very nice samll mill 05/07/2018 12:31:20 PM

I purchased this mill about one year ago. It is a good mill for the price and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a small mill. The column heights is a limiting factor if you are using a large vice or a rotory table with a chuck. This can be overcome by moving along the X axis in order to change tools; with the DRO it easy to return to the same location (XYZ). So far I do not have any complains and will eventually convert it into a CNC machine.

Adam K
Excellent Service - Excellent Machine 03/29/2018 11:10:07 AM

Residential freight has always been an issue for me- many online retailers go with the cheapest option- which usually stinks. Between Grizzly and the carrier- my machine came exactly when it was supposed to, well crated, and without damage. Setup took a friend (heavy) but was straightforward. My mill came pretty well trammed in, only off by a couple thousandths here and there. If you are shopping for a "home gamer" mill, this is the one and probably why you are here reading this. Do it!

Anonymous Reviewer
could not be happier 02/28/2018 4:34:56 PM

No feedback given

Harold O
Impressive Product 12/10/2017 5:34:42 PM

I bought this about a month ago and was very impressed when it arrived. It was easy to set up and I was super impressed with the DRO readout. The unit is well made and easy to get used to. My overall opinion is the unit is well worth the price and I would recommend it to anyone

Anonymous Reviewer
11/19/2017 3:00:24 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Nice machine 11/09/2017 11:38:06 AM

Had some serious run out on the chuck.. bought an integrated R8 Jacobs chuck and now it runs perfectly.

Anonymous Reviewer
10/30/2017 8:10:22 PM

No feedback given

Edward I
Great little mill!!! 10/15/2017 9:19:47 PM

I bought this mill to place next to my 3 axis CNC mill for basic operations. I can't believe how accurate it is. I highly recommend this mill. I also recommend getting it with the DRO.

Jamie K
Could not be Happier! 09/06/2017 5:05:10 PM

Seriously, where has this machine been all my life. This is such a joy to use. I tested the table for accuracy and was blown away at the tolerance. I'm sure there are better machines out there for more money, but the value Grizzly has packed into this combination is exceptional. Grizzly has wonderful customer service and delivery was set up and handled absolutely flawlessly. It was shipped with lots of care and there was not a scratch to be found anywhere on the product. This machine has all the power a home hobbyist like me could want, and the DRO makes it very practical and simplifies multiple operations or fabrications. Although this is not a toy, it sure is a kick in the pants to use. Even during the week, when I'm working, I pop into the garage just to look at it (is that weird?). Anyway, buy this thing... you'll be glad you did.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/31/2017 12:41:58 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
07/17/2017 9:38:46 PM

Excellent machine, exactly as described, for the money a great product with good features. Robust and strong for the machine will be a good addition to my shop and will be upgrading it to a cnc mill power version soon. Cheers Grizzly will be purchasing more in the future.

Regards, Paul.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/01/2017 10:22:03 AM

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MACHINE!!! The DRO makes everything even more simple!!! I should take a star off for Grizzly messing up my shipping instructions(I had to order the mill separate from the lathe. I purchased the lathe the next day, and they didn't hold the mill till the lathe shipped. It could of cost me a lot to hire 2 sets of movers, but luckily UPS saved the day), but in the end, it all worked out perfect.

Helmut K
06/18/2017 12:48:57 PM

No feedback given

Chris V
06/05/2017 1:07:52 AM

No feedback given

Paul C
Outstanding value. 06/04/2017 1:12:28 AM

Well made product.. My floor wasn't level so I had to purchase levelers for it, but once I got those on and got everything set up, it is very stable. Getting the beast down stairs was a challenge. Make sure you have friends around and equipment to help move it.

Anonymous Reviewer
Repeats within .0005" 06/02/2017 1:06:22 AM

I carefully set this mill level and true with starrett 98's and made myself a bracket to tie the top of the column back to the wall. Since then I have logged hundreds of hours milling out everything from billet aluminum to hardened drill stock with zero issues. This little mill is a work horse!

Gene T
02/24/2017 5:23:02 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
02/06/2017 5:27:11 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
01/26/2017 6:11:05 PM

Havent actually used my mill yet,(gotta get some tooling),but seems very well made.

Nice Machine 05/15/2016 2:09:12 PM

I've owned this machine for over 1 year and overall I'm happy with it. Initial set up was fairly simple and mostly involved cleaning up the rust preventative and dialing in the head (more on this later). This mill comes with the "3 bolt modification" already performed on the head.
I had purchased the power feed unit and installed it right away. The only issue was that I had to modify the small bracket that holds DRO cover. It's nice to have a rapid traverse.
The initial jobs I performed with the machine were very simple and did not immediately highlight a problem with the head and column. I made an assumption that the column would be square to the table both in the X and Y directions. It was not. I found that I could not square up a block of aluminum. Over a 2" distance the block was nearly 0.005" out of square in the Y direction. I removed the head and found nothing obviously amiss, however there were quite a few sharp edges on the vertical slide primarily on the edges of the slots where the hold down bolts pass through. I removed the sharp edges with an old honing stone. After reassembly and making a test cut, there was no change.
At this point I began to carefully examine the squareness of the column. What I found was that it was out in both the X and Y directions. To align the column, I removed the head to make it easier to crank the slide up and down. Using a machinist square and loosening the 4 bolts at the base of the column I found it very difficult to get consistent readings in the X direction. Something was still not right. It turns out that the gib on the vertical slide could not be adjusted properly for two reasons. The first were some burrs on the gib itself, and the second, it was about 1/2" too long. Having fixed both of these issues the column adjusted as one would expect. After reassembly and tramming in the head there was still some out of squareness in the Y direction. I thought I was going to have to make some shims, but re-tightening the 4 bolts brought the column in square. The table has a bit of a dip in the center which makes tramming interesting but the machine will cut squarely. It is also important to note that the column on this machine is not super rigid (though adequate for the size of the machine) and when making adjustments in the Y direction, the weight of the head needs to be on the column.
There was one other issue with the column. The top portion of the dovetail on the right side was not scraped very well and there are tool marks on the dovetail. This is at the extreme upper limit of the travel and I left it alone, but it does bind when the gib is properly adjusted. At some point it will need to be scraped in.
Having made these adjustments, the mill machines very nice for it's size and I'm quite happy with it. The issues with the gib on the vertical slide were not expected, but the problems were in my favor, meaning I didn't need to order a new part to repair it. I did not contact Grizzly support since the machine was out of warranty by the time I discovered it and I really didn't think there was much they could do over the phone/email for these problems. I have contacted them about other issues and they respond promptly.
It was a bit of work to get the machine to mill properly, but it was worth the effort and I like using it.