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Item #: G4000
Model # G4000
There's never been a better time to get into metalworking - or a better price on a professional-quality Grizzly metalworking lathe. The Model G4000 is precision crafted by one of our most-trusted factories for superior accuracy and long-lasting dependability. You won't find a better combination of price and performance on a full-featured 9" x 19" lathe anywhere!


  • Swing over bed: 8-3/4"
  • Swing over cross slide: 5"
  • Distance between centers: 19"
  • Spindle bore: 0.78" (20mm)
  • Spindle nose taper: MT #3
  • Motor: 3/4 HP, 110V, single-phase
  • Number of spindle speeds: 6
  • Range of speeds: 130, 300, 400, 600, 1000, 2000 RPM
  • Leadscrew: 9/16"-16 TPI
  • Compound travel: 1-7/8"
  • Cross slide travel: 4-1/4"
  • Carriage travel: 16"
  • Maximum tool size: 3/8"
  • Tailstock quill travel: 1-9/16"
  • Tailstock taper: MT#2
  • Number of longitudinal feeds: 4
  • Range of longitudinal feeds: 0.0047-0.012 IPR
  • Number of inch threads: 27
  • Range of inch threads: 8-56 TPI
  • Number of metric threads: 11
  • Range of metric threads: 0.5-3.0mm
  • Overall dimensions: 37" L x 20" W x 15" H
  • Approximate shipping weight 294 lbs.

Standard Equipment:

  • 4" 3-Jaw chuck with two sets of jaws
  • 7-1/4" 4-Jaw chuck with reversible jaws
  • Steady rest
  • Follow rest
  • MT #2 dead center
  • MT #3 dead center
  • MT #2 live center
  • 4-way tool post
  • Faceplate
  • Extra C-type tool post
  • Tool box & tool kit

13 Customer Reviews (5 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
05/08/2019 10:28:38 AM

This lathe is all I expected and I am really glad I purchased it.

Frank G
Great Lathe for the money 03/17/2019 12:41:23 PM

I have been looking at lathes for long time, almost went with a HF mini lathe but I am so glade I didn't. After a lot of research I chose the G4000. It came with a lot of accessories that I would need to buy. This lathe performs well and exceeds my needs. Grizzly service department is also top notch.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great machine 03/14/2019 12:20:25 PM

Just got it set up, In the owners manual, under break in it says ti use a ISO 32 oil in the bearings, and a ISO 68 for the ways. I would think that Grizzly would carry for sale the ISO 32 oil. I did find it on Amazon in a Synthetic. I added a .626" spacer between the chip pan and the lathe, as I felt the carriage was to close to the chip pan.
So far a great machine.

Great little lathe 03/08/2019 4:11:20 PM

Got this unit about 3 weeks ago and have about 35hrs on it now. Arrived in great condition, well secured in its crate, fit and finish is good for the price. Some paint falls off the edges of the machineded surfaces every time I run it, the gear cover had to be slightly modified to properly fit and not rub on the gearing and about 1/2 of the the check balls on 1/2 the oils ports fell in on first oiling. Other then the few minor things its been a good unit so far, was set up from factory very well, only needed minor adjustments here and there. the unit is fairly quiet, no louder then a furnace fan or washing machine. I bought a 3/8 shank tool set with mine but after getting set up, a 12mm set would work with no shims as the centre line is just under 1/2 and the tool post will accept up to a 3/4 tool which would have been handy to know when ordering so I could have ordered a knurling tool and some Parting blades. The other thing this lathe does not like is a wider carbide insert parting tool (came in the set I ordered), unless you clamp the gibs down on the compound and feed extremely carefully things will end badly. Run the machine to its capabilities and I think it will last for years, definitely would recommend this machine

Anonymous Reviewer
The four jaw chuck has limited use 03/06/2019 6:05:39 PM

Grizzly 4000 and Shop Fox m1049 are the same. They are supplied with a 7 1/4 inch four jaw chuck that has limited use. A great chuck if you can find something that it will hold, but lacks a full range of movement. The Lath is great, but if you need the use of a universal four jaw chuck this is not the lath you want. I was told at Grizzly that there is no optional four jaw chuck available.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/08/2018 7:47:54 AM

No problems with this machine, it works above my expectations, product showed up five days after ordering, undamaged, all the parts were there, was good experience dealing with you folks,

Greg A
Great so far 12/09/2017 7:14:41 PM

It has been a nice machine so far. I am a new user so I am still learning all it will do.

Matthew O
loving it 12/01/2017 3:45:08 PM

I purchased this for my son. he's loving it and uses it every chance he gets.

Anonymous Reviewer
11/10/2017 8:39:39 PM

Although I haven't had the time to set up my new G4000, It looks well made and arrived safely and in good condition. This machine will be replacing a mini lathe and I feel it will be ideal for my smaller work. I also own a Grizzly G4002 12" X 24" Gear Head which has been a real work horse. I've always liked working with Grizzly Tools although I was disappointed to learn that the PA showroom was closed as I was able to travel there from RI on occasion. .

Anonymous Reviewer
Exceeded my expectations I 11/09/2017 9:21:23 PM

I really like the lathe but have not made anything yet as I am ordering tooling for it. Will review at a later date.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/02/2017 2:15:19 PM

The 9 X 19 lathes is awesome. It's a good bang for the buck

Peter Z
01/26/2017 6:22:28 PM

No feedback given

I really like it 03/11/2016 7:47:49 PM

I bought mine 4 years ago and feel so pleased I bought it every time I start it up, I do preventive maintenance as to not have any trouble, like buy new belts before I really need them, and check all bolts regularly. THERE is only 1-ONE thing that I found that sadden me - it will not cut threads that match the spindle chuck mount m39x4, I had to get a tap and do my other back-plates. I remember I cut threads for 3/8 bolt the same day I got it setup, that was about 3 days after received it, I took measurements and made a welded table to mount it on so I would have no worry about tolerances, no flexing here and cuts as true as the day I first ran it.