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Item #: G0602
Model # G0602
Our 10" x 22" Bench Lathe sports generous capacity, a lot of thread ranges, a wider bed and a larger chucks. Yet, it costs only a little more than our G4000. With features like a 25mm spindle bore, 3/4"-12 TPI lead screw & an MT#3 tailstock you'll be able to turn some surprisingly hefty projects—and a few heads! If you are thinking of making parts for models, engines or even for repairs around the home or shop, take a good look at this lathe & the specs below.


  • Swing over bed: 9-1/2"
  • Swing over cross slide: 6-1/8"
  • Distance between centers: 22"
  • Spindle bore: 25mm
  • Spindle thread: 1-3/4" x 8 TPI
  • Spindle taper: MT #4
  • Motor: 1 HP, 110V, single-phase, 13.6A
  • Number of speeds: 6
  • Speed range: 150, 300, 560, 720, 1200, 2400 RPM
  • Leadscrew: 3/4"–12 TPI
  • Compound travel: 3-1/2"
  • Cross slide travel: 6-1/2"
  • Carriage travel: 18-1/2"
  • Maximum tool size: 1/2"
  • Tailstock quill travel: 2-1/2"
  • Tailstock taper: MT#3
  • Number of longitudinal feeds: 9
  • Range of longitudinal feeds: 0.0025-0.0140 IPR
  • Number of inch threads: 33
  • Range of inch threads: 8–72 TPI
  • Number of metric threads: 26
  • Range of metric threads: 0.25–3.5mm
  • Overall dimensions: 46" L x 22" W x 16-5/8" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 432 lbs.

Standard Equipment:

  • 5" 3-Jaw chuck with two sets of jaws
  • 6-1/2" 4-Jaw chuck with reversible jaws
  • 8" Faceplate
  • Steady rest with 1/4"–2" capacity
  • Follow rest with 1/4"–2" capacity
  • MT #3 dead center
  • 4-Way tool post
  • Chip tray and backsplash
  • Hardened & ground V-way bed
  • Oil-bath gearbox
  • Toolbox with service tools
Note: The G9973 Stand is an optional accessory for this machine. Some modification is required, such as drilling holes in the stand, and mounting hardware is not included.

26 Customer Reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
10/05/2019 12:13:10 AM

Haven't had anything to make on it yet....

Anonymous Reviewer
G0602 10x22 benchtop metal lathe 06/10/2019 12:57:15 AM

My lathe sit so lonely looking on my garage floor need in to be used shipping went well no problems have to build bench for it in the back yard shed will get back when in use

Jim P
Dont know yet 05/15/2019 3:19:59 AM

Bought over a month ago. Appears to be well built. After a month of waiting for a back ordered accessory that is critical to my application Grizzly notified me they had no idea when it would be available. Ordered the part elsewhere an should have it soon.
Grizzly should consider a lift point for this extremely headstock heavy machine.
Looking forward to playing with my new lathe

Anonymous Reviewer
05/03/2019 10:15:34 AM

its worked very well.....and is a good value for the money....now i need a mill to go with it.....

Anonymous Reviewer
05/01/2019 12:32:28 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
great lathe came in wooden box not a scratch works really great for the money 04/04/2019 10:53:27 PM

No feedback given

Jonathan M
Awesome machine 03/11/2019 3:27:50 AM

I recently bought this product as my first lathe. So far it has met or exceeded my expectations. I did however have a problem with the tail stock but all I had to do is call them and they took care of it right away They have great customer service. I would totally recommend buying one of these lathes if your in the market. They are great people to do business with and I hope to try out there other machines soon

Anonymous Reviewer
09/29/2018 1:06:50 AM

No feedback given

Ryan B
Gets the job done 09/03/2018 5:47:15 PM

This product gets the job done. It is a good product for someone just getting into the trade. The accuracy of the machine is good enough for someone getting started, and you'll learn exactly what features you'll want in your next lathe. I was underwhelmed by the quality of the product. Upon arrival, there was some damage to the crate and the pulley cover was dented. Most of the castings have voids and extremely rough and sharp edges. I've given myself a lot of good cuts with sharp edges I keep finding. There were a lot of places where paint was chipped, missing, or in places it shouldn't be. The 3 jaw chuck that comes installed is completely stuck on the spindle. I have not been able to remove it and install the 4 jaw chuck.

Brent B
05/06/2018 12:45:04 AM

Good tool, well worth the what I paid; not overly thrilled with UPS.

Scott R
04/01/2018 5:21:09 PM

No feedback given

Dennis D
01/03/2018 8:18:12 PM

No feedback given

Michael M
I wish I could have afforded to step up 12/31/2017 12:24:06 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Great tool.Great tool. 09/19/2017 1:51:26 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
08/29/2017 12:14:09 AM

It is a fine machine and a genuine value. In my own practice(s), I will most likely never push toward full capacity/capability. It will serve my expectations well. The construction is sound. The controls are easy to access. Changing belts is typical, though I will make some mods for the high ranges. Operator's manual is very good, as well. I had some questions - found Grizzly tech support excellent, patient, and genuinely interested in resolving all I had on my mind.

James T
08/19/2017 12:15:45 PM

No feedback given

dan B
06/25/2017 10:12:33 PM

Got this lathe recently,just set everything up.Runs very true.Heavy built ,nice machine.

Anonymous Reviewer
Works good. 06/04/2017 2:24:37 AM

Works good for a small turning lathe. I would buy this product again.

Anonymous Reviewer
I would recommend this machine to any small hobbyist 06/02/2017 12:51:46 AM

I have had a great time with my little lathe. It has cut everything I have tried to without a problem. I will be converting it to CNC very soon. I would recommend this lathe to any home machinist.

Anonymous Reviewer
Works for me. 06/02/2017 12:30:22 AM

This lathe works well for me. It has done everything I have asked it to do without complaint. My only complaint is, the section on threading in the manual left out two important steps. One is, to remove the spacer on the end of the lead screw, install the proper gear, and place the spacer on the shaft along with the cap screw, and washer. Two is, using a ten MM wrench loosen the center gear shaft on the lash adjuster and slide it to mesh with the gear on the lead screw. Then move the lash adjuster to mesh with the proper gear at the top, and tighten both the adjuster, and the center shaft. It took me awhile to figure this out, so I hope it saves some confusion for others.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/01/2017 7:31:45 PM

I am not an expert with wood lathes, but I wanted something inexpensive that worked. It seems to be all I needed and you can't beat the price. BTW, I ordered the bed extension for it, but it was on back order and I am still waiting for it.

John R
Outstanding Value, Great for Beginners 05/21/2017 11:32:11 AM

I've had this lathe now for a month, and it is my first lathe. It is put together well and runs very smoothly, and I have been able to accurately do all operations on steel - turning (with chucks and between centers), boring, threading, drilling, turning tapers. The size of the machine is small enough to make swapping spindle accessories by hand easy, but it is large enough to make many useful parts.
When I took delivery, I spent some time to disassemble, clean, and oil the slides, and tighten the gibs. Also, I deburred the exposed razor sharp edges, and cleaned and greased the change gears. The useful quill travel is short (about 2 1/4"), and a standard drill chuck arbor will limit travel even further, so I cut the end off of the drill chuck arbor to regain the full useful travel.
Overall, this machine is built to last, and is a joy to use. Given the price, it is an incredible value!

Tom O
Great Product 03/18/2017 6:26:19 PM

Excellent machine. Stiff, tight, accurate and includes a nice set of accessories. This machine has outpreformed my expectations, easly holds +/-0.001 and with a little care I've been able to hold +/-0.0005.
Excellent customer service.

Barry H
Typical Grizzly good value 01/31/2017 11:53:42 AM

I have owned and heavily used this lathe for about ten years. It is still nice and tight. I spent a lot of money on tooling and attachments which was no surprise.

It seems to have plenty of power. It is fairly precise and probably could be more precise if I were a better machinist. I have done model making, gunsmithing, parts making for equipment repair and probably much more that I can't think of.

The lathe is big enough for me but if I had a bigger shop, I would move to a larger machine.

This lathe along with a 2 horse bench-top mill replaced a Grizzly lathe mill drill. That machine was a disappointment. Too many compromises.

Jud S
Lathe 10" X 22" G0602 01/29/2017 1:04:24 AM

I Believe as always with Grizzly Tools That this tool is great. I will be honest it is still sitting in the garage unused as of now but it all looks like it's going to work perfect. J.D.S. Don't forget to buy transmission oil you will need it to get started.

Guillermo V
Good 01/25/2017 7:05:51 PM

The lathe is good but I regret it, I should have buyed the model with variable speed.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Will this machine cut left hand threads?

A:The G0602 10" x 22" Benchtop Metal Lathe will cut only right-hand threads.