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Grizzly G0891 - 15" 3 HP Fixed-Table Planer with Helical Cutterhead

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  • Motor: 3 HP
  • Max cutting width: 15 in.
  • Max cutting height: 6 in.
  • Cutter Head Type: Helical
  • Cutter Head Diameter: 2 in.
  • Min Stock Length: 6 in.
  • Feed Rate(s): 16, 28 FPM
  • Table size: 21 in. x 15 in.
  • Shipping weight: 377 lbs.

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G0891 15" 3 HP Fixed-Table Planer with Helical Cutterhead

Plane uniform thickness and flatness in your lumber.

The G0891 15" Planer features a unique fixed table height design which allows for a permanent infeed/outfeed roller table setup. This can significantly boost efficiency in production settings.

Gas struts allow you to easily lift the headstock to accommodate board thickness changes while keeping your infeed and outfeed tables in place.

The 15", 4-row helical cutterhead comes complete with 48 indexable carbide inserts that can each be rotated three times to expose new, sharp cutting edges.

The inserts sit at a slight angle to the for smooth shearing cuts, minimized tearout, a smoother finish, and operating at lower noise levels.

A 230-volt, 3 horsepower motor powers through cuts up to 1/8" deep at full width or 3/16" deep on material up to 6" wide.

The 2-speed gearbox allows you to choose between 16 and 28 FPM for a smooth finish or high-production feed rate.

The G0891 offers additional features such as a thickness scale, a large top-mounted handwheel, cabinet-style stand, cast-iron extension tables, angled dust port, and magnetic switch with thermal overload protection.

Like all Grizzly planers, the G0891 comes with a 1-year warranty which covers parts and assures the unit is free from factory defects. (Consumables are not covered by the warranty.)

The G0891 manual was written by our U.S.-based Technical Documentation Department and is packed with useful information.

The Grizzly Customer Service and Technical Support Teams are U.S.-based. Parts and accessories for the planer are available online and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.

Made in an ISO 9001 factory

CSA certified


  • Motor: 3 HP, 230V, single-phase, 12A
  • Maximum stock width: 15"
  • Maximum stock thickness: 6"
  • Minimum stock thickness: 3/16"
  • Minimum stock length: 6"
  • Maximum cut depth full width: 1/8"
  • Maximum cut depth 6" wide: 3/16"
  • Cutterhead diameter: 2-5/8"
  • Cutterhead type: 4-row helical, 48 inserts
  • Insert size and type: 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm, 30° indexable carbide
  • Cutterhead speed: 5200 RPM
  • Feed rates: 16 FPM, 28 FPM
  • Table size with extensions: 15" x 49"
  • Dust port size: 4"
  • Footprint: 21" x 18-1/2"
  • Overall dimensions: 25" W x 49" L x 47-1/2" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 375 lbs.


  • Fixed-height table design allows for permanent infeed/outfeed roller table setup
  • Twin gas struts for headstock lifting assist
  • Twin feed-rate for rough and finish planing
  • Cast-iron table with extension wings
  • Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection